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Chapter 125

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Do Not Ask Questions

“Utter bullsh*t!” Thierry roared, cutting Jack’s explanation short. “Resisting arrest? What right do the
police have to arrest Mr. Goldstein? Who gave you the right to do that?”

“He beat someone up, so the police have the right to arrest him!” Jack insisted.

As long as I insist it was Jonathan who took action first, I have a chance to survive the ordeal!
Otherwise, things are going to end badly.

“Cut the crap. I’m going to ask you one last time. What happened?” Thierry demanded impatiently. How
dare he claim that Mr. Goldstein was involved in a fight? No one will believe that. Plenty of lives had
perished in the hands of Asura over the years! If he wants someone dead, that person will not have the
chance to call the police, for he’ll kill that person without even blinking!

“I’m warning you, Tucker. Do you know the consequences of lying to me?” Thierry asked in a warning

“I wasn’t lying!” Jack refused to cave in.

“So you refuse to spill the truth, huh?” Thierry didn’t want to waste more time here and promptly raised
his voice. “Men, bring him back!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The soldiers swarmed around Jack and tied him up before dragging him to the military truck. He didn’t
even have the opportunity to protest!

“Thierry Cloutier, I will report this matter to the governor! You’re doomed!” Rhett hollered angrily at the
sight of Jack being brought into the military truck.

Jack’s the deputy police chief. If Thierry arrests him before me, this will be a black mark in my career!
How am I supposed to go out and face the world after this embarrassing situation?

Alas, Thierry paid him no heed.

Right then, Duncan, who hadn’t said anything for a while, spoke up, “Commander Cloutier, don’t forget
this person!” He was pointing at Nick.

“Who is he?” Thierry furrowed his brows.

“Jack Tucker’s son,” Duncan explained. He glared at Nick, who had paled visibly at his accusation. “It
was he who called the police. Mr. Goldstein only beat him up after he made a pass at innocent young

“Captain Sharpe, how could you?” Rhett scowled unhappily.

“Don’t blame me, Chief Barnstone. It was your deputy police chief who went overboard,” Duncan
answered, his voice dripping with disdain.

I’m not a fool to side with them now. My experience came in handy. Even the top dog of the Divine
Dragon Guards is bowing to Jonathan. A deputy police chief is nothing!

“He was the one who called the police?” Thierry frowned. He looked at Nick and exclaimed, “Young
man, you’ve got the guts to make a pass at innocent young ladies in public, huh? Bring him back!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The soldiers promptly marched forward to carry out his order.

“Y-You can’t arrest me!” Nick’s face went pale at the sight of the soldiers coming for him. “What right do
you have to arrest me? I did nothing wrong!”

“We’ll find out whether you commit a crime back at the military base,” Thierry concluded, rolling his
eyes in exasperation.

“Let me go! You can’t arrest me!” Nick tried to free himself, but his slender figure was no match for the
Special Forces members. A panicky look took over his face as he experienced a qualm of unease.

Bam! Someone kicked him in the stomach, and he instantly stopped struggling.

“Mr. Goldstein, rest assured that I’ll make sure the matter is dealt with in a satisfactory way!” After Nick
was dragged out, Thierry came over to Jonathan carefully.

Jonathan grunted in response and bobbed his head slightly. “If I’m not satisfied with the solution, you
will pack up and leave the Divine Dragon Guards!”

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!” came Thierry’s answer.

He then looked at Jonathan hesitantly before blurting out, “Mr. Goldstein, where have you been for the
past year?”

After peace was restored to the world, Jonathan had disappeared without a trace.

No matter how hard he and his comrades had tried, they simply couldn’t find any clue about his

The military was capable of finding any information they wanted in the world, but even after they
resorted to using the military satellites and other means, Jonathan remained mysteriously missing.

It was as if he had disappeared from the surface of the Earth.

“Don’t ask questions you shouldn’t be asking.” Jonathan glowered at him. Thierry took a step back in
response to his sudden outburst and zipped his mouth shut. Seeing his reaction, Jonathan added, “If

you’re that free, discipline the Divine Dragon Guards! If I see the Divine Dragon Guards helping the
police without reason, then there’s no need for them to exist anymore!”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” Thierry replied, his face blanching in horror.

If the Divine Dragon Guards is disbanded because of my negligence, Zachary will definitely skin me

“Also, I think Rhett Barnstone doesn’t deserve to be the police chief,” Jonathan said calmly. He cast a
glance at Rhett, who was standing some distance away. “Tell Kingstone to pick another candidate for
the position. If he asks about it, tell him that it was my decision!”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” Thierry stood at attention at once.

“You can scram now!” Jonathan gave a dismissive wave as though he were chasing a fly away.

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein. I shall scram now!” Thierry gave him a salute before turning to face the soldiers.

“You’re dismissed!” he commanded.

Following his order, the Special Forces members filed into the vehicle orderly. A loud roar echoed in the
air as the engine roared to life, and the military truck drove away, leaving a trail of dust in its wake.

Right after the military truck left the scene, Duncan, who was in the passenger seat, cast a curious look
in Thierry’s direction. “Commander Cloutier, may I know who is Mr. Goldstein? Why do you respect him
so much?”

In fact, that was too mild a description.

Before Jonathan, Thierry was so obsequious and acted as docile as a lamb, just like how Duncan
acted before Zachary.

It was clear that he feared Jonathan.

Even when Thierry met with Zachary at the military base, he wasn’t this servile.

“Watch your mouth. Don’t go asking about something you shouldn’t be.” Thierry shot Duncan a glare,
shutting him up. “When we return to the base, lock yourself up in the dark room for a month. Bring your
subordinates who joined you on this operation, too. Remember to keep today’s incident a secret. If any
of you leak it out, you’ll be punished for leaking a military secret!”

“Understood, Commander Cloutier!”

Comprehension dawned, and Duncan’s face paled.

The punishment for leaking a military secret is being shot to death!

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