Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 193

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The Legendary Man

What A Bunch Of Useless Creatures

In an old warehouse in Jazona, those abducted from the Smith mansion were all kneeling on the
ground. Even Connor and Margaret were there.

All of them were bound and blindfolded, trembling violently in a dark corner.

Meanwhile, a thousand Divine Dragon Guards armed with lethal weapons stood guard over the
entrance. The security was so tight not even a fly could enter.

When a bright light shone on every single member of the Smith family, they cowered in the corner,
quaking yet not daring to budge an inch.

It was not until someone ripped the black cloths from their eyes did Hugo recognized Timothy, who was
sitting in the middle of the warehouse, at a single glance.

“Mr. Turner?”

The moment he caught sight of the man, shock crept onto his features.

Hadn’t he just allowed us to leave the Turner residence a while ago? Why did he capture us back now?


At the sound of his voice, Timothy glanced at him placidly.

When Hugo glimpsed the look in his eyes, he could not help asking, “What is the meaning of this, Mr.
Turner? Didn’t you let us go earlier? Why have you captured us now?”

“Why, do you have an objection to that?” Timothy eyed him coldly, curling his lips. “It’s my prerogative
to capture or set you free. Or was I supposed to inform you before I did so?”

Hugo hastily explained, “No, Mr. Turner! That wasn’t what I—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Timothy cut him off. “In that case, shut your mouth!”

At his reprimand, Hugo was instantly terrified to the point that he dared not utter another word.

Despite his high and mighty act in front of Josephine, he was a nobody in front of the younger man.

With his brows furrowed, Timothy looked at the middle-aged man in black beside him, inquiring,
“What’s going on with the men you sent out? Why aren’t they back yet with Josephine and that
worthless bum?”

“I’ll ask about it right away.”

The middle-aged man promptly whipped out his phone to make a call.

Rage blazing in his eyes, Timothy grumbled, “What a bunch of useless creatures! What’s the use of me
employing the lot of you when you’re spending eons just to capture a worthless piece of trash and a
slip of a woman?”

The middle-aged man was so petrified that he could not offer any objection.

Several minutes later, he turned to Timothy and reported, “I can’t reach them, Mr. Turner.”

Snorting, Timothy spat, “Continue calling until you get through to them! If they can’t even manage to
capture those two with over three thousand men, they would be better off dead!”

“Understood, Mr. Turner!”

At once, the middle-aged man in black took out his phone and continued calling.

Time ticked by, and the entire warehouse was eerily silent.

Just when Timothy’s patience was running thin, the middle-aged man abruptly cried out, “I managed to
reach them, Mr. Turner!”

“Give me the phone!” Snatching the phone from him, Timothy bellowed into the phone with an icy
expression on his face, “Where are you now? Have you captured that useless bum and Josephine?”

“Stop calling. I’ll be there very soon.”

Without warning, an unfamiliar voice drifted out of the phone. When Timothy heard that voice, his
expression changed drastically. “Who are you?”

“I’m the useless bum you spoke of.” Right after that sentence, Jonathan thundered, “But I’m not known
as a useless bum! My name is Jonathan Goldstein!”


The man then hung up without waiting for a response from Timothy.

“D*mn it! How dare that worthless piece of trash hang up on me?” The latter’s face contorted into a
mask of fury when he heard the beeping tone. Infuriated, he smashed the phone onto the ground with a

In the blink of an eye, the phone shattered into smithereens.

“Send some men to stand guard at the door immediately! If that deadbeat dares to enter, capture him
right away!” Timothy roared at the top of his lungs.

“Understood, Mr. Turner!”

Following the order, the middle-aged man sprinted toward the door. However, the very moment he
stepped out, the deafening roar of engines sounded outside the warehouse.

On the heels of that, black military trucks and jeeps appeared in his line of sight.

“They’re back, Mr. Turner!” he quickly shouted when he saw the fleet of vehicles.

“I know.” Timothy stalked toward the entrance with a layer of frost blanketing his face. Just when he
reached the door, the fleet of vehicles screeched to a stop in front of the warehouse.

Subsequently, a car door swung open with a click, and Jonathan lightly jumped out of a military jeep.

As soon as he got out of the vehicle, thousands of soldiers surrounded him.

In a trice, more than four thousand guns drew a bead on him.

“You’re that useless son-in-law of the Smith family?” Timothy questioned, casting him a frigid look right
after Jonathan had alighted from the car.

“You’re Timothy Turner?”

Jonathan regarded the man indifferently without a hint of fear in his eyes.

Despite being surrounded by a few thousand soldiers, he was not at all afraid.

“Where is Josephine?” Timothy swept his gaze around, only to find that Jonathan was alone, with no
signs of Josephine.

“You’re never getting the opportunity to see her. With this bunch of useless creatures, you have no
chance in hell to capture her,” Jonathan replied breezily.

“What did you just say?”

A flicker of fury passed across his face when Timothy heard that remark. Did he just claim that the
thousands of soldiers of the Divine Dragon Guards and mercenaries are merely a bunch of useless

“You said they’re a bunch of useless creatures?”

“Are they not?” Snorting, Jonathan continued, “Didn’t you wish to see me? I’m here, so just spit out
whatever it is that you want to say!”

At his relaxed expression, Timothy could not help scoffing, “It seems that I’ve underestimated you,
Jonathan Goldstein! I always thought that you were no more than a dog raised by the Smith family, and
you’d fawn over them when they were angry so that they’d reward you with a bone or two when they
were happy. But from the look of things, you’ve got much more of a backbone compared to the Smiths.
At least, you aren’t terrified to the point that you’re brought to your knees, begging me to spare your life
the second you stepped in!”

In the face of his scorn, Jonathan remained unperturbed. Glancing at him dispassionately, he stated,
“I’ve underestimated you as well. If I’d known that you’d have the guts to actually send someone to kill
Josephine and even mobilize the Divine Dragon Guards secretly, I might have wiped the Turner family
out of existence before you could even meet me!”

That was indeed the unvarnished truth.

From the very beginning, he had not taken the Turner family seriously, for they were no more than an
ant in his eyes.

It was just a matter of a single command if he had wanted to obliterate them. In a split second, the
Divine Dragon Guards could have razed them down to the ground.

However, he did not expect Timothy to be so daring as to send someone to bump Josephine off.

That had undoubtedly crossed his line.

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