Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 183

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The Legendary Man

Call Me Hubby

“Mmm…” Josephine’s mind drew a blank as her eyes grew as wide as saucers.

In fact, she even forgot to resist, allowing Jonathan’s tongue to roam freely in her mouth and brush
against her teeth.


Suddenly, Jonathan felt a sting on his tongue before Josephine pushed him away.

“Why did you bite me?”

Jonathan licked his lips gently while his tongue was still reeling from the pain.

“Jonathan, d-don’t come any closer.” Josephine was blushing so hard that she looked like a red lobster.

In fact, one could obviously tell that her cheeks were already burning up.

“All right, I’ll keep my distance. There’s no need to be afraid.” When he saw Josephine’s terrified
reaction, Jonathan couldn’t resist laughing.

After all, he was not in a rush at all. I’ve waited for four years, so a little longer wouldn’t make any

“You’re not allowed to laugh!”

When she saw the devious look in Jonathan’s eye, Josephine gave him the side-eye.

“Fine. I’ll stop laughing.”

Easing his smile, Jonathan licked his lips. Hmm, it tastes really sweet. Not bad!

“Jonathan, you…”

When she saw Jonathan’s reaction, Josephine blushed and wished the ground would open up and
swallow her whole.

“You must be hungry now. Come, I’ll take you someplace for food.” When he saw how intensely she
was blushing, Jonathan stroked her head with a grin.

Even though they had been married for a long time, that was the first time he saw Josephine’s coy
feminine side.

Ten minutes later, their car stopped outside a restaurant.

Even though it wasn’t a high-end restaurant, the place felt cozy.

The moment they entered, they could hear music playing throughout the restaurant. After taking their
seats, Jonathan gave Graham a call.

A short while later, Graham’s voice rang out from over the phone. “Mr. Goldstein!”

Jonathan instructed, “You can cancel the collaboration you have with the Smith family.”

“Cancel it?” Graham was surprised to hear Jonathan’s words. “Mr. Goldstein, what happened?”

“It’s not your place to ask.” Jonathan was lazy to explain. “All you need to know is that from tomorrow
onward, the ecological park project will go on as usual. The only difference will be having your partner
changed to Josephine.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Graham didn’t dare waste a second.

“What would you like to eat?” Just as Josephine had finished ordering, Jonathan ended his call.

“Anything will do,” Jonathan casually replied.

In truth, he didn’t like the food at the restaurant. If it weren’t for Josephine, he would never have
stepped in.

“A medium steak for him,” Josephine ordered on Jonathan’s behalf. “What would you like to drink?”

“Water will do.”

Casually pouring himself a cup of water, Jonathan related, “I have come to an agreement with Graham
Group. From tomorrow morning onward, you will be in charge of the ecological park project.”

“They agreed?” Josephine looked surprised as she didn’t hold up any hope at all.

“Of course!” Jonathan replied with a smile. “Given that your husband was the one asking, there was no
way they were going to say no.”

When she heard him mention the word “husband,” Josephine blushed as she rolled her eyes at him.

Even though they had been married for three years, she had never addressed him as such.

After taking a sip from her drink, Josephine called out, “Jonathan—” However, before she could finish,
Jonathan interrupted her, “Call me hubby!”

Ignoring his request, Josephine glared at him and continued, “What is your real relationship with
Graham Group?”

“Didn’t I tell you before?” Jonathan gave Josephine a curious look. “I met Graham once when I was at
the King of War residence.”

“That’s it?” Josephine knitted her brows slightly.

Evidently, she didn’t buy his story.

How is it that the Graham Group is willing to risk the wrath of the Turner family by continuing working
with me on the project after having just met Jonathan once? That’s just impossible!

“That’s all there is to it!” Jonathan nodded calmly.

It seems that she is beginning to have suspicions over my identity. This is happening faster than I

“Forget it. If you refuse to tell me, so be it.” Josephine shook her head and didn’t press him any further.
It was obvious to her that Jonathan wasn’t telling the truth.

In truth, she had long sensed that there was something suspicious about his identity.

It was hard for her to believe that a mere retired soldier of the King of War Division could command so
much respect from the mayor of Jadeborough and have the chairman of the Graham Group eating out
of his palm.

Even Andrew, the highest-ranking military officer in Jadeborough, addressed Jonathan as Commander.

How is that possible?

“Not that I refuse to tell you, but you won’t believe me even if I did!” When he saw the frown on
Josephine’s face, Jonathan couldn’t help but sigh. “Would you believe me when I tell you that I’m

“No way!”

Josephine’s first reaction was disbelief.

How can Jonathan be the mighty Asura? Three years ago, he led the four King of Wars and the Divine
Dragon Guards to defeat the nation’s enemies. Within two short years, he had managed to bring peace
and stability to the country. If there were really a god on Earth, Asura would be the one! Three years

Suddenly, Josephine’s expression drastically changed.

Didn’t Jonathan mysteriously disappear three years ago and was never heard from since? Could it

Holding that thought, Josephine suddenly raised her gaze at Jonathan and shook her head

It’s not possible! How can it be him? Both of them are the exact opposites of each other! Three years
ago, he was still doing chores at the Smith residence while Asura led his armies to war!

“There, I knew it! You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you.” Jonathan shook his head with a chuckle
when he saw Josephine’s reaction.

He had already expected Josephine not to believe him.

After all, it was implausible for anyone to imagine that the terrifying Asura, who struck fear into the
hearts of whoever heard his name, was the useless live-in son-in-law of the Smith family three years

“Jonathan, I don’t mean that,” Josephine quickly explained, aware that her reaction might have hurt his

“I understand. Quick, dig in.” Jonathan tousled her hair.

Just when he was about to say something, he suddenly heard a loud bang in the restaurant.

As he turned to look, he realized that the sound had come from the television.

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