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Chapter 126

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Do You Believe That I Am Asura

At the entrance of the restaurant, the police cars and military trucks were nowhere to be seen.

The Police Tactical Unit officers and Rhett had sneaked away silently when Jack and Nick were
dragged away.

The remaining spectators simply stared at the scene in confusion.

That’s it? Didn’t they say Jonathan is a terrorist? Even the Special Forces were deployed, but the
deputy police chief ended up being arrested. Even Commander Thierry Cloutier, who seems to be a
powerful military figure, went on his knees before Jonathan.

“Let’s go!”

As Nick had been arrested, it was time for them to leave. Jonathan didn’t like the crowd staring at him
as though he were an animal in a zoo.

“Okay!” Josephine nodded.

She patted Tanya’s back comfortingly. “It’s all right now, Tanya. Don’t be afraid. Nick has been arrested!
No one can harm you now.”

Nick had disturbed Tanya greatly. She was still shivering, her head buried in Josephine’s embrace.

“How is that possible? Nick has been arrested?” Tanya raised her head and sputtered in disbelief. “Isn’t
his father the deputy police chief? Who would dare to arrest him?”

“A deputy police chief can’t call the shots in Jazona,” Jonathan answered, casting her a nonchalant
look. “If you don’t believe us, look around you. Is Nick still here?”

Hearing his words, Tanya instinctively searched the area for Nick’s figure. However, he was nowhere to
be seen.

Oh? Even the police and police cars have left the scene!

“I-Is he arrested for real?” Tanya asked, her eyes widened incredulously.

“Yes, of course!” Jonathan gave a firm nod. “You no longer have to be afraid of him. He’ll never dare to
lay a finger on you from now on!”

“W-Will he be released tomorrow after being locked up for a day?” Tanya couldn’t quite believe that her
wish had come true.

“Of course not!” Jonathan shook his head. “Even if he runs into you in the future, he’ll definitely stay out
of your way!”

“Are you sure?” Uncertainty flickered in Tanya’s eyes. No one could blame her for reacting this way, as
she had lived in fear of Nick for the past couple of years.

But today, Jonathan had pulled her out of her nightmare.

“Why would I lie to you?” Jonathan asked with a chuckle. “You can ask Josephine. There’s no way I’ll
lie to my wife.”

“Josephine…” Tanya turned to look at Josephine, her eyes betraying her anxiety.

“It’s true. He is telling the truth!” Though Josephine was full of questions, she suppressed the urge to
ask them now. Instead, she gave Tanya’s head a gentle pat. “That b*stard has just been arrested. Don’t

“It’s true. You’re not lying! That b*stard has been arrested! Nick has been arrested!” Tears welled up in
Tanya’s eyes as the truth sank in.

It took her some time to calm down and force back her tears. She swung around to look at Jonathan
and said, “Jonathan, I-I’m really sorry to have caused trouble for you!”

The deputy police chief’s son had been arrested. Jonathan must be in deep trouble!

“It’s no biggie,” Jonathan answered with a casual wave of his hand. “All right. You should wipe your
tears. People are staring.”

“Huh?” Suddenly, the enormity of what she had just done fully dawned on her.

People are watching us!

In a panic, she wiped her tears with the back of her hands and jolted to her feet. When she stood up,
Jonathan told the owner of the restaurant, “The bill, please.”

“It’s fine!” the owner answered respectfully. “Your meal is on me!” Clearly, he dared not accept any
payment from Jonathan.

“I don’t like owing favors.” Jonathan gave the owner an apathetic look. “How much is it?”

“You don’t have to pay—” Before the owner could finish his sentence, Jonathan interjected coolly, “Do
you want your restaurant to close down?”

“I…” the owner trailed off, at a loss for words.

“How much is it?” Jonathan repeated, a hint of impatience in his voice.

“O-One hundred and twenty-five…” the owner stammered. Right when Jonathan was about to pay for
their meal, Tanya cut in, “Let me pay. I want to thank you for helping me out today.”

Before Jonathan could say no, she swiftly paid the bill.

“Fine, then.” Jonathan couldn’t be bothered to argue with her. “Where are you staying? I’ll give you a

“It’s all right. I want to take a walk alone,” Tanya rejected his offer. She needed some time to forget
about the trauma that had haunted her for years.

“Are you going to be all right alone?” Josephine asked, concern evident in her voice.

“I’m fine!” Tanya gave her a cheeky wink and beamed happily. “I’m already an adult. You, on the other
hand, must stop bullying Jonathan! If I find out you bullied him, I’ll fly to Jadeborough and avenge him!”

She waved her fists about as she spoke.

As Tanya seemed to be in a good mood, Josephine didn’t press on. It was late, and she wanted to get
home as soon as possible.

“We’ll be off then.”

Both Jonathan and Josephine walked toward the fiery red Lamborghini.

“Remember to call me when you get back home!” Tanya made a gesture with her hand.

“Okay!” Nodding, Josephine slipped into the passenger seat.

Following the roar of an engine, the fiery red Lamborghini sped off, leaving a cloud of dust behind.

When they were finally alone in the car, Josephine immediately asked a question that had been
niggling at her mind. “How many more secrets have you been keeping from me?”

Ever since Jonathan appeared after disappearing for three years, he seemed to be harboring a lot of

The sight of Andrew Morsley greeting him as commander popped up in her mind.

Even Graham Cabot, the chairman of Graham Group, was extremely submissive before him. The
Blackwood family, who was the forerunner among the four prominent families in Jadeborough, was
banished from this city with a single word from him! Furthermore, the most ruthless man in
Jadeborough who has connections with the police and the underworld, Harrison Seymour, fell to his
knees before him like a servant and gave up the ecological park development project worth billions
following his order. Even Randall Swindell, the mayor of Jadeborough who rules the entire city, was all
cautious before him as though on pins and needles! Today, the top dog of the Divine Dragon Guards,
Thierry Cloutier, had to get on his knees and address him as Mr. Goldstein politely.

What the hell happened in the past three years? How many secrets have Jonathan kept from me?

It dawned on her that she had no idea what Jonathan had gone through for the past three years.

“You don’t know a lot of things about me,” came Jonathan’s answer. He shot Josephine a lukewarm
look and asked, “If I told you I’m Asura, will you believe me?”

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