Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 187

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The Legendary Man

The Flames Of War

Meanwhile, at the Cardinal Office in Kingshinton…

Ever since Asura united the country, the four King of Wars were stationed at the four corners of the

Zachary was positioned in Jazona, while Terrence Xavier, Cardinal King of War, was posted to

Kane, also known as Thunder King of War, was assigned to Beshya.

Lastly, Dorian Chance—Excalibur King of War—guarded Mysonna.

As for the Cardinal Office, it served as the headquarters of Fang Dragon Guards, led by Terrence. They
were responsible for the defense of Kingshinton.

At that moment, Terrence was sitting in the main hall. He was dressed in his steel armor while emitting
a bloodthirsty aura.

“Cascade my orders to Fang Dragon Guards. We are to pack up and head to Jazona today. Whoever
disobeys will be executed without mercy!”

The moment he gave his command, more than a hundred thousand soldiers roared, “Yes, Sir!”

After issuing his order, one of Terrence’s strategists asked, “Sir, are you sure you want to send Fang
Dragon Guards to Jazona? Once all of us leave Kingshinton, I’m afraid we might not make it back in
time if something happens here.”

The entire year Terrence was stationed in Kingshinton with a hundred thousand Fang Dragon Guards,
no one dared to cause any trouble.

However, if Terrence were to leave with his men, their enemies might use the opportunity to strike.

Without Terrence around, Kingshinton might risk being conquered by their adversaries.

“Are you doubting my order?” Terrence shot the strategist an icy glare, causing him to shake his head
fearfully. “Sir, that’s not what I meant.”

“In that case, shut up!”

Terrence scoffed, “Once the Decree of Asura is issued, even I have to comply without question. Do you
know the punishment for disobeying it? Execution without mercy! Do you have a death wish?”

Terrence’s frosty look caused the strategist to freeze. Despite the heat of summer, the strategist broke
out in cold sweat. “But Sir—”

“There are no buts!” Terrence interrupted him. “Either you obey, or you die. Disobeying is considered

“Yes, Sir!” The strategist didn’t dare remonstrate further.

After all, going against the Decree of Asura was considered open rebellion.

No matter how brave he was, he still wouldn’t dare challenge the decree.

“Move out!”

At Terrence’s cue, the hundred thousand strong Fang Dragon Guards set off for Jazona.

Meanwhile at the Excalibur Office…

Dressed in his armor, Dorian held a long red sword that emitted sparks as he walked across the sandy
ground. At that moment, there were a hundred thousand Anima Dragon Guards assembled in front of

All of them were fully equipped with heavy armor and weapons.

Behind the soldiers were countless tanks and fighter jets awaiting his orders.

Consequently, the entire field was filled with murderous intent.

“Soldiers of the Anima Dragon Guards! Today, we will set off to Jazona for battle. Whoever dares to
retreat, flee, or disobey orders will be executed without mercy!”

The three commands hung over every single one of the soldier’s head like a guillotine. However, none
of them took a step back nor backed out of the mission.

After all, it was their duty to do battle and annihilate their enemies.

Even though they had no idea why they were going to Jazona, it didn’t affect their loyalty to Dorian at

“Yes, Sir!”

Their roars reverberated throughout the field.

In fact, it echoed for miles on end.

“Where is the warden of the Northern Crimson Prison?” Dorian stared coldly at his men. His gaze was
so sharp that it caused all of them to tremble in fear.


The warden stepped forward from the crowd.

He wasn’t part of the Anima Dragon Guards’ command, as the Northern Crimson Prison was
independent of the Four Asura Guards. Instead, he reported to Asura’s Office directly. Nevertheless,
after receiving the Decree of Asura, he had come forward to meet with Dorian.

“After I lead my men out of Mysonna, you will be in charge here. If anything untoward happens before
my return, I will have your head and offer it as a sacrifice to the civilians who lose their lives.”

Just as he spoke, Dorian took out the King of War Seal and looked at the warden. “Warden of the
Northern Crimson Prison, listen well! Today, I hereby hand over the King of War Seal to you. If there is
a rebellion in Mysonna while I’m away, you have the authority to kill our enemies without mercy!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The warden then stepped forward to receive the King of War Seal from Dorian.

With the seal in hand, it indicated that the warden was now the highest-ranking officer in Mysonna.

“Sir, what happened in Jazona? Why has Asura issued the Decree of Asura?” The warden couldn’t
help but ask after being given the seal.

No one knew better than him the meaning of the decree and the terrifying power it carried.

The Decree of Asura’s authority extended to everyone within the nation.

Whoever disobeyed it would be killed.

Even when Asura was still fighting in the war, the Decree of Asura was never issued before. But now
that the nation is at peace, why did he issue it all of a sudden? Could there really be an insurrection in

“I don’t know either.” Dorian shook his head. “All I know is that once the Decree of Asura has been
issued, I have to obey and lead my men toward Jazona. Regardless of what is going on, anyone who
intends to harm Asura will not only have to step over my dead body but also the hundred thousand
bodies of the Anima Dragon Guards!”

Without any hesitation, Dorian raised his long sword and swung it down. “Anima Dragon Guards, move

“Yes, Sir!”

With that, Dorian led his hundred thousand strong armies toward Jazona.

Meanwhile, at the battlefield in Beshya…

Kane led a hundred thousand Eagle Dragon Guards into battle against a few hundred thousand troops
from West Region.

Devastation reigned everywhere as flames of war engulfed the battlefield.

Countless heads were severed while the battlefield was littered with corpses and flowed with rivers of

As for Kane, all he did was continue to press forward.

His duty was to either fight or die in battle.

Therefore, he would rather be killed than retreat at all.

“Attack!” Kane roared as he raised his spear into the air.

The moment he swung it down, he killed multiple enemies in one fell swoop.

When they saw how courageously Kane was fighting, the soldiers from West Region couldn’t help but
yell, “Kane, Asura has fallen. The Eagle Dragon Guards alone are no match for us. I advise you to
surrender before you are inevitably killed!”

“B*llshit! Who told you that Asura has fallen?” Kane thundered in response.

At the same time, he thrust his spear into one of the enemy soldier’s chests.

“Hmph! If he isn’t dead, why has he disappeared for an entire year?” the leader of West Region
scoffed. “If it weren’t because we weren’t sure of Asura’s fate, West Region wouldn’t have tolerated
Beshya for such a long time.”

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