Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 190

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The Legendary Man

Just Await Our Demise

“Yet, you think the Smith family is qualified to be my dog?”

The instant those words rang in their mind, the expressions of Hugo and his two sons turned frightfully
grim. Hugo, especially, was gripped by the urge to crawl into a hole.

Before coming to the Turner residence, he had imagined all kinds of ways in which Timothy could
humiliate them. Still, never had he expected him to say that the Smith family was not even qualified as
the Turner family’s dog.

“Mr. Turner, the Smith family—”

Hugo wanted to say that the Smith family still had some other value, but Timothy cut him off impatiently
before he could even finish his sentence. “Scram! I only agreed to meet the lot of you because I
thought Josephine was willing to give in and apologize on her knees before me. I never expected it to
be just you few old geezers! If I’d known, I wouldn’t even have deigned to see you! What a waste of
time! Buzz off!”

He waved a dismissive hand, not even in the mood to see them for a second longer.

“Mr. Turner—”

Just after Hugo had called out his name, Timothy interrupted, “Get lost! Did you not understand me?
Don’t make me repeat myself! If the lot of you haven’t disappeared from my line of sight within ten
seconds, you need not leave anymore!”

With that said, a dozen burly men in black suits zipped out from nowhere and surrounded all three of

From the looks of it, they would certainly have no qualms sending them across the great divide if they
dared utter a single word of rejection.

“Understood, Mr. Turner! We’ll leave at once!” Hugo struggled up from the ground with a dark
expression on his face.

The head of the Smith family had never expected things to end in such a manner when he had come to
apologize in person. In his mind, he had assumed that the Turner family would pardon them as long as
he gave up on the ecological park project and banished Josephine from the Smith family.

However, all he had received from Timothy was scorn.

Worse yet, they were even regarded as less than a dog.

“Hah! They should really take a good look at themselves in the mirror! Bold of them to think that their
family is worthy of being our dog.” Timothy harrumphed, staring at the three men leaving with their tails
between their legs. Then, he snapped his fingers which called forth a burly man in black.

“What’s the progress of the matter I ordered you all to do this noon?” Timothy asked nonchalantly after
the man greeted him respectfully.

“We failed,” the burly man in black admitted with his head hung low.


Timothy swung his hand and struck him across the face upon hearing that. “What a bunch of useless
creatures! What’s the use of me hiring the lot of you when you can’t even mow someone down?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Turner! I will take full responsibility for it!” At that slap, the burly man in black dared not
utter a single word of protest, dropping to his knees before Timothy with a thud.

“Why did it fail?” Timothy asked while wiping his hand with a piece of tissue.

“We were a second away from succeeding, but someone suddenly jumped out from beside her and
blocked the car for her,” the burly man in black replied in a low voice.

“Oh? Someone actually blocked the car for her?” A flash of surprise flickered across Timothy’s face
when he heard that. “I never expected that worthless live-in son-in-law to be the loyal sort!”

“Mr. Turner, should I lead some men there tonight and eliminate them both?” the burly man in black
inquired, lifting his head.

In response, Timothy waved a dismissive hand. “No, it’s okay. How dull it is to eliminate just the two of
them! Since we’re going to do so, we should wipe out the entire Smith family!”

“What do you mean by that, Mr. Turner?”

“Relay my orders—have someone lead a thousand soldiers from the Divine Dragon Guards and detain
everyone in the Smith family. Spare no one, regardless of gender and age. Also, send another three
thousand mercenaries to capture that worthless live-in son-in-law of the Smith family and Josephine.
Bring them to the Turner residence! I want to see how obstinate she can be!”

A glint of frostiness flashed across Timothy’s face.

I’ve bedded plenty of women, but never one as headstrong as her! I wonder if she will be different in
bed compared to those celebrities!

“Mr. Turner, if Old Mr. Turner were to learn that you mobilized the Divine Dragon Guards…” The burly
man in black peered at him warily.

The Divine Dragon Guards is part of the Four Asura Guards, and the only establishment in the whole of
Jazona with the right to deploy them is the King of War Division. Even the governor’s office has to
obtain permission from the King of War Division to mobilize them, not to mention us! Moreover, the only
reason we can do so is that we’re doing it secretly without the approval of the King of War Division. If
word of this gets out, devastating consequences will befall the Turner family!

“Who will know about it if you keep your mouth shut?” Snorting, Timothy retorted indifferently, “So what
if he learns about it? He’ll simply lecture me for a bit since the horse will already be out of the barn by

“But, Mr. Turner—”

The burly man in black was going to speak further, but Timothy cut him off. “Stop yakking here! I want
every single member of the Smith family to be brought to me before dawn without fail. If even one
person is missing, I’ll break your leg!”

“Understood, Mr. Turner!”

The man gritted his teeth, not daring to utter another word.

Half an hour later, a black car came to a stop in front of the Smith mansion.

The house was brightly lit, but Hugo’s expression was dark and sullen, as black as thunder.

“What should we do now, Dad?” Ezra could not help asking the moment he alighted from the car.

Hugo had not said a single word throughout the drive, so he was too frightened to ask anything.

“What should we do?” When Hugo heard that question, he grunted before riposting, “Why else can we
do? Just await our demise!”

Even when I went to my knees on the ground and implored the Turner family to take our family as their
dog, they disdained me! What else can I do?

“Await our demise?” When those words drifted into Ezra’s ears, his expression instantly changed. In a
frantic voice, he screeched, “In other words, this trip had been in vain? Then, I’d been kneeling for

I kneeled outside the gate for more than an hour, until the point that I almost couldn’t feel my legs
anymore! But it turned out that it had all been for naught!

“Shut up!” Hugo went through the roof upon hearing that. He pointed at his son and wanted to haul him
over the coals, but he abruptly collapsed onto the ground with a thud.


At that sight, such terror struck Ezra that all the color drained from his face.

“Y-You unfilial son! Even if I don’t die at the hands of the Turner family, you will kill me sooner or later!”
Hugo was so livid that he jabbed his finger at the man. However, just when he was about to say
something, the deafening roar of engines split the air outside the door.

On the heels of that, a flash of white light illuminated the Smith mansion as though it was morning.

At the blinding light, Hugo instinctively screwed his eyes shut. Alas, the second he opened his eyes, he
was staring down the muzzle of a gun.

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