Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 194

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The Legendary Man


Upon hearing Jonathan’s remark, Timothy could not stifle a sneer. “What did you just say? I didn’t
mishear you, did I? You said you wanted to wipe the Turner family out of existence?”

Raising his voice, he then asked, “Did you all hear that? He said he wants to obliterate the Turner

He acted as though he had heard the greatest joke in the world and regarded Jonathan as a fool for
having such wishful thinking.

Soon, his smile faded. What replaced it was an icy look in his eyes. “Jonathan Goldstein, do you know
how powerful my family is? We’re so influential that our power is beyond your imagination. Annihilate
our family? Who do you think you are? Even if Kingstone Warhol were standing there, he wouldn’t even
dare make such a statement, much less you!”

Kingstone Warhol is a figure of no importance, even if he’s the governor of Jazona. No matter how
much power he wields, he can’t mobilize the Divine Dragon Guards. In the whole of Jazona, the only
ones who can deploy the Divine Dragon Guards other than Zachary Lint are our family! Wipe the
Turner family out of existence? Even Kingstone can’t do it, let alone a worthless live-in son-in-law!

Gazing at him apathetically, Jonathan replied, “He’s nothing. While he doesn’t dare do that, it doesn’t
mean that I don’t dare do it as well! Is it all that difficult to annihilate the Turner family?”

At that comment, Timothy doubled over in laughter. “He’s nothing? It looks like I’ve really
underestimated you, Jonathan! I initially thought that you were just a bit daring, but I never expected

you to be so much more arrogant! If the governor of Jazona is nothing in your eyes, who’s something to
you? Zachary Lint? Or Asura?”

“Zachary Lint is nothing either!” Jonathan’s expression was still as placid as ever. It was as though
Zachary was also no more than an ant to him.

“What a m*ron!”

After hearing that, Timothy lost all interest.

It’s not worth wasting my time with a fool who doesn’t even care about Zachary Lint!

“All right, I don’t want to waste my breath with you anymore, Jonathan. You want to wipe the Turner
family out of existence, don’t you? I’ll give you a chance.” Casting the man an airy glance, he declared,
“Do you see the soldiers standing behind you? There is a total of over four thousand of them. As long
as you can take them all out, you’ll have the opportunity to obliterate our family!”

Soon after, he eyed Jonathan as though the latter was an idiot.

Of the four thousand over soldiers standing behind him, more than a thousand are of the Divine Dragon
Guards. Meanwhile, the remaining three thousand or so are mercenaries trained by our family with a
king’s ransom. Even if the King of War, Zachary Lint, were standing here, he would be equally
defenseless in the face of the guns!

“I don’t want to sully my hands by doing so,” Jonathan countered nonchalantly.

“Did you all hear that? He said he doesn’t want to sully his hands to take you all out!” Timothy hollered
to the soldiers behind the man, his eyes narrowing with menace.

When the soldiers heard him, they were instantly incandescent and roared, “Yes, we heard that!”

Sneering, Timothy barked, “In that case, I reckon you all know what to do, yes? I’m giving you a minute
to riddle him with bullets! Is that understood?”

“Yes!” the soldiers bellowed at once.

The look in their eyes as they stared at Jonathan was as though his death was near at hand.

“Why are you not acting, then?” Timothy boomed. In the next second, clicks echoed as the soldiers
cocked their guns. Four thousand plus guns were then promptly pointed at Jonathan.

It was as though they would open fire all at once with a command from Timothy.

At the sight of Jonathan being held at gunpoint, Timothy sneered. “Do you see that, Jonathan? If I give
the order, your body will be a mass of holes before you can even plead for mercy! Are you afraid now?
If you are, I can give you a chance. As long as you get on your knees before me and grovel, I might be
in a better mood and thus spare you!”

In spite of his words, a smirk graced his lips as he thought, Spare him? That’s impossible! From the
instant he stepped in the door, I had no plans of allowing him to walk out of here alive!

In truth, he only said that because he wanted to humiliate Jonathan as much as possible before the
man breathed his last.

He wanted to see him kneeling before him and entreating him for mercy like a dog. Then, he would
give the order to have him eliminated.

Yet, Jonathan glanced at him coolly and replied, “You’re giving me a chance? In that case, I’ll do the
same. If you fall on your knees before me and grovel before my temper spikes, I’ll grant you a quick
and painless death!”

Timothy’s face darkened when he heard his last sentence, and he screeched, “How dare you? I
actually wanted to give you a chance, but you’re determined to court death! Since that’s the case, I’ll
send you to meet your maker! Just go and die!”

Having said that, he no longer bothered to yak with the man anymore.

He waved his arm and ordered, “Fire!”


With that command, the soldiers aimed their guns at Jonathan in concert, their fingers on the trigger.

At that exact moment, Jonathan said, “Wait a moment.”

At the sound of his voice, disdain manifested on Timothy’s face. “Why, are you finally fearful? And here
I thought you were truly unafraid of death, but it turns out that you’re still a coward! Ultimately, you’re no
different from this bunch of dogs from the Smith family!”

“No, you’ve misunderstood. I just wanted to tell you that you’ve missed out on the chance I gave you.
It’s almost time, so they should be here soon!” Jonathan announced, casting him an impassive look.

Immediately, he turned and gazed out at the vast sea of pitch darkness outside the warehouse.

“Come on in.”

“Come on in?”

The moment Timothy heard those words, a glimmer of surprise flickered in his eyes.

Don’t tell me he arranged for an ambush outside? No, that’s impossible!

In the blink of an eye, he dismissed that notion.

I’ve already stationed a ton of soldiers to stand guard outside the warehouse, so I would’ve been
alerted at once if someone were lying in wait outside. Furthermore, more than four thousand soldiers
are standing at the door, so it doesn’t matter even if there’s an ambush outside!

“All right, drop the act, Jonathan! Even if the president himself comes here today, he wouldn’t be able
to save you!” In an instant, his gaze went chilly, and he ordered in a booming voice, “Fire!”


Following the order, the thousands of soldiers readied themselves to pull the trigger.

However, an ear-splitting noise abruptly rang out beyond the door and interrupted them.

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