Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 129

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I Was The Villain

“If I’m not mistaken, he’s in Jazona.” Willow again studied Jonathan warily. “Boss, is there some conflict
between you and Tavion?”

From the look in Jonathan’s eyes, she could distinctly sense that the man was livid.

“No. I just want to know the truth about the incident back then!” Jonathan replied coldly.

I don’t care about the hundred million loss suffered by the company back when it went bankrupt. Even
a billion is just a number to me today, much less a hundred million. I only want to know whether the
incident back then was a trap he’d laid for me by colluding with someone else! The thing I detest most
in my life is betrayal, especially when the person who betrayed me was someone I once trusted most!

“Should I have someone investigate his address, Mr. Goldstein?” Graham seemed to have perceived
something from his words. It wasn’t just Willow, for even he felt a shiver running down his spine at the
man’s frosty gaze.

“Yeah.” Jonathan nodded. “I want the answer as soon as possible.”

“Okay. I’ll have someone investigate it right away!” When Graham had said that, he picked up his
phone and made a call without a second’s delay. “Luke, please investigate someone for me. His name
is Tavion Callahan, and he’s the chairman of Tavion Group. Investigate his company and also his
address. You only have ten minutes. Is that clear?”

While he hadn’t been in Chanaea much in recent years, his influence in Jazona wasn’t to be

After all, Graham Group had mushroomed all over Jazona a few years ago.

Although he had been abroad in the past few years, and his influence was no longer as substantial as
before, it was still a piece of cake for him to investigate someone.

“There’ll be news very soon, Mr. Goldstein.” Graham looked at Jonathan after hanging up the phone.

“Great,” Jonathan said. “By the way, where were we earlier?”

He initially wanted to talk to Graham about the collaboration with the Smith family but was
unexpectedly interrupted by Willow.

“We were talking about the ecological park project,” Graham replied.

“Ah, yes!” In an even voice, Jonathan continued, “I’ve already told Harrison to hand the ecological park
project to the Smith family and have them handle it. However, the Smith family doesn’t have a real
estate firm or a construction team. When the time comes, send someone over to discuss the details
with them. In other words, Graham Group will be collaborating with the Smith family on the ecological
park project. They’ll be responsible for the specific plan and design, while you’ll be supplying the
manpower and advancing the funds.”

“Sure! Whatever you say, Mr. Goldstein!” Graham hastily nodded, having no objections at all.

Ultimately, Graham Group belonged to Jonathan, and he was merely managing it on his behalf.

As such, he naturally had to go along with Jonathan’s orders.

“Send someone experienced to work with the Smith family. They have no experience in real estate, so
you’ve got to keep a close eye on things,” Jonathan reminded once more.

He was worried that something might go wrong since Josephine had never been a general manager or
had any experience in real estate.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Goldstein! If anything happens, I’ll personally seek you out and apologize!” Graham
reassured with a chuckle.

Jonathan nodded in response. No sooner had Graham’s words fallen than his phone rang.


“You’ve gotten his information?”

“Okay, got it.”

After a few brief utterances, Graham hung up the phone and turned his gaze to Jonathan. “Mr.
Goldstein, it’s confirmed that Tavion Callahan is currently living in No. 10 Villa, Ataraxy Heights. His
company is located in Tavion Tower. Rumor has it that he spent more than a billion to construct the

“Tavion Tower, huh?” Hearing the location, Jonathan casually lit a cigarette. “That’s quite a nice name. I
just wonder how his building that cost over a billion looks like.”

Four years ago, he went bankrupt with me and owed a ton of debts. That aside, he was even hunted
down by his debtors! But in the blink of an eye, he has now become a billionaire after four years and
has spent more than a billion to construct Tavion Tower! Recalling how I foolishly gave his family the
tens of thousands I had left during his funeral back then, even I find myself pathetic!

“Should I handle this matter for you, Mr. Goldstein?” There was no way Graham couldn’t tell that the
person named Tavion had angered the man.

“No, thanks. I’ll handle it myself!” Getting to his feet, Jonathan reminded, “Don’t forget about everything
I told you just now.”

Having said that, he strode away.

“I’ll drive you, Mr. Goldstein!” Graham hurriedly followed him out.

“No, it’s okay,” Jonathan declined placidly.

The moment he stepped out of the café, a chill entered his eyes without warning.

A few minutes later, he hailed a taxi and headed to Jazona.

When the taxi driver heard that he was going to Tavion Tower, he couldn’t help glancing at Jonathan
and inquiring, “Are you working at Tavion Tower, lad?”


Jonathan shook his head.

“Ah, my mistake, then!” Flashing him a smile, the taxi driver gushed, “Let me tell you something. The
owner of Tavion Tower is incredible! I heard that he’s only in his twenties, but he already has a net
worth of several billion. Also, I heard that the construction of Tavion Tower alone cost over a billion!
Say, how could he be so capable when he’s so young?”

Several billion was an astronomical sum to a taxi driver, and he didn’t even dare imagine having that
much money.

“You’re quite well-informed,” Jonathan commented in a detached voice.

“Of course!” Chortling, the taxi driver continued, “I even heard that he used to have a business in
Jadeborough. Sometime later, his business partner was tricked into signing a bad contract, leading to
the company’s bankruptcy. It was also rumored that it was because of his business partner that he
became riddled with debts! If it weren’t for his resilience that he pulled through, that business partner of
his would’ve doomed him long ago! To my way of thinking, he’s really something else! Not only did he

pay off all his debts, but he even started from scratch and created Tavion Group with a market value of
several billion! If my son is half as capable as him, I wouldn’t be still driving a taxi on the streets at this

As he spoke of Tavion, the envy on his face was plainly visible.

Conversely, Jonathan’s expression turned all the colder when he heard the taxi driver’s effusive spiel.
“Where did you hear that?”

Tavion’s business partner sabotaged him and even got him riddled with debts? Later, he even paid off
the debts resiliently? In other words, I was the villain who caused the company to go bankrupt back
then and even left a pile of debts in my wake?

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