Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 186

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The Legendary Man

You Talk Too Much

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Under the cover of darkness, the sound of heavy footsteps pierced through the night’s silence.

Within half an hour of the decree, countless men in military fatigues who were armed with heavy
weaponry appeared at the main gate of Jazona.

Behind them was a convoy of military trucks that were carrying soldiers who had their heavy weapons
aimed outside.

All of them had a cold look in their eyes as if they were all killing machines.

“Stop! Who goes there?” The moment they saw the soldiers, the city’s military police issued a warning
at once. In a blink of an eye, a huge number of them blocked the soldiers’ way.

“Divine Dragon Guards!”

An officer in a green military jacket stepped forward, looked at the group of military police, and added,
“From now on, we will be taking over control of the city gates!”

Divine Dragon Guards?

The moment they heard who it was, the military police gasped.

After all, Divine Dragon Guards were one of the Four Asura Guards.

They had arrived in Jazona together with Zachary, King of War.

Why are the Divine Dragon Guards suddenly here to take over the city’s western gate? The moment
one of the military police commanders saw what was going on, he couldn’t help but furrow his
eyebrows. “Why haven’t we received any orders about it?”

“I’m giving them to you now!” The commander of the Divine Dragon Guards asserted. “From now on,
the city’s western gate will be under our command. You and your men should pack and leave now.”

“But—” Just before the military police commander could protest, he was interrupted by the Divine
Dragon Guards commander. “No buts. What you need to do now is to obey the orders of the Divine
Dragon Guards. Anyone who refuses will be executed without mercy!”

The moment the words “executed without mercy” was uttered, the countless Divine Dragon Guards
pointed their guns at the military police.

They looked as if they were ready to fire at any sign of resistance, blowing the military police into

“We will leave. However, before we do so, I would like to know which squad of the Divine Dragon
Guards are you from?” Even though he was trembling from having countless gun barrels aimed at his
head, the military police commander maintained his defiance.

Otherwise, if word got out that they retreated at the mere words of the Divine Dragon Guards, their
reputation would be in tatters.

“What you’re doing is prying on military secrets. Do you know that this question alone gives me the
authority to kill you on the spot?” With a darkening gaze, the Divine Dragon Guards commander
pointed his gun at the military police commander. “I’ll give you ten seconds to consider. Either you
leave now or die!”


With a gun pointed at his head, the military police commander quickly realized that the Divine Dragon
Guards were not to be trifled with.

After all, they were prepared to fire.




The Divine Dragon Guards commander was in no mood for any further discussion. All he did was start
the countdown. Finally, the military police commander gritted his teeth and turned to face his
subordinates. He then ordered, “Let’s go!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Once the order was given, the group of nervous military police heaved a sigh of relief.

Are you kidding me? Do you want us to be slaughtered by these killing machines? After all, we still
intend to live long and healthy lives!

Everyone in Jazona was well aware that the Divine Dragon Guards had killed countless enemies under
Asura’s leadership when he united the nation.

Evidently, all of them were truly killing machines.

Therefore, the military police had no doubt that any resistance on their end would result in their

“Everyone, listen to my orders now. We are taking control of the city gate. Anyone is permitted to enter,
but no one is allowed to leave without my permission. Whoever disobeys will be shot!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The moment the order was given, innumerable Divine Dragon Guards began to position themselves all
over the gate. Once they had taken control, they slammed the gate shut with a thunderous bang.

The military police were shaken by what they had just seen.

At that moment, they quickly realized that the city was sealed and that something major was going to
occur in Jazona.

Meanwhile, the same scenario played out at all the other city gates.

The moment the Decree of Asura was issued, the Divine Dragon Guards took control of the city’s four
gates in each direction. Furthermore, they also sealed off the train stations, bus stations, and airports.

Anyone who defied them would be shot on sight.

Initially, those who wanted to leave felt the urge to protest. However, after they were met by countless
bloodthirsty gun barrels, they decided against resisting at all.

Nevertheless, there were still some who refused to comply.

In less than ten minutes after the Divine Dragon Guards had taken over, a blue Maserati stopped in
front of the city gate.

A young man in his twenties alighted from the car. With a frustrated expression, he pointed at the
Divine Dragon Guard, who was watching the gate, and demanded, “Open the gate! I need to leave the
city on an urgent matter.”

“No! No one is allowed to leave the city. This is an order!” The guard didn’t even bother to look at the
young man.

Regardless of whether you’re driving a Lamborghini, Maserati, or even a helicopter, no one is leaving
the city today. Period!

“Do you f*cking know who I am? How dare you block my way? Do you want me to strip you off your
clothes?” The young man was utterly incensed at the guard’s indifferent attitude. Pointing at the guard,
he berated, “Let me tell you. I’m the son of Jazona’s police chief. If you don’t let me pass, I’m going to
have you stripped right now!”

“It doesn’t matter who your dad is!” The guard shot him an icy glare. “I’ll give you one minute to turn
back. Or else, I will execute you without mercy!”

“Execute me? Who are you kidding?” The young man didn’t take the guard’s threat seriously. “In that
case, I am curious to see if you dare kill me!”

Just as he spoke, the young man shoved the guard aside.

“Move aside and let me pass. Or else, I’ll—”

Suddenly, a gunshot rang out, cutting short his sentence.

A golden bullet had pierced through his skull.

Still gaping mid-sentence, he collapsed onto a pool of blood.

“You talk way too much!” The guard gave his corpse a cold stare before looking up. “And now, who else
wants to breach the line?”

Suddenly, a deafening silence descended upon the crowd.

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