Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 127

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“Jonathan, be serious!” Josephine couldn’t resist giving him the side-eye.

“Look, I knew you wouldn’t believe me!” Jonathan chuckled at the sight of Josephine’s furrowed brows.
“I told you before, right? Three years ago, Zachary and I went on a conquest. That was when I met
Thierry. Back then, he was just an ordinary soldier. Later, I suggested to Zachary that he was capable
of taking charge of the Divine Dragon Guards, and Zachary took in my suggestion. Thus, he owed me
a favor.”

What Jonathan said was true, to some extent.

When he first got to know Thierry, the latter was indeed an ordinary soldier. However, it wasn’t he who
made that suggestion; it was Zachary who suggested for Thierry to lead the Divine Dragon Guards.

Jonathan was the one who established Four Asura Guards, so without his approval, Thierry wouldn’t
get to lead the Divine Dragon Guards.

“Really?” Josephine cast him a doubtful look.

If Thierry Cloutier owed Jonathan a favor, why would he get down on his knees before Jonathan?

“Why would I lie to you?” Jonathan chuckled and ran a finger over Josephine’s nose affectionately.
“Darling, it’ll be midnight when we get home. Why don’t we stay out for tonight?”

“Where should we go, then?” Josephine’s brow furrowed as she gave him a surveying look.

“The hotel, of course!” Jonathan cleared his throat in embarrassment. “It’ll be late when we get back
home. Everyone else must be asleep. What if we wake them up? We can get a room at the hotel and
share the same bed.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to disturb them?” Josephine rolled her eyes in exasperation.

It was clear what Jonathan had in mind.

“Of course,” Jonathan answered. “If you don’t trust me, we can have separate blankets. How does that

“It’s a bad idea!” Josephine retorted, glowering at him. “Let’s head back home. I need to head to
Graham Group tomorrow to take over the ecological park development project!”

“Aren’t you going to give it a second thought?” Jonathan urged, refusing to give up that easily.

“Nope!” Josephine answered.

She shut her eyes, not wanting to spare Jonathan a second look.

An hour later, the car rolled to a stop before No. 1 Villa.

In the dark, Josephine shut the door to her room with a huge bang and even locked the door without

Hearing the click of the lock, Jonathan couldn’t help but let out a helpless sigh.

Why does she insist on locking the door when she’s asleep? Doesn’t she trust me?

The night went by in the blink of an eye.

When Jonathan woke up in the morning, Josephine was nowhere to be seen.

He saw Emmeline sitting on the couch in the living room, engrossed in a drama playing on the TV. As
usual, Margaret’s arms were akimbo as she ordered Connor around. It looked as though Connor was a
help instead of her husband!

“You’re so stupid. Don’t you know how to mop the floor? Look at you, old fool! Your existence only
serves to waste food. What a useless idiot!”

It was early in the morning, but Margaret was already running on sheer anger. She pointed at Connor
and was reprimanding him harshly, but the latter merely bowed without saying a word.

As for Emmeline, it seemed that she was oblivious to her father’s plight.

She lowered her head and scrolled her phone casually, occasionally taking a few glances at the TV.
Obviously, she was used to her parents’ frequent fighting.

Jonathan’s brows knitted together in displeasure at the sight.

He then strode out of the mansion.

“What are you looking at?” As Connor was staring at Jonathan’s retreating figure, Margaret pulled his
ear in fury. “If you were capable enough of buying a sports car and a mansion just like Jonathan, I
wouldn’t have to yell at you every other day! Both of you are losers, but why did he get this lucky? How
did he get to know the King of War?”

To Margaret, Jonathan merely got lucky to get to know the King of War. Without Zachary’s support, he
would be a nobody.

He’s just the Smith family’s live-in son-in-law!

After leaving No. 1 Villa, Jonathan gave Graham a call. Shortly after, the call was connected. “Mr.
Goldstein,” Graham greeted from the other end of the line.

“Are you still in Jadeborough?” Jonathan inquired.

“Yes, I am still here. Do you need me, Mr. Goldstein?” There was a hint of delight in Graham’s voice. I
can’t believe he’s calling me personally!

“Pick a place for us to meet up and talk,” Jonathan said. He had agreed for Graham Group to work
together with the Smith family on the ecological park project, so he needed to inform Graham about it.

Though Graham Group now belonged to him, Graham was the one who was managing the company.

“I’m currently in a café in the city. Should I send my driver to pick you up? Or should I come to you?”
Graham asked in a low voice.

“Give me the address. I’ll head there now.”

Hanging up the phone, Graham sent Jonathan the address of the café. Jonathan hailed a taxi and
headed for the café in the city.

The café Graham was at wasn’t in the city center. In fact, it was in a tiny alley, a tad secluded.

It would be impossible to notice the café if one didn’t pay enough attention to it.

“Mr. Goldstein!”

When Jonathan alighted from the taxi, Graham was already waiting for him in front of the café.

“Why did you pick such a secluded location?” Jonathan gave him a curious look before glancing at the

Twinkle Café? That’s a nice name.

“I wanted to be away from the bustling city,” Graham replied with an awkward smile.

After they walked into the café, Jonathan realized it was pretty empty.

There weren’t many customers inside.

However, the decorations in the café gave it a warm and romantic atmosphere. It was obvious that the
owner was a young girl.

“This café is usually empty. There aren’t many customers here!” Graham led Jonathan in while
introducing the café to him. “But the owner is nice. Not only is she pretty, but she’s also an amiable
person! She also loves reading books.”

“Oh? Looks like you’re not here for the coffee. Are you here to court her?” Jonathan glanced at him.

Reading books? Stop the act. It’s pretty obvious he’s here for the owner!

“Well…” Graham coughed as his smile turned more awkward. “Mr. Goldstein, don’t tease me. I’m not
that young. Why would I court her?”

“Enough of your pretense. I’m not interested in your love life!” Jonathan declared. Seeing how
embarrassed Graham was, he went straight to the topic. “I want to talk about the collaboration between
Graham Group and the Smith family!”

“Oh, please go ahead, Mr. Goldstein.” Graham’s expression turned somber at the mention of business.

Right after he uttered those words, the door to their private room was pushed open.

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