Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 192

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The Legendary Man

Are You Threatening Me

Following that, a blinding light illumined the whole of No. 1 Villa, lighting every single corner of the

Under that glaring light, a middle-aged man in a military uniform strode in.

As soon as he entered, countless soldiers in military fatigues rushed in from behind him with guns in
their hands, occupying the entire mansion.

The moment they barged in, they aimed the muzzle of their guns right at Jonathan and Josephine in
the living room.

“Who are you?” Jonathan glanced at the middle-aged man placidly without a hint of panic in his eyes.

Hearing his question, the middle-aged man eyed him coldly and snapped, “You don’t need to know
that! Are you Jonathan Goldstein?”

“Yes,” Jonathan answered evenly.

“Then she must be Josephine Smith, right?” the middle-aged man demanded with his eyes fixated on

“That’s right.”

Jonathan nodded nonchalantly.

“Seize them!” the middle-aged man promptly ordered with a wave of his hand after obtaining the
answer from Jonathan. It was as though he could not even be bothered to say another word with him.

In an instant, the dozens of soldiers behind him stepped forward without hesitation to capture Jonathan
and Josephine.

Despite noticing their approach, Jonathan remained unruffled. He merely regarded the middle-aged
man apathetically before drawling, “The Turner family sent you, didn’t they?”

“Oh? Why would you say that?” The middle-aged man was suddenly intrigued when he heard that.

“The uniforms you’re all wearing aren’t that of the regular military troops. Since you’re not of the Divine
Dragon Guards, then you can only be mercenaries.” Casting him a dispassionate look, Jonathan
continued, “And in the whole of Jazona, only the Turner family who dubbed themselves the vice
governor’s office has a private army and holds a grudge against me. How’s that? Am I right?”

After hearing his deduction, the middle-aged man retorted with a snort, “So what if you’re right? Since
you know as much, you’d better surrender. Otherwise, you might be shot!”

“Are you threatening me?” Jonathan guffawed, not in the least bit concerned about the soldiers.

Even if tens of thousands of soldiers were pointing their guns at me right now, I wouldn’t panic at all, let
alone dozens of soldiers! Back when I led the Four Asura Guards into battle all over the world, I never
once retreated in the face of millions of soldiers. Yet, he wants to intimidate me with such a small

The middle-aged man sneered in response. “Threatening you? Do you think I’m trying to scare you?
Kid, you think too highly of yourself! You’re not worthy enough to be threatened by me! Do you know
how many more men I’ve got outside? We’ve taken over the entire Edenic Heights! With an order from
me, the whole of No. 1 Villa will be riddled with bullets, including you!”

“The number of men you’ve got makes no difference to me. It’s the same whether I take a single life or
a thousand lives.” Subsequently, Jonathan looked at him blithely and said, “Hasn’t anyone told you that

I hate having a gun pointed at me?”

Right after he said those words, he moved so fast that he was merely a black silhouette flashing past.

A second later, the snap of a bone breaking pierced the air. Before the middle-aged man could even
realize what had happened, his kneecap had been smashed from Jonathan’s kick.


A howl of anguish reverberated around the living room, followed by a thud.

The middle-aged man had fallen to his knees before Jonathan.

“I told you. I hate it when someone points a gun at me.” Jonathan shot him a frosty look. With a flick of
his wrist, he grabbed the man’s wrist and twisted it hard. Another snap rang out as he broke the latter’s

“Kill him! Finish him off!” the middle-aged man roared as though he had lost his mind from the
excruciating pain.

At his order, the dozens of soldiers promptly lifted the guns in their hands and pointed them at

They were only awaiting the order to fire, whereupon they would pull the trigger at once.

“I’d like to see who among you have the guts to shoot!” Grunting, Jonathan wrapped a hand around the
middle-aged man’s neck. As he applied pressure, the latter instantly could not breathe and almost

“K-Kill him…” The middle-aged man gasped for breath, seemingly on the verge of suffocating anytime.

“Do you believe me if I say you’ll surely die before they can open fire?” Jonathan looked at him coldly,
then swept his gaze across the dozens of soldiers and barked, “Put down your guns!”

His bellow terrified the dozens of soldiers so badly that they almost dropped their guns.

When his frosty gaze bore into them, especially, they felt as though they had been plunged into icy

“I’m going to count to three. If you don’t lower your guns, he’ll be dead! One! Two! Three!”

After the last count, Jonathan tightened his grip around the middle-aged man’s neck. In an instant, the
latter’s air supply was cut off, and his eyes even rolled back.

At the scene unfolding before them, the soldiers exchanged glances before they finally decided to put
down the guns in their hands.

“That’s more like it. I really detest having guns pointed at me!” The second they lowered their guns,
Jonathan likewise dropped his hand from the middle-aged man’s neck. However, he kicked him,
causing the latter to fall to his knees before him.

Having done so, he assured, “Don’t worry; I won’t kill you. I just don’t like it when someone else points
a gun at me. Mr. Turner wants to see me, doesn’t he? It so happens that I’d like to meet him as well.
Let’s go!”

He then grabbed the middle-aged man by the neck and lifted him off the ground before warning, “I don’t
mind going with you, but you can’t take her anywhere!”

Naturally, he was referring to Josephine.

“No way!” The middle-aged man reflexively rebuffed him when he heard that.

My orders were to capture both Jonathan Goldstein and Josephine Smith! How am I going to explain
myself if I only bring him back?


Jonathan’s gaze turned glacial, scaring the middle-aged man so much so that his legs went weak.

After all, he was a soldier in name only. Although he usually commanded thousands of mercenaries, he
had never been to the battlefield. Being under the younger man’s gaze, he suddenly felt as though a
venomous snake had set its sight on him.

That was not all, for he even felt that if he dared object, the man would kill him without the slightest
hesitation in the next second.


He swallowed hard, not having the guts to protest in the end.

“Let’s go!”

Jonathan then walked toward the door with his hand around the middle-aged man’s neck. However, no
sooner had he taken a few steps than Josephine called out to him, “Jonathan!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

Glancing over his shoulder, Jonathan flashed her a reassuring look before he strolled out of No. 1 Villa.

Right after he stepped out of the door, he was greeted by a few thousand guns pointed straight at him.

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