Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 195

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The Legendary Man

At The Service Of Asura


The loud bang resounded outside the warehouse.

In the dark, it sounded very much like a clap of thunder reverberating in the air.

No sooner had the deafening boom split the air than innumerable flashes of blinding light lit up in the
darkness, illuminating the sky in a split second that it appeared to be daylight.

Under the glaring lights, military jeeps and trucks swarmed toward the warehouse swiftly like a
torrential wave, accompanied by the roar of engines.

Approaching like gigantic beasts of steel, they truly made an impressive sight to behold.

On the military trucks stood countless heavily-armed soldiers in green military fatigues. Their gazes
were impassive, utterly devoid of emotion.

On the whole, they looked just like killing machines.

“The Divine Dragon Guards?”

As soon as Timothy caught sight of the soldiers on the military trucks, his eyes widened.

The Divine Dragon Guards! How could this be? Why would they obey Jonathan’s command? After all,
as part of the Four Asura Guards, there’s only one person who can deploy them in the whole of Jazona
—the King of War, Zachary Lint! How could a worthless piece of trash like him possibly mobilize them?
That’s impossible!

Therefore, he dispelled that thought right away.

Even as the eldest son of the Turner family, he only dared to mobilize the Divine Dragon Guards in
secret, so he reckoned that a deadbeat like Jonathan could not possibly do it, much less so openly, and
causing such a huge commotion at that.

As his mind ran wild with speculations, an even louder roar rang out from behind the military trucks.

On the heels of that, dozens of heavy tanks charged toward them with a crushing momentum like
gigantic beasts of steel.

When they rumbled on the road, the entire ground shook.

Massive tank guns were aimed right at the warehouse, ready to launch at any time.

They were just like the scythes of the Grim Reaper, for it seemed like everything on the face of the
earth would be reduced to dust with a blast from them.

“What’s going on here? What exactly is happening?” Panic started creeping in Timothy.

The turn of events had gone beyond his expectations.

Oh my God, even heavy tanks have been deployed! What’s next? Military helicopters? Or fighter jets?

At the scene unfolding before him, even he started trembling in fear.

A mere second after his words fell, a booming noise suddenly sounded in the air.

As the rumbling came closer, more than a dozen military helicopters zipped over and hovered above
the warehouse. Umpteen red dots were aimed right at the building, and one could even vaguely see
the bright muzzles of the guns mounted on the military helicopters.

Those were muzzles of machine guns used in carrying out a strafe, thus filled with ammunition.

The whirring of the propellers had the wind howling in the sky.

Meanwhile, at the door of the warehouse, innumerable soldiers started leaping down from the military
trucks. Immediately after, they aimed their guns at the Divine Dragon Guards and mercenaries on
Timothy’s side.

“On the order of the King of War Division, everyone is to drop their weapons and surrender
immediately! Otherwise, you will be executed on the spot!”

An icy cold voice rang out from the mouth of the Divine Dragon Guards!

In the face of the tens of thousands of soldiers from the Divine Dragon Guards as well as the dozens of
heavy tanks and military helicopters, the thousands of Divine Dragon Guards and mercenaries were all
filled with overwhelming despair and devastation.

There was not the slightest notion of resistance in their minds.

After all, they knew all too well that they would be instantly blasted into pieces by the killing machines in
front of them if they dared to entertain such a thought.


At the absolute disparity in might, they promptly chose to toss their weapons away and surrender, for
they did not have the guts to fight back.

“Gather the weapons! Then, restrain them all and bring them back!”

With that order, the tens of thousands of soldiers of the Divine Dragon Guards acted at once.

In less than three minutes, the few thousand soldiers who pointed their guns at Jonathan earlier had
become prisoners instead.

They were all escorted onto the military trucks.

Meanwhile, Timothy felt a chill running down his spine and his knees buckling at the scene unfolding
before his eyes.

Never had he expected a good-for-nothing such as Jonathan to have the capability to deploy the Divine
Dragon Guards, and on the order of the King of War Division, to boot.

“W-Who exactly are you, Jonathan?” He fixated his eyes on Jonathan with terror brimming in his gaze.

Hearing that question, Jonathan looked at him plainly and asked, “You dare provoke me without even
investigating my identity? I don’t know whether I should say that you’re brave or foolish!”


Timothy was just about to respond when an ear-splitting roar abruptly cut him off.

That noise came from a green military helicopter. When the aircraft landed, the door swung open, and
a middle-aged man in a military green coat leaped out.

The moment he did so, the tens of thousands of soldiers of the Divine Dragon Guards swiftly fell to
their knees with a thud and exclaimed, “We’re at your service, King of War!”

King of War?

When those words rang out, the whole place plunged into deathly silence.

Everyone gaped at the middle-aged man in disbelief.

They could not quite believe their eyes.

T-This is the King of War, Zachary Lint?

To them, Zachary was just like God himself. He only existed in their fantasies, and they had never
dared hope to behold him with their own eyes one day.

“You may all rise,” Zachary declared airily.

“Yes, Sir!”

In a trice, the tens of thousands of soldiers of the Divine Dragon Guards rose to their feet, their
movement uniform without a hint of imperfection.

At the sight of them all who resembled killing machines kneeling before Zachary, such stark terror
struck Timothy that his face drained of all color, and horror shone in his eyes.

Even his legs unwittingly went weak.

T-The King of War, Zachary Lint?

As he stared at the middle-aged man before him, he could tell by then that the man was none other
than Zachary Lint, the Vanquisher King of War who ruled the whole of Jazona, no matter how dense he

“K-King of War…”

In a flash, his legs gave out, and he fell to his knees before Zachary with a thud.

He showed nary a trace of hesitation in doing so.

After all, the Turner family’s prestigious status in Jazona meat nothing in front of the man.

With an order from him, the Turner family would be wiped out at lightning speed and disappear into

Alas, Zachary did not even spare Timothy a single glance when the latter kneeled before him. Instead,
he turned to Jonathan and promptly dropped to his knees with a thud.

“Zachary Lint is at your service, Asura!”

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