Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 197

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The Legendary Man

Open The City Gates

It was ten o’clock at night.

At the western city gates of Jazona, only the sentries of the Divine Dragon Guards were present.

At that exact moment, blinding lights abruptly appeared beyond the gates, followed by thunderous

Innumerable soldiers in black armor marched toward the city gates like a black cloud taking over the
blue sky.

Their footsteps shook the ground, and it felt as though the earth would even crack under their
oppressive weight.

“Who’s there!”

The instant the Divine Dragon Guards heard those footsteps, they immediately raised the guns in their
hands and aimed them at the army outside the city.

“Dorian Chance from Mysonna is here with the Anima Dragon Guards, leading them to Jazona in
response to the Decree of Asura!” All at once, a rough and resounding voice pierced the air outside the

In the next second, a man in full armor with a red, long sword in his hand stood before the gates.

Behind him were tens of thousands of soldiers clad in black armor.

At that very moment, only a single sentence could describe the imposing scene—an army so massive
like thunderclouds that threatened to reduce the city to ashes with lightning.

The man who spoke was none other than Dorian Chance, the Excalibur King of War.

As for the soldiers behind him, they were the Anima Dragon Guards, one of the Four Asura Guards.

“It’s the Excalibur King of War!”

The moment the Divine Dragon Guards caught sight of Dorian, they recognized him instantly.

Back then, under Asura’s lead, the four Kings of War commanded the Four Asura Guards and battled
the nations, so it was impossible for them not to recognize the Excalibur King of War.

“Open the city gates!”

Following the order from the soldier leading the Divine Dragon Guards, someone promptly opened the
city gates.

After that, the ten thousand Divine Dragon Guards guarding the western city gates fell to their knees
before the man. “The Divine Dragon Guards of Jazona welcome you, Sir!”

“You may rise.” Waving a hand, Dorian raised the long sword in his hand and thundered, “Attention,
Anima Dragon Guards! Enter the city!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Letting out a roar, Dorian led a hundred thousand Anima Dragon Guards into the city.

At the same time, the same scene transpired at all four city gates of Jazona.

At the eastern city gates, the place was also deserted. In fact, not even a single fly was in sight.

Right then, a clatter of hooves split the air outside the city gates.

Shortly after, countless cavalry soldiers in black armor showed up in front of the city gates atop mighty

If they had not stopped in time, they would have probably smashed the city gates to smithereens.

“Who’s there?” the Divine Dragon Guards, who stood sentry there, instantly bellowed at that sight.

“Terrence Xavier from Kingshinton is here with a hundred thousand Fang Dragon Guards in response
to the Decree of Asura!” A shout rang out, and Terrence appeared on his stallion before the city gates
in full armor.

The spear in his hand glinted coldly, radiating an imposing aura. It was as though he could emerge
victorious even when battling against ten thousand people by himself.

“It’s the Cardinal King of War!”

The moment they heard those words, the soldiers of the Divine Dragon Guards swiftly ordered in a
booming voice, “Open the city gates, quick!”

With that order, the eastern city gates swung open at once.

At the very same instant, Terrence swung the spear in his hand forward and roared, “Attention, Fang
Dragon Guards! Enter the city with me!”

As if answering him, the neigh of horses reverberated in the air.

Terrence, the Cardinal King of War, thereby led a hundred thousand Fang Dragon Guards into the city.

By then, the Cardinal King of War and the Excalibur King of War had both entered the city with the
exception of the Thunder King of War, who was quelling the rebellion in Beshya.

No sooner had they entered the city than the city gates were closed once again.

Unexpectedly, just after the city gates had swung close, a roar echoed outside.

The noise was deafening, causing the entire ground to shake as if an earthquake had occurred.

“What’s happening?”

In a trice, the legion of Divine Dragon Guards at the eastern gates prepared themselves for battle.

They aimed the guns in their hands forward without an ounce of hesitation.

In the pitch darkness, a flash of glaring light blazed to life.

Under the light, numerous armed soldiers clad in black armor stood in front of the city gates.

Behind them, umpteen military fighter jets hovered in the air.

“Who are you all?”

At that sight before them, the expressions of the Divine Dragon Guards atop the city gates changed

Both the Cardinal King of War and the Excalibur King of War have led their troops into the city. Yet,
another army came forth at this time. Who could they be? Could they be rebels?

“Reaper, the Thunder King of War’s lieutenant, is here on the orders of the Thunder King of War to lead
fifty thousand Eagle Dragon Guards to Jazona in response to the Decree of Asura!” As the voice rang
out, a man in silver armor, who was over two meters tall and holding a sword in his hand, came into
view before the city gates.

Behind him was the Eagle Dragon Guards, who kept guard over Beshya.

“The Eagle Dragon Guards?” The Divine Dragon Guards looked at each other when they heard
Reaper’s voice, surprise flitting across their eyes.

Isn’t the Eagle Dragon Guards quashing the rebellion in Beshya? Besides, the Decree of Asura didn’t
include the Eagle Dragon Guards this time. Why did they suddenly come?

“What evidence do you have to prove that you’re from the Eagle Dragon Guards?” one of the soldiers
of the Divine Dragon Guards demanded sharply.

“This is my seal!”

After saying that, Reaper flicked his wrist, and a silver seal flew toward the city gates.


The silver seal dropped to the ground. When the Divine Dragon Guards picked it up, they immediately
spotted a word in black engraved on it—Thunder.

“This is the Thunder King of War’s seal!”

The four Kings of War each had a seal. With the seal, they could command a hundred thousand Asura

The seal was unique and could not be forged.

The second the Divine Dragon Guards recognized the Thunder King of War’s seal, they no longer
questioned things further but ordered someone to open the city gates right that instant. “Open the city
gates and welcome the Eagle Dragon Guards!”


Following that order, the city gates were instantly opened.

Without saying any superfluous words, Reaper raised the sword in his hand and thundered at once,
“Attention, Eagle Dragon Guards! Enter the city with me!”


With a roar, Reaper stepped into the city with fifty thousand Eagle Dragon Guards.

Half an hour later, the three troops finally converged.

Two hundred and fifty thousand heavily-armed soldiers thronged the city under the command of two
Kings of War and Reaper.

When Terrence and Dorian saw Reaper, a glimmer of surprise flashed across their eyes.

“Why are you here, Reaper? Didn’t Asura order the Eagle Dragon Guards to quell the rebellion in
Beshya and say that you need not come in response to his decree?” Terrence wore a cold expression
on his face as he asked.

He had long since caught wind of the rebellion in West Region, but Kane did not request for help, nor
did Asura issue any decree, so he merely stood idly by.

That was a rule—the Four Asura Guards were not allowed to act arbitrarily without an order. Otherwise,
they would all be regarded as rebels and executed without fail.

“Sir, I’m here to lead fifty thousand Eagle Dragon Guards to Jazona in response to the Decree of Asura
on the orders of the Thunder King of War!” Reaper quirked his eyebrow slightly, neither servile nor
overbearing despite facing two Kings of War.

In fact, he was filled with confidence.

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