Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 128

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A Trap

Subsequently, a woman in a long, white dress walked in.

She appeared rather young, seemingly in her twenties.

Her long hair was casually draped over her shoulders, rendering her very much elegant.

“Can I get your friend a drink, Mr. Cabot?” The woman merely stood by the door tactfully without
disrupting them. Hearing that, Graham turned to Jonathan. “What drink would you like to have, Mr.

“Just plain water will do,” Jonathan answered casually.

He didn’t really like stimulating beverages such as coffee and the like.

“Sure.” The woman nodded in acknowledgment. Just when she was about to push open the door, she
inadvertently caught a glimpse of Jonathan’s countenance. For a moment, she fell into a trance and
reflexively called out to him, “Boss?”


That address brought Jonathan back to four years ago in a flash.

It’s been years since I’ve last heard anyone addressing me thus.

When he glanced over his shoulder to look at the woman, a glimmer of surprise flashed across his
eyes. “Willow? Why are you here?”

“It’s really you, Boss.” The woman, Willow Yandall, was finally convinced that she hadn’t gotten the
wrong person after Jonathan recognized her.

“The two of you are acquainted?” Graham was surprised when he saw that Jonathan turned out to be
acquainted with the owner of the café.

Considering his identity, why would he be acquainted with the owner of a modest café?

“Yeah.” Jonathan nodded in affirmation. “She used to be an employee of mine, but my company later
went bankrupt and even owed a ton of debts. After issuing them their last paycheck, I’ve never seen
any of them anymore.”

Willow was an employee of the company he had started during his business venture four years ago,
but he had lost contact with her after going bankrupt.

I never expected to bump into her here!

“You had a company?” Shock was written all over Graham’s face.

He even had a company, and it even went bankrupt? This sounds just like a fantasy!

“Yup.” Jonathan nodded nonchalantly before shifting his gaze back to Willow. “Oh yes, I remember that
you went back to your hometown then, didn’t you? How did you come to open a café instead?”

“Well, I wanted to go back to my hometown back then, but my parents pressured me to get married as
soon as I returned. In a fit of pique, I left and started a business with tens of thousands.” Recalling the
past, Willow couldn’t help sighing. “Alas, I’m not suited to business. It’s been four years, yet I can’t even
get my café off the ground. After so many years, it’s still half-dead. If it weren’t for Mr. Cabot patronizing
this café every so often, I’m afraid that it would’ve gone bankrupt a long time ago!”

As she said that, she cast Graham a grateful look.

“I just like the environment here.” Slight embarrassment crept up Graham’s features.

“Ah, let’s not talk about this anymore. After having not seen you for such a long time, Boss, I thought
you’d left Jadeborough.” Willow couldn’t help pinning her gaze on Jonathan.

Back then, he was exceedingly successful. He was just in his twenties, but he helmed a company with
a few hundred employees and managed to propel the company’s market value to a hundred million in
just a year! If it weren’t for that incident back then, his company wouldn’t have gone bankrupt and owed
a shedload of debts, forcing him to leave Jadeborough in a cloud of disgrace!

“I did leave Jadeborough, but I came back.” Jonathan gazed out the window in melancholy as his
thoughts drifted.

If it weren’t for my company going bankrupt back then and people hunting me down, I wouldn’t have
broken into the military camp by accident. And in turn, I wouldn’t have obtained the Ancient Sacred
Dragon Technique by coincidence and became Asura who dominated the world!

“T-Then, did you meet Tavion when you came back this time?” Willow inquired in a mere whisper.

“Tavion?” Upon hearing that name, Jonathan’s expression changed drastically. “Isn’t Tavion gone?”

Tavion Callahan was none other than Jonathan’s business partner when he started his company.

Back then, it was because he was duped into signing a bad contract that the company went bankrupt
and owed a slew of debts. After the company went under, he disappeared mysteriously without any
news. One day, his family told me that he had committed suicide and even left me a suicide note! In it,
he apologized to me and promised to repay me a hundredfold in the next life. Later, I even attended his
funeral, giving his family the few tens of thousands that were my entire fortune. After doing so, I only
had a little over a hundred left! But from the sound of her remark, it seems that Tavion is still alive?

“Didn’t you know?” Willow gaped at him with astonishment etched on her face when she heard that.
“Back then, I thought he had passed on as well. Later, however, I heard that not only is he alive, but his

business is also flourishing! Rumor has it that his net worth has long since gone beyond billions!”

“Who did you hear that from?” Jonathan’s gaze abruptly went cold.

Tavion is still alive? How is that possible? I saw his casket lowered into the ground with my own eyes
during the funeral back then!

“A lot of people said that…” Willow cautiously stole a glance at him. “Besides, I even saw his interview
in the newspaper some time ago. Wait a moment, Boss! I’ll go and find it for you.”

After saying that, she hurriedly left the private room.

Soon, she came back with a newspaper and handed it to Jonathan. “Look, Boss, isn’t this Tavion

Sure enough, it was Tavion.

Although he had changed quite a bit compared to four years ago, Jonathan still recognized him at a
single glance, no matter the changes.

“It’s really him!”

A layer of frost blanketed Jonathan’s gaze.

On the newspaper were the words: The newest billionaire in the province with a net worth of three
billion, one of the ten most outstanding men in Jazona, the trailblazer of the times!

His gaze was chilly as he stared at the introduction of Tavion as well as the photo of him in a suit and
tie in the newspaper, so much so that he seemed moments away from committing murder.

So he faked his death! I never expected someone to actually imitate the plot of those lousy and
ridiculous television dramas and act it out for me in real life! All these years, I never once suspected
him even though it was because of him that the company went bankrupt then!

At the sight of the man who was supposed to have committed suicide four years ago alive and kicking,
he couldn’t control the murderous fury that surged within him that very moment despite having gone to
battle everywhere and was no stranger to bloodshed. After all, not only was the man accepting
interviews from various media outlets, but he was doing so well that his net worth had exceeded three

From the look of things, the bad contract back then wasn’t a trap dug for him but especially for me!

“A-Are you okay, Boss?” Fear instantly struck Willow at the wintry look in his eyes.

Good Lord! It’s really terrifying! In all my years, I’ve never seen such a petrifying gaze! It’s as though
he’s looking at a person whose death is inevitable instead of a living human!

“I’m fine.” Blithely tossing the newspaper onto the table, Jonathan turned his gaze to her. “Do you know
where he is? I’d like to pay him a visit.”

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