Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 191

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The Legendary Man

Take Them All Away

“W-Who are you all?” Hugo was promptly stunned at the sight of a dozen guns pointed at him.

His two sons, Miguel and Ezra, were even more terrified. In fact, they were so terror-stricken that they
did not even dare to make a peep.

“The Divine Dragon Guards!” The soldier in the lead regarded him coldly.

Waving a hand, he ordered, “Attention! Detain all members of the Smith family regardless of gender
and age! Do not allow a single person to go free!”


Following that order, a few hundred soldiers of the Divine Dragon Guards stormed into the Smith

Behind them, countless military trucks and jeeps obstructed the gate.

In the vehicles were innumerable soldiers of the Divine Dragon Guards with guns in their hands, the
muzzles pointing right at the Smith mansion.

“What are you all doing? Stop right this instance! Otherwise, I’m going to lodge a police report!” When
Hugo saw droves of soldiers barging into the house and restraining all of his family members without
fail, he was so enraged that he almost burst a blood vessel.

“Lodge a police report?” Hearing that, the soldier in the lead sneered with derision etched on his face.
“Do you think the police dare interfere in the business of the Divine Dragon Guards?”

That remark rendered Hugo speechless right away.

“Who sent you here?” He stared at the man with an ashen face.

Even if I have to die, I have to know who exactly is behind this!

Casting him a frosty look, the soldier in the lead drawled, “Who do you think? Do you really have no
idea who you’ve offended?”

After saying that, he no longer bothered to waste his breath and waved a hand, instructing, “Take them
all away!”


At that order, the soldiers of the Divine Dragon Guards, who were no different from killing machines,
sprung into action once more.

While the whole of Jazona plunged into massive chaos, Jonathan was sitting in the living room, eating
instant noodles.

Indeed, he was still feeling hungry.

The steak at the restaurant was not really his cup of tea, so he lost his appetite just after eating a few

As he was eating, Josephine happened to be done with her shower and came downstairs. When she
spotted him wolfing down a bowl of instant noodles, she was very much taken aback. “Are you still

“Yeah! The steak was horrible!” he answered casually.

Upon hearing that, she frowned slightly. “Why didn’t you tell me that you’re still hungry? Don’t eat
instant noodles anymore. It’s not healthy. I’ll cook some spaghetti for you instead.”

“It’s okay. Instant noodles are quite delicious!” Jonathan remarked airily.

Back when I was in the military, having a bowl of instant noodles was the happiest moment in my life!
No matter how unhealthy it is, it’s still way better than raw meat with blood still dripping from them.


Josephine was rooted to the spot at his comment. All of a sudden, she remembered that she had
seemingly never fulfilled her responsibility as his wife, nor had she ever cooked anything for him.

“Yup, it’s pretty good!”

Jonathan flashed her a smile.

“T-Then, I shall eat with you. I happen to be hungry as well, so I’d like to try your instant noodles!”
While saying that, she grabbed a fork and sat down across from the man.

When she slurped down the noodles, the spiciness assailed her that she coughed.

It’s been a long time since I last had instant noodles. I think the last time I had them was when I was
five or six years old.

Cough, cough! She coughed violently, her throat burning so badly that tears almost escaped her eyes.

“Are you okay? I might have put a bit too much of the seasoning, so it’s rather spicy.” Jonathan handed
her a piece of tissue.

“I’m fine.”

Shaking her head, Josephine picked her fork up and took another mouthful.

In truth, she was not at all hungry, but she merely wanted to understand him better.

Throughout all these years, I don’t seem to understand him at all. I don’t even know what he had gone
through in the past three years he had been missing.

“Jonathan, do you mind telling me how you spent the past three years?” She put down the fork in her
hand and lifted her head to stare right at him.

Both anticipation and apprehension brewed within her.

She was extremely worried that Jonathan would rebuff her.

“Why are you asking about that out of the blue?” He gazed at her in puzzlement.

“I suddenly wish to know more about you.” Eyeing him anxiously, she added, “It’s fine if you don’t want
to talk about it.”

She was afraid that she would be reminding him of something unpleasant in his past.

After all, it was clear as day that he had suffered much and had had his fair share of tribulations in the
past three years.

“I don’t mind speaking about it.” At that, Jonathan chuckled and continued, “But you might not believe
me even if I were to tell you about it.”

“I believe you!”

That time, she did not hesitate in the slightest.

Perhaps I should choose to trust him once!

“Shall I begin then?” In no time, his mind drifted back to that night three years ago.

That night, more than a dozen men hunted me down. If I hadn’t broken into the military camp by
accident, I would’ve probably died in the wilderness long ago, never having procured the Ancient
Sacred Dragon Technique by coincidence or battled the nations and restored peace to the country!


Josephine nodded. Propping her chin on her hands, she pinned her gaze on him. Suddenly, she found
that he did not seem as repulsive as she thought.

In fact, he’s quite handsome!

“I disappeared three years ago because I was hunted down.” In a mild voice, Jonathan then began
narrating everything that had happened three years ago. “That night, I was hunted by over a dozen
men. They pursued me the entire night. If I hadn’t accidentally barged into a military camp, I would’ve
likely been slashed to death that very night.”

Josephine paled when she heard that. “You were hunted down? Why have I never heard you speak of

All I knew was that people were hunting him down when I first met him, and he almost died in the
wilderness! I was the one who saved him then. But why were they after him again a year later?

“It’s not something for casual conversation, and it’s now past anyway. Besides, you’ve never asked me
about it.” The man wore an indifferent expression. He was so calm that it was as though he was
speaking of someone else’s story.


At that remark, Josephine could not help biting her lip.

Indeed, I don’t think I’ve asked him why he went missing three years ago, nor have I ever cared where
he went during his disappearance.

“I’m sorry, Jonathan. I…” A flicker of guilt fleeted across her eyes as she bit her lower lip.

“Hey, there’s no need to apologize. I’ve never blamed you!” Smiling, Jonathan stroked her hair.

“What happened next?” Josephine continued asking.

“After that…”

Jonathan had only said those two words when his expression abruptly changed. In the next moment, a
bang rang out as the door of No. 1 Villa was kicked open.

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