Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 189

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The Legendary Man

Not Even Qualified

Hugo, alongside Ezra and Miguel, had been kneeling in front of the gate of the Turner residence for
over an hour.

Throughout the entire time, no one bothered about them other than a single servant who said a few
words to them.

Yet, they dared not leave or even budge an inch.

In fact, they did not even have the guts to shift on their knees despite having kneeled there for an hour.

“Dad, why don’t we just leave? The Turner family doesn’t have any intention of seeing us, so it won’t do
us any good even if we were to kneel here until dawn breaks.” Ezra finally snapped after having been
on his knees for so long.

“Shut up!” Hugo shot him a baleful glare. “Even if we have to kneel until dawn breaks, you’ve got no
choice but to do so!”


Ezra was going to argue, but Hugo cut him off right away. “If you don’t want to die, just stay on your
knees here! Are you trying to drag the Smith family down with you by leaving now?”

“Dad, I…” Resentment was written all over Ezra’s face.

I’ve been kneeling here for over an hour, and my legs are about to be crippled! Still, the Turner family
shows no signs of meeting us! What’s more, they didn’t even open the gate!

“Zip it!”

Hugo shot daggers at him and continued kneeling there without daring to twitch a single muscle.

More than an hour later, the gate of the Turner residence swung open at long last.

A servant dressed in black walked out and looked down at the trio condescendingly, ordering, “Come
in. Mr. Turner has agreed to meet you!”

“Mr. Turner has agreed to meet us?” When Hugo heard that, a glimmer of jubilation flashed across his
dour face.

As long as the Turner family is willing to see us, it means that we still have a ray of hope!

“Follow me!”

Without sparing them a single look, the servant strode into the house. Meanwhile, Hugo was helped up
from the ground by Ezra and Miguel before they all trailed after the man.

All the way there, the servant walked ahead while the three of them walked behind him.

Never once did they dare overtake him.

Of course, they also did not dare even to steal a peek at the artificial rocks, lakes, and swimming pools.

After walking for a little over ten minutes, the servant finally came to a stop before a swimming pool.

Lifting his head, he looked at Timothy and announced, “They’re here, Mr. Turner!”

“Got it.”

Lounging on a chair, Timothy did not open his eyes as he enjoyed the massage given by a few
attractive female celebrities. He merely waved a hand, upon which the servant immediately left.

Nevertheless, the Smith family dared not take a gander at any of that.

They were only looking down at the ground with their heads hung.

“Why did you come and seek me out today?” Timothy had his eyes closed as he relished the feeling of
the celebrities’ smooth hands kneading his arms.

“We’re here today to apologize to you in person, Mr. Turner! The incident before this is all a
misunderstanding. My worthless granddaughter didn’t know better and offended you, so I’m here to
make amends on her behalf,” Hugo replied with his head lowered.

After saying that, he unhesitatingly fell to his knees before the man with a thud.

When Timothy heard that, he opened his eyes. “You’re here to apologize and make amends on her
behalf? Why? Doesn’t she know how to apologize by herself? Or is she mute? Where is she?”

He casually swept his gaze around but did not see any sign of Josephine.

“I’ve already banished her from the Smith family. Moving forward, she no longer has anything to do with
us!” Hugo hurriedly disassociated the Smiths from Josephine.

However, Timothy frowned deeply. “I’m not interested to know her current relationship with the Smith
family. I only want to know why she isn’t here!”

He had only agreed to meet with the Smith family because he wanted to see Josephine get on her
knees before him and beg for mercy.

Infuriated by her obstinacy in refusing to give up on the ecological park project, he was initially thrilled,
thinking that she would obediently admit her mistake and plead with him for his forgiveness.

Yet, to his dismay, not only did he fail to witness her grovel at his feet, but she was not even present!

In a flash, his expression turned chilly.

“Spit it out! Why isn’t she here?”

“Mr. Turner, she…” Hugo’s heart lurched when he glimpsed the man’s icy gaze.

The thing he feared the most still became a reality.

At the sight of him faltering, Timothy sneered. “She refused to come, didn’t she? It looks like she’s truly
mulish, far more unyielding than the few of you!”

“Mr. Turner, she no longer has anything to do with our family. We’re willing to give the ecological park
project up, so please spare us!”

Since things had come to that, Hugo could only do his utmost best to distance himself from Josephine.

Unfortunately, that did not work on Timothy at all. Instead, his expression went wintry, and he
enunciated, “Spare your family? Did you think I was targeting the Smith family because of the
ecological park project? What makes you think that I’d be bothered about an insignificant ecological
park project, you old geezer? That project is only worth a few hundred million, so it’s still not of import
to me. I only targeted the Smith family because I want to show those who harbor thoughts of defying
the Turner family the consequences of doing so! You dared to fight us for the pie, yet you didn’t
consider whether you have the capability to eat it!”

Such a paltry ecological park project was not worthy of his attention, for he was the eldest son of the
Turner family.

Every year, the Turner family would take up tons of such projects in Jazona. In the whole of the city, no
one would dare to have any objections after receiving a phone call from him.

On the same night, they would tactfully back out and give their projects up.

Josephine was the only person who dared to turn him down and was also the only one who refused to
give in to the Turner family.

Realizing that the man had no intention of letting the Smith family off the hook, Hugo could only put
himself out there and continue begging while on his knees, “Mr. Turner, we have truly realized the error
of our ways! Please give our family a chance! We won’t have any objections regardless of your
stipulations! Even if you want us to be your dog, we’ll do it willingly!”

“Be my dog?” In response, Timothy scoffed, “Do you think your family is worthy of being my dog? Tell
you what, do you know the name of the dog I raised in Jadeborough back then? It was known as the
Blackwood family! Even the top prominent family in Jadeborough is just a dog I keep! Yet, you think the
Smith family is qualified to be my dog?”

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