Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 188

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The Legendary Man

Apologize In Person

Three years ago, Asura led a million troops to subdue the West Region and razed it to the ground in
just half a year.

No one knew the heart-wrenching despair they felt back then.

Under Asura’s almighty command, the troops of the West Region could not even put up the slightest

In a mere six months, they were utterly defeated and forced to surrender.

They initially thought the West Region was doomed to such a humble existence forever. Yet, to their
surprise, Asura suddenly disappeared mysteriously after restoring peace to the nation.

No one knew where he went or whether he was still alive.

Still, they waited for a whole year before they deployed hundreds of thousands of soldiers from the
West Region to invade Beshya on that very day.

Without Asura, Beshya was no more than a decrepit shrine, crumbling to pieces with its sacredness
gone, vulnerable and frail.

“Hah! It is unnecessary for Asura to get his hands dirty just because of an insignificant West Region!”
Kane snorted, not at all bothered about the taunt.

Back then, all four of us followed Asura to battle everywhere, taking innumerable lives! What is a mere
West Region in comparison?

“Attention, Eagle Dragon Guards! You’re to wipe out the West Region within a month! Attack!”

Following that order, the hundred thousand Eagle Dragon Guards charged forward at once, risking their
lives without an ounce of fear.

“Sir!” Just when Kane lifted the spear in his hand to attack the enemy once more, a soldier suddenly
rushed forward from behind him while shouting urgently, “Sir, Jazona has issued the Decree of Asura!
Three Kings of War were ordered to lead their troops to Jazona!”


The moment Kane heard the phrase “Decree of Asura,” a shudder went through him.

Glowering, he bored his eyes into the soldier and demanded, “What did you just say? Repeat that! You
said Asura issued the Decree of Asura and commanded three Kings of War to lead their troops to

“Yes, Sir!” Stricken by his imposing aura, the soldier hastily lowered his head, not daring to look him in
the eye.

“Which three Kings of War?” Kane questioned coldly.

There are four Kings of War, so why were only three Kings of War given the order?

“The Cardinal King of War, the Excalibur King of War, and also the Vanquisher King of War.”

“Why am I, the Thunder King of War, not included?” Kane abruptly flew into a rage.

“Sir, the Vanquisher King of War said that Asura has a decree for you. If you can’t quell the rebellion in
the West Region within a month, you don’t need to go and see him anymore!”


When Kane heard the final utterance by the soldier, he immediately leaped off his horse and went
down on one knee.

Although it was merely an oral decree, he still dismounted and personally acknowledged the order as
though Asura himself was there.

“Where’s Lieutenant Reaper?” Kane then got to his feet and turned to the Eagle Dragon Guards.

When his bellow rang out, a soldier in armor instantly stepped forward and fell to his knees. “Reaper at
your order, Sir!”

“Lead fifty thousand soldiers to Jazona right away! Although the Eagle Dragon Guards was not
included in the Decree of Asura, we must dispatch some troops since the decree has been issued!
Whoever violates this order will be executed!”

Reaper trembled upon hearing the order. “But Sir…”

Beshya is already in the midst of war. What would happen if I were to lead fifty thousand soldiers to
Jazona? And what about the rebellion in the West Region?

“There are no buts. This is an order!” Kane’s gaze turned frosty. “If you violate this order, you’ll be
executed at once!”

“Understood, Sir!”

When Reaper heard the latter part of his sentence, he knew that the man had already made up his
mind and that no one could sway him.

“The others are to follow me and destroy the enemy!”

Subsequently, Kane lifted the spear in his hand again and charged at the enemy. However, the
expression of the opposing troops’ leader underwent a drastic change at that moment.

The Decree of Asura? Didn’t Asura disappear mysteriously? How could there be a Decree of Asura?
Don’t tell me… Asura is still alive?

As soon as that thought occurred to him, he promptly ordered without the slightest hesitation,
“Attention! Retreat! I repeat, retreat!”

With that order, the soldiers of the West Region scattered like roaches in daylight, all scurrying into the

Without further ado, they all started retreating.

That was how terrifying Asura was.

Just the mere mention of his name was more than enough to scare off all the valiant soldiers of the
West Region.

In just a few hours after the Decree of Asura was issued, the whole of Chanaea plunged into the
tensest moment in history.

Hundreds of thousands of Asura Guards swarmed toward Jazona with an unstoppable murderous aura
like a torrent sweeping through.

Alas, the Turner family had no inkling of that at present.

As the forerunner of the four prominent families in Jazona, dubbed the vice governor’s office, the
Turner family had a residence that looked just like a park with a span of a hundred acres, complete with
artificial rocks, lakes, and swimming pools.

That aside, there were even five or six racetracks and golf courses.

It was a place where the affluents yearned to step foot into and where countless dignitaries reverenced.

Right then, the eldest son of the Turner family, Timothy, was hugging a few A-list celebrities while
enjoying the pleasures of the flesh.

They were unattainable goddesses to the average person, but to him, they were merely toys at his
beck and call.

With just a phone call, innumerable celebrities would throw themselves at him, hoping to marry into the
Turner family.

“Mr. Turner!”

As he was roaming his hands over one of the celebrities, a servant rushed in from outside and
interrupted him.

“Punish him!”

Timothy regarded him coldly. At once, a few burly men in black suits stepped forward and grabbed the
man’s arm before slapping him several times across the face.

Following those few smacks, the servant’s face grew all swollen.

“Did I not say that no one is allowed to disrupt me when I’m resting?” Timothy then grunted before
turning to him and demanding, “What is it?”

“Mr. Turner, the Smith family is here, asking to see you!”

“The Smith family?” Timothy instinctively frowned when he heard those words. “Why do they want to
see me? I’m not interested!”

“Understood, Mr. Turner!”

Hearing that, the servant instantly scrambled to his feet to leave. However, Timothy abruptly called him
out when he spun around. “Wait!”

“Yes, Mr. Turner?”

The servant whirled around again, not daring to take even another step forward.

“What’s their business with me?”

“They said they’re here to apologize in person.”

“Apologize?” Timothy could not help sneering upon hearing that.

Back when I gave them a chance, weren’t they stubborn as a mule and refused to yield? Why are they
here to apologize now? They’re finally afraid, huh?

“Have them kneel at the gate. I’ll meet them when I’m in a good mood!” Snorting, he waved a
dismissive hand before pouncing on the few celebrities in the swimming pool once more.

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