Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 199

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The Legendary Man

The Death Penalty

Coincidentally, the Turner family was holding their family banquet that day.

The banquet hall of the Turner residence was filled with people, but one of the scions, Timothy, was
nowhere in sight.

Every time that very day came in the past, he would personally present his gift to Titus—the patriarch
of the Turner family—and receive the man’s praise under the envious gazes of his peers.

That day, however, he did not turn up.

In the corner of the hall stood a middle-aged man in a black suit. A frown marred his countenance as
he asked, “Where’s Timothy?”

He was Timothy’s father and Titus’ eldest son, Hank Turner.

In other words, he was the future successor to the Turner family.

Beside Hank was a man who seemed to be a servant. Not daring to look him in the eye, the man
stammered timidly, “Mr. Timothy w-went out!”

“Where did he go?” Hank demanded, his brows knitting together.

“I-I don’t know.” The servant’s head hung all the lower.

Upon hearing that, Hank went ballistic. “You don’t know? What’s the use of me employing you when
you don’t even know where he went? You lots are good-for-nothing! Phone him and tell him to rush
back within half an hour no matter where he is or which woman’s bed he’s in!”

“I-I can’t reach Mr. Timothy…” The servant was so terrified that his legs shook.

“You can’t reach him?” Hank’s expression darkened the instant he heard that. Raising his leg, he
kicked the servant in his stomach, sending him down on his knees. “Tell me honestly—where exactly
did he go?”

His sudden rage petrified the servant so greatly that his whole body began to tremble. With terror
written all over his face, he admitted, “M-Mr. Timothy is at the warehouse.”

“At the warehouse?” When Hank heard that, the crease between his eyebrows instantly deepened.
“What is he doing there?”

“M-Mr. Timothy secretly mobilized the Divine Dragon Guards and captured the entire Smith family. He
even said that he wanted to slaughter them all tonight!” By then, the servant was already at the point
whereby he no longer cared what he should and should not say, revealing everything in a single breath.

“What a fool! Utterly foolish!” Hearing that Timothy deployed the Divine Dragon Guards without
authorization, Hank flew off the handle. He kicked the servant in the shoulder, knocking him right to the
ground. “He actually dared to mobilize the Divine Dragon Guards secretly? Does he know that doing so
is punishable by death? Is he sick of living?”

The Divine Dragon Guards is one of the Four Asura Guards, and Zachary Lint is the only person in the
whole of Jazona who has the right to mobilize them! Yet, he dared to deploy them secretly? If the King
of War Division were to learn about it, it’d be a capital crime that would result in our entire family being

Hank was so livid that his face flushed. “Is that idiot trying to get the Turner family killed? Send some
men to the warehouse and bring him back immediately! If I don’t see him within half an hour, you’ll be
paying with your life!”


His order struck such stark fear into the servant that he scrambled up and sprinted away, not daring to
tarry for even a second.

Even after he was gone, fury remained etched on Hank’s face. Seeing that, a middle-aged man in
military fatigues walked over. “What happened, Hank?”

At the sight of his brother, Hank spat, “It’s that idiot, Timothy! He actually dared to mobilize the Divine
Dragon Guards without permission and even seized the entire Smith family! Not only that, but he’s
even planning to annihilate them! Does he really have a death wish?”

Right then, he was so furious that he was even gripped by the urge to commit murder.

Never mind if he merely detained the entire Smith family or even killed the lot of them, but he actually
dared to deploy the Divine Dragon Guards secretly! That’s a capital offense! No one will be able to
save him!

“Ah, I thought it was something serious. It’s just mobilizing the Divine Dragon Guards without
authorization, no? It’s fine. With me around, no one will find out about it. Even if someone does learn
about it, I’ll just say that I was the one who deployed them.” Hank’s brother patted him on the shoulder
nonchalantly after hearing that.


Hank was going to speak further, but he cut him off. “All right, don’t worry about it anymore, Hank. It’s
the Turner family’s family banquet tonight, so why be up in arms on such a joyous day? Timothy is still
young and doesn’t know the severity of doing so. Just give him a word of warning later.”

Subsequently, he continued, “Next time, inform me beforehand. After all, deploying the Divine Dragon
Guards without authorization is a capital offense!”

“What an insolent fool! I’ll kill him when he comes back!” Despite his brother’s words, Hank was still
purple with rage.

This younger brother of his was the captain of the Special Forces Team Eight, so he was considered a
high-ranking official in the Divine Dragon Guards. With him there, things could probably be swept under
the rug even if someone discovered it.

However, no sooner had he finished speaking than the servant who dashed out earlier abruptly
returned, and with a panicked expression at that.

It was as though he had encountered something utterly terrifying.

“Why are you back? Have you found Timothy?” Hank frowned when he took in the panic-stricken look
on the servant’s face.

“B-Bad news! There are many soldiers outside, and they have surrounded the Turner residence!” the
servant frantically reported as he panted, having run hell for leather that he could barely catch his

“What did you just say? There are many soldiers outside, and they have surrounded the Turner
residence?” Hank’s expression changed the instant he heard his words.

“Yes! There’s a whole legion! There are so many of them that they spread out far beyond the eye could
ever behold, an entire sea of darkness. It’s really terrifying!” The servant’s face had gone as white as a
sheet in fright.

The moment Hank’s brother heard the servant’s utterances, his face turned as black as thunder. “How
dare they? Who are these soldiers who dared to surround the Turner residence? Are they sick of

After saying so, he yanked the servant up by the collar and started striding out.

“Let’s go! Show me where they are! I want to see who is so audacious as to besiege the Turner

As he spoke, he stepped out of the Turner residence in less than a minute.

Right when he reached the gate, he suddenly heard an ear-splitting roar.

Accompanying it was the sound of hooves clattering on the ground and the footsteps of countless

The noise was so great that it was as though the ground would crack in the next second.

At once, his expression changed.

Being in the military himself, he was all too familiar with such sounds.

These aren’t soldiers! Instead, it’s clear as day that troops have been deployed! What is going on? Why
did they besiege the Turner residence out of the blue?

Just when the thought of taking flight seized him, a bang sounded as the gate of the Turner residence
was kicked open from the outside.

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