Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 184

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The Legendary Man

A Car Accident

“We interrupt you with some breaking news. At eight in the morning, war broke out in Beshya. The
West Region has mounted a massive attack with its troops. King of War, Kane Dunst, has personally
met the enemy in battle. However, he has yet to defeat them. Therefore, we would like to remind all
citizens not to travel to Beshya without good reason so as not to get embroiled in the conflict

On the television, a beautiful and sexy news anchor was reporting the breaking news. However, before
the broadcast was finished, a thunderous bang was heard.

As the camera panned, a scene of war and devastation filled the television screen.

Innumerable artillery shells exploded in the air while countless helicopters were hovering in the sky.

Also, there were countless soldiers who were lying in a pool of blood.

The scene shown by the screen seemed to depict hell on Earth.

Dismembered limbs were strewn everywhere while the ground was littered with corpses and flowed
with rivers of blood.

The moment Jonathan saw what was being broadcasted, his gaze darkened.

War has broken out in Beshya due to a massive troop incursion by the West Region? What’s going on?

Two years ago, Jonathan had personally led his army and beaten the West Region into submission.

It has only been a year since then, and now they’re attacking Beshya? Are they trying to rebel?

“What’s wrong?” When Josephine saw Jonathan’s furrowed eyebrows, she instantly looked at the
television that was hung mid-air in the restaurant. However, by the time she saw it, the broadcast had
already finished.

Consequently, she didn’t see the gruesome devastation that was shown a moment ago.

“It’s nothing. I was just watching the news.” Jonathan casually recovered his gaze before looking at
Josephine and asked, “How’s the food?”

“Not bad!”

Wiping her mouth with her napkin, Josephine inquired, “Why aren’t you eating?”

“I was too engrossed with the news.” Jonathan beamed. Picking up his fork and knife, he sliced a piece
of steak. However, his mind was still distracted by what he saw just now.

Given how shocking the news is, why didn’t I hear of it?

Regardless of whether it was Zachary or Kane, neither of them told him.

“Jonathan, why do you look troubled?” Josephine couldn’t help but ask when she saw that Jonathan’s
mind was elsewhere despite cutting his steak.

“Am I?” Letting out a grin, he put down his cutlery. “I was wondering about going for our honeymoon
once you’re done with the ecological park project. How about that? When we first got married, we didn’t
go for one, remember?”

“Jonathan, what nonsense is that brain of yours filled with?” Josephine rolled her eyes in response.

When she saw Jonathan’s perplexed expression, she had assumed something terrible had happened.

However, she was surprised that he was actually thinking about their honeymoon.

“You, of course!” Raising his eyebrows with a grin, Jonathan got to his feet. “Shall we go?”


Nodding her head, Josephine followed Jonathan out.

“How are you feeling? Better already?” More than an hour later, Josephine had finally calmed down. At
the very least, she wasn’t as devastated as before.

“A lot better!” She nodded. “Jonathan, thank you!”

“How do you plan to thank me?” Jonathan let out a mischievous smile. “Why don’t I sleep in your room

“In your dreams!”

When she sensed that Jonathan was in a naughty mood, Josephine retreated a few steps in fear. “You

“How can you call me a pervert for lusting over my own wife—” Just when Jonathan wanted to tease
Josephine further, a black sedan appeared out of nowhere and raced in Josephine’s direction as if it
was going to run her down.

“Watch out!”

At the crucial moment, Jonathan dived forward to push Josephine out of the way. However, the
moment he did so, the car didn’t slow down at all and slammed into Jonathan’s body.


The impact sent Jonathan flying tens of meters away.

If he were an ordinary person, he would have been turned to mush.


Josephine’s face turned white as a sheet when she saw what had just happened. Thus, she quickly
hurried to Jonathan’s side. However, the black sedan that ran him down didn’t stop at all. Instead, its
driver floored the accelerator and disappeared in an instant.

“Jonathan, are you all right? Does it hurt anywhere?”

At that moment, Josephine panicked and didn’t know what to do.

She had neither encountered such a situation before nor imagined someone would risk his life to save

“I’m fine.”

Patting off the dust on his shoulders, Jonathan got to his feet. However, by the time he stood up, the
black sedan had disappeared.

“How can you be fine?” Josephine was horrified. “Jonathan, don’t you move a muscle. I’ll call for an
ambulance at once!”

“No!” When he saw how distraught Josephine was, he couldn’t resist stroking her head. Smiling, he
reassured her, “I’m not hurt, really. There’s no need to call for an ambulance.”

“Are you sure?” When she saw how Jonathan didn’t even have a scratch on him, Josephine was

She had seen with her own eyes how the black sedan crashed into him and threw him tens of meters
back. How can he still be unharmed?

“Yes, I am!” Beaming, Jonathan asked, “Were you terrified?”

“Mm-hmm!” As Josephine bit her lip, tears welled up in her eyes. “Jonathan, why were you so foolish
as to shield me from the car?”

“Didn’t I tell you before that protecting you is my life’s duty?” Jonathan declared with a smile, “As long
as I’m alive, I will not allow anyone to hurt you, and there will be no exceptions!”

“You fool!” When she heard his vow, tears streamed down Josephine’s cheeks as she could no longer
hold back her emotions.

Ever since she was young, no one had said anything like that to her or done what Jonathan did for her.

Only the foolish Jonathan is willing to use his body to shield me from the oncoming car. Idiot! What an
utter idiot!

“I’m not a fool. I’m your husband!” Jonathan tapped Josephine on her nose playfully. However, a
murderous glint flashed across his eyes.

The car was obviously aiming for Josephine with the intention of killing her. In the whole of Jazona,
there is only one person who wants her dead, and that person is Timothy!

“Jonathan, how can you still be laughing?” Josephine shot him a glare with her reddened eyes when
she saw the smile on Jonathan’s face. “Do you know that I was almost scared to death just now?”

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