Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 196

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The Legendary Man

You Are Unworthy Of Being My Dog

Asura? That single word had utter shock washing over everyone there.

The place became as silent as the grave in the blink of an eye.

At that very moment, everyone shifted their gazes to Jonathan.

Asura? That Asura?

There was only one Asura in the whole of Chanaea, so there was no mistaking his identity.

In an instant, Timothy’s mind went blank.

He felt as though he had been struck by a bolt of lightning, almost collapsing onto the ground.

In fact, he dared not believe his ears.

Did I perchance mishear him? Asura? Did he really say Asura? That good-for-nothing, Jonathan, is
Asura? How is that possible? Asura is the man who led the Four Asura Guards into battling the nation’s
enemies and restoring peace to Chanaea! He has a godlike existence! How could that deadbeat be

“You may rise.”

Jonathan’s expression was as indifferent as ever.

“Thank you, Sir!”

Zachary got to his feet with his head lowered and retreated a few steps, not even daring to stand side
by side with the man.

That sight thoroughly dispelled the last shred of doubt everyone there harbored.

Who else in this world other than the legendary Asura possesses the ability to have the Vanquisher
King of War, Zachary Lint, lower his head and drop to his knees, not even daring to stand by his side?

“Have you taken care of the task I’ve assigned you with?” Jonathan queried with an apathetic glance.

“The Decree of Asura has been issued, and the three Kings of War are currently leading their troops to
Jazona, Sir! Barring any unforeseen circumstances, they’ll arrive in half an hour!” Zachary answered

“Great!” Nodding lightly, Jonathan confirmed, “Jazona has been sealed off, right?”

“The whole of Jazona has been sealed off, Sir! Not a single person would be able to leave without your

“Great!” Jonathan nodded again before he turned his gaze to Timothy and remarked, “Didn’t you ask
me about my identity just now? You’ve got your answer now, haven’t you?”


Timothy remained kneeling on the ground, trembling violently with unease haunting him.

He was seized by the urge to slap himself across the face.

Oh God, why did I have to provoke him and the Smith family? For the sake of a measly ecological park
project, I actually offended the only God in Chanaea, Asura!

“Since you know who I am, I suppose you should also be aware of your impending fate?” Jonathan
asserted, casting him an imperturbable glance.

“I-I’m sorry, Sir! I was wrong!” Without delay, Timothy started slamming his head against the ground as
though he had lost his mind. “I didn’t know that you’re Asura! If I’d known, I’d never dare offend you no
matter what! Please give me another chance! I beg you! I’ve realized the error of my ways and will
never again make the same mistake! Just regard me as a speck of dust and let me off the hook this
once. Spare my life, please!”

Right then, he no longer acted haughtily, as if he was superior to Jonathan.

Instead, he was as servile he could be, banging his head against the floor ceaselessly while on his
knees. Even when his forehead started bleeding, he dared not stop, afraid that the man would take his
life in a fit of rage.

Alas, Jonathan merely regarded him blithely with an impassive expression on his face. “It’s too late that
you only now realized your mistake. I gave you a chance earlier, but you didn’t cherish it.”

“I was wrong, Sir! I really am!” Kneeling there with tears and snot all over his face, Timothy lifted his
head and slapped himself hard across the face. “I beg you, Sir! Please give me another chance! As
long as you spare me, I’m willing to do anything at all! Even if you want me to be your dog, I’ll be your
most loyal dog!”

“I’m not short of dogs. Besides, you’re unworthy of being my dog.” Jonathan did not even deign to
spare him a single glance, for he never lacked servants.

Tons of people in the world yearned to be a dog to Asura. Thus, there was no need for him to consider

All at once, Timothy’s face turned ashen.

Jonathan’s remark was like a slap to him, landing hard on his face.

The force of it was so great that blood almost gushed out of his nostrils.

Never once had he thought that he would one day be unworthy of even being a dog when he was the
high and mighty descendant of the Turner family.

Moreover, those were the words he had given to Hugo, yet it was his turn to be on the receiving end to
such humiliation.

“Sir, I—”

Timothy wanted to plead further, but Jonathan cut him off. “Okay, that’s enough. Stop spouting
nonsense. I won’t finish you off so quickly, so don’t worry. It’d be too easy of death if you were to die too

Too unbothered to waste another second on the former, he waved a hand and ordered, “Restrain him!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Following that command, dozens of Divine Dragon Guards stepped forward and tied Timothy up
without delay.

When Timothy was bound, he glowered at Jonathan with reddened eyes and roared, “What exactly do
you want, Jonathan?”

Since his death was an unchangeable fact, he naturally turned bold.

What’s there to fear when I’m going to die anyway?

“I want the entire Turner family to die with you!” Jonathan’s gaze turned chilly as murderous intent
fleeted across his eyes.

That mere look terrified Timothy so much that a chill ran down his spine, and he broke out in a cold

It felt as though he was staring the Grim Reaper in the eyes for a moment.

“Just come at me alone, Jonathan! This is my doing, so what has it got to do with my family? Simply kill
me if you dare! Why are you dragging innocents into this matter?” he snarled.

“Innocents?” Hearing that, Jonathan could not help sneering. “You think your family is innocent?”

“Of course!” Gritting his teeth, Timothy admitted, “It was I who set fire to the ecological park and
captured the Smith family, and I was also the one who secretly mobilized the Divine Dragon Guards.
Even Josephine’s near-miss car accident was my doing! What has my family got to do with all that?”

“It has nothing to do with your family?” Jonathan chuckled coldly upon hearing that, scoffing, “If you
weren’t part of the Turner family, do you think you could have deployed the Divine Dragon Guards?
From the moment the Turners planted spies in the governor’s office and the King of War Division, the
death warrant has been signed!”

They’re merely an insignificant family, yet they dared to interfere in military affairs? Hah! They must
have a death wish! I was the one who exchanged all that with my life, not some d*mned family! As long
as I’m still alive, I will never allow any family to meddle in the military and politics! No way in hell would I
let someone else encroach on my territory!

His words undoubtedly sentenced the Turner family to death.

When Timothy heard that declaration, he was so livid that he clenched his jaw hard and trembled all
over. “I’ll come back and haunt you even after I die, Jonathan Goldstein!”

The biggest trump card in his entire life was none other than the Turner family.

If even that ceased to exist, his identity as the eldest son of the Turner family would amount to nothing.

“You don’t even have that chance anymore.” Jonathan threw him a cool look before lighting a cigarette.

It’s almost time, so the Four Asura Guards should have converged at Jazona.

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