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Chapter 180

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I Really Am Asura

“I refuse!” Josephine replied without hesitation.

Given that she did no wrong, there was no reason for her to apologize to the Turner family.

“I’m afraid it’s not up to you!” When he realized how adamant Josephine was in her refusal to
apologize, Hugo’s gaze darkened. “Men, seize her!”

“At once!”

Upon Hugo’s instruction, a group of black-clad men rushed into the Smith mansion. However,
Jonathan, who had remained silent throughout, suddenly sprang to his feet and glared at the men.
“Let’s see who dares to lay a finger on her!”

“Jonathan, what are you doing?”

Ezra snorted when he saw Jonathan step forward. “This is a Smith family matter where you have no
right to interfere!”

“Exactly! A live-in son-in-law like you has no say in this at all,” Ezra’s wife sneered.

“Jonathan, this is a family matter, so please step aside.” Even though Hugo was more civil, his intention
couldn’t be any clearer.

Evidently, Jonathan had no right to stick his nose into the Smith family’s business.

“Your family matter?” Jonathan scoffed in response. “Back when you pleaded for me to hand the
ecological park project to the Smith family, that wasn’t what you said.”

Back then, the entire Smith family almost got on their knees to beg Jonathan for the project.

But now, just because they offended the Turner family, they intend to make Josephine the scapegoat?

“That was then, and this is now!” Hugo’s expression turned grave. “Back then, I didn’t realize she would
commit such a massive mistake!”

If he had known that taking over the ecological park project would infuriate the Turner family, he
wouldn’t have begged Jonathan for it. In fact, he wouldn’t even have accepted it even if Jonathan had
wanted to give it to them.

Compared to the wrath of the Turner family, the ecological park project was considered

“The Smith family is truly shameless!” When he heard Hugo’s words, Jonathan couldn’t help but sneer,
“Back when you desired the ecological park project, you felt that Josephine was most suited to be
Smith Group’s chairman. Now that you have gotten on the nerves of the Turner family, you turn her into
a scapegoat instead?”

“Shut up, Jonathan! As an outsider, you have no right to criticize us.” Just as Jonathan spoke, Ezra
couldn’t resist the urge to admonish him.

“Do you think that I want to butt into your business needlessly?” Jonathan smirked. If not for Josephine,
he wouldn’t care less about the Smith family’s mess.

“Jonathan, what is it that you want?” Hugo gave Jonathan a cold stare.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Jonathan snapped. “There’s no way Josephine is going to apologize to the Turner
family. Instead, if they apologize to her, I might consider forgiving them.”

What? What did he just say? Get the Turner family to apologize to Josephine? Is he dreaming?

“Jonathan, are you out of your mind? Get the Turner family to apologize to her? Who do you think she

“Jonathan, don’t assume you can look down upon everyone else just because you know Zachary. Let
me give it to you straight. Compared to the Turner family, you are a nobody!”

“Do you know how many members of the Turner family hold high positions in the King of War Division?”

“Do you even know their moniker? The Turner family is known as the vice governor’s office. And yet,
you insist on wanting them to apologize to Josephine? Why don’t you get the sun to rise in the west

Evidently, Jonathan looked like a nutcase to them when he made his assertions.

Getting the Turner family to apologize was no different from asking the impossible.

“I’m not sure if the sun will ever do that, but I’m certain the Turner family will kneel before Josephine
and admit their mistake sooner or later, just like what happened to the Blackwood family.”

Jonathan’s expression was indifferent as if the Turner family were nothing but insects to him.

If he had really wanted it, he would have destroyed them a long time ago.

“Enough. Stop boasting, Jonathan. If you’re as capable as you claim, why don’t you give the King of
War a call and ask him to get the Turner family to forgive us?”

“Precisely. Don’t you know the King of War? You should call him right now.”

“Show us whether the King of War really respects you.”

Having heard Jonathan’s words, everyone else responded with sarcasm.

Aren’t you the amazing Jonathan? Don’t you know the King of War? Give him a call then! Let’s see if
your words carry more weight than those of the Turner family in front of the King of War!

“The insignificant Turner family isn’t worth my effort in making a call.” Jonathan’s expression was filled
with contempt.

During the war all those years, he had eliminated countless families.

Therefore, the Turner family was nothing to him.

“Enough, Jonathan. You can drop the act. If you’re as powerful as you claim, would the Turner family
even be breathing down our necks?” Ezra couldn’t resist scoffing at Jonathan’s words. “If what you say
is true, the King of War would have already warned the Turner family off, and we wouldn’t be in this
predicament. Don’t tell me that he isn’t aware of such an important matter?”

“He is!” Jonathan replied plainly.

Zachary already knew about it before the Turner family kicked up a fuss.

“In that case, why doesn’t he get involved? Why hasn’t he warned them yet?” Ezra sneered.

“I didn’t allow him to.” Jonathan quipped. “This is my problem, which I will solve by myself.”

“Go on, continue with that act. Who do you think you are? Asura? Even the King of War has to take
orders from you? Does he need your permission whether to get involved or not?”

Ezra responded with a contemptuous smile as if Jonathan was nothing but an idiot to him.

“That’s right. I am indeed Asura!” Jonathan asserted.

“What did you say? Did I hear it wrong? Did all of you hear it? Jonathan claims that he is Asura!”
Suddenly, Ezra laughed so hard that he had to hold his stomach.

It was as if he had heard the greatest joke in the world.

“Enough. Why are you reasoning with a lunatic?” Miguel glared fiercely at Ezra before turning his
attention to Hugo. “Dad, don’t waste any more time with them. Just take action. The longer we delay,
the worse it gets for us.”

“Josephine, I’m giving you one last chance. Are you apologizing or not?” Hugo stared intently at

Biting her lip, Josephine replied defiantly, “Never!”

“In that case, you brought this upon yourself.” Narrowing his eyes, Hugo waved his hand. “Seize her!”


Upon his command, his subordinates rushed forward in an attempt to capture Josephine.

However, before they could lay a finger on her, the loud crack of fracturing bones rang out. The
subordinate who was closest to Jonathan dropped to his knees at once.

It turned out that his femur had been kicked broken by Jonathan.

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