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Chapter 198

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The Legendary Man

Toward The Turner Residence

After hearing Reaper’s words, Terrence promptly harrumphed and scoffed, “Hmph! He sure is fearless!
Isn’t he afraid that the rebels at West Region would destroy his base once you leave?”

“A mere hundreds of thousands of rebel troops of the West Region means nothing when the Thunder
King of War is leading the army personally! He only needs fifty thousand Eagle Dragon Guards to drive
them out of Beshya and back to West Region!” Reaper retorted coldly without backing down.

As the pride and dignity of the Eagle Dragon Guards were involved, he refused to budge.

“Don’t be so confident. Wouldn’t it be humiliating if his base were really demolished, forcing him to
implore us for help? I heard that he would have to go and stay at Northern Crimson Prison for some
time if he can’t put an end to West Region’s rebellion!” Terrence sneered.

Northern Crimson Prison housed the most dangerous people in the entire world.

Rumor had it that the president of a small country was also once imprisoned there.

It’ll be interesting if he’s locked up there!

“You do not need to worry about that, Sir! With the Thunder King of War there, the rebellion in the West
Region will naturally be quelled within a month,” Reaper asserted frigidly.

“What if he can’t quell it?” Terrence questioned with an arch of his eyebrow.

“If he can’t quell it, I’ll then willingly offer my head to commemorate my comrade-in-arms who’ve lost
their lives in the battle!” Reaper’s face was layered with a blanket of frost.

“You said that yourself, so I’ll be waiting for your head if he can’t quell the rebellion by then,” Terrence
riposted with a snort.

At that, Dorian could not help shooting him a glare. “All right, that’s enough. Stop scaring him! Aren’t
you afraid that Kane will battle it out with you if you give him a heart attack or something with your

“So be it. I’m not afraid of him!” Terrence rolled his eyes in response.

The four Kings of War had battled the nations with Asura for years on end, during which they had
experienced countless brushes with death.

Those who had never been through such an experience would never be able to fathom the close bond
between them.

It was nothing to crack a few jokes, but if something were to happen to Kane for real, the fury of the
three other Kings of War would be so great that they would undoubtedly raze the entire West Region to
the ground.

“I wonder who’s foolish enough to anger Asura this time. I’ve followed him for three years, but I’ve
never seen the Decree of Asura!” While speaking, Terrence leaped lightly and dismounted from his

“Is that important? No matter who it is, there’s only one consequence to angering Asura—death,”
Dorian stated with a grunt.

The instant that word fell, the temperature in the whole of Jazona seemingly plummeted at that very

At that exact second, the deafening roar of an engine abruptly pierced the air.

Immediately after, a green military jeep sped toward them.

Behind it trailed a dozen military trucks that resembled beasts of steel.

On each of them stood innumerable heavily-armed soldiers in black armor.

With a screech, the military jeep then came to a stop.

The car door swung open, and a middle-aged man in a military green coat jumped out.

As soon as Terrence spotted him, he raised an eyebrow. “You’ve finally shown up, Zachary? Where’s

“You want to see Asura? Execute your mission first before putting forth that request!” Zachary threw
him a wintry look. Then, he fished out a gold seal from his pocket. The gold seal had a word in gold
engraved on it—Asura.

Subsequently, he boomed, “Hereby is the Decree of Asura! Attention, Cardinal King of War and
Excalibur King of War!”

“We’re at Asura’s service!” The moment they saw the Decree of Asura, Terrence and Dorian dropped to
their knees on the ground. “Terrence Xavier, the Cardinal King of War, and Dorian Chance, the
Excalibur King of War, is at his command!”

“On Asura’s orders, the Cardinal King of War and the Excalibur King of War are to each lead a hundred
thousand soldiers with the Vanquisher King of War to obliterate the Turner family! All rights to
command troops belong to me tonight! This is Asura’s order, and violators are to be executed without

“Understood!” Terrence and Dorian roared in unison, acknowledging the order on their knees.

Before the Decree of Asura, they would not dare to have a single objection even if they were ordered to
hand their military power over.

That was the Decree of Asura.

It represented Asura’s highest authority.

“You may both rise.” After giving the orders, Zachary put away the seal. He was just about to say
something when he inadvertently caught sight of Reaper and the Eagle Dragon Guards behind the

At once, his brows furrowed slightly. “Why are you here, Reaper?”

“Sir, the Thunder King of War has ordered me to lead fifty thousand Eagle Dragon Guards to Jazona in
response to the Decree of Asura!” Reaper replied firmly.

“He has his hands full, yet he dared to send you over with fifty thousand Eagle Dragon Guards? Is he
sick of living?” Zachary’s expression turned chilly after he heard that.

Nonetheless, he did not pursue the matter but glanced at Reaper coldly and snapped, “Since you’re
here, obey my command and integrate the fifty thousand Eagle Dragon Guards into the Divine Dragon
Guards. I’ll be commanding the troops!”

“Understood, Sir!” Without further ado, Reaper got on his knees and acknowledged the order.

“Which family is this Turner family, Zach? And what did they do that made Asura go through the roof?”
Terrence could not resist asking after Zachary had finished giving all the orders.

Just how much do they wish to die to be able to provoke Asura into issuing the Decree of Asura?

“It’s just a small family,” Zachary replied blasely. “But they really shouldn’t have sent men to kill Ms.
Smith. They’ve crossed the line. After all, Ms. Smith is Asura’s kryptonite!”


The second Terrence and Dorian heard that name, both their expressions changed in a flash.

A few years ago, they learned that Asura had a wife in Jazona with the family name of Smith.

They all referred to her as “Ms. Smith” and regarded her as Asura’s wife.

Someone actually dared to make an attempt on Asura’s wife’s life?

In the blink of an eye, their gazes turned glacial, and an invisible murderous intent emanated from their

“Where is the Turner family? Bring me there! I’m going to wipe them out of existence!”

Asura had his kryptonite, and all who dared touch it would die for sure.

Likewise, the four Kings of War had their kryptonite—they would never allow anyone to harm a single
hair on Asura and his family’s heads.

Death awaited anyone who attempted otherwise.

“It’d be too much of a merciful release if we were only to obliterate the Turner family. Not only do I want
the Turners to die, but I also want all their pawns to perish with them!” Zachary declared with a frosty
expression on his face.

After saying that, he stepped forward and looked at the three hundred thousand Asura Guards before
him, bellowing, “Attention, all troops! Move out!”


As that order rang out, the three hundred thousand soldiers shouted their acknowledgment.

The field reverberated with their roar.

Amidst that, Zachary led the way in front while Terrence and Dorian followed behind.

Leading the three hundred thousand Asura Guards, they marched through Jazona like a war machine
headed toward the Turner residence.

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