Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 124

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Get To Your Knees

“You’re not seeing things,” Jonathan answered, giving the incredulous Thierry an impassive look. “It’s

“Mr. Goldstein!”

In a flash, Thierry’s eyes reddened as he fell to his knees before Jonathan with a resounding thud.

“Greetings, Sir! Thierry Cloutier of the Divine Dragon Guards in the Jazona Military District at your

I’ve not seen Asura for a whole year! Some said he lost his life on the battlefield, and some said he
retired and is living in seclusion in the mountains. Since his retirement, he has stopped interfering in
worldly affairs. I never believed any of those rumors!

Indeed, Thierry had never believed in those rumors, as Asura had single-handedly led them to conquer
the world. Someone as strong as Asura wouldn’t have died on the battlefield.

He found all the rumors absurd.

The sight of him getting on his knees stunned everyone into silence.

Everyone blinked in disbelief, especially Duncan and his subordinates. They wondered if they were
seeing things.

Are we hallucinating? Is the top dog of the Divine Dragon Guards, the second in command in the
Jazona Military District, who is only a rank below the King of War, kneeling before a young man in his
twenties? How is this possible? He has never even knelt before the King of War!

“Remain on your knees,” Jonathan ordered in a glacial tone. “Look what the Special Forces have
turned into under your lead. They have the guts to point their rifles at me!”

“What?” Thierry’s eyes opened wide in shock. “T-They pointed their guns at you?”

They must be crazy! Bunch of insolent fools! How dare they point their rifles at Asura? It will only take
one punch from Asura to wipe them out!

“Who the f*ck pointed their guns at Mr. Goldstein? Come out right now!” Thierry turned at his shoulder,
his gaze spitting fire. He didn’t bother concealing his rage.

“Commander Cloutier, that would be me. I was the one who issued the order.” Duncan had no choice
but to step out and own up to his mistake.

After all, he was the one who had brought his men here and ordered them to aim their weapons at

There was no one else to blame.

“You gave the order? How dare you?” Thierry shot Duncan a hostile look before whipping out a gun
from his waist and aiming it at Duncan’s head. “I could shoot you in your head right now!”

Duncan instantly broke out in a cold sweat at Thierry’s sudden action. “Commander Cloutier…”

He knew Thierry would fire the shot, being the irritable man he was.

If Commander Cloutier flies into a fit of rage, he’ll shoot me without hesitation!

“Commander Cloutier, it’s a misunderstanding,” Duncan hastily explained, his face drained of color. “It
was Chief Barnstone who called me and requested for the Special Forces’ help to capture a terrorist. I
only deployed the troops under his request.”

“Utter nonsense! Mr. Goldstein isn’t a terrorist!” Thierry bellowed angrily. He was so fuming mad that he
nearly shot his foolish subordinate.

It was Jonathan Goldstein who led the Four Asura Guards to conquer and unite Chanaea. How could
he be a terrorist?

“I-I didn’t know the terrorist they accused was Mr. Goldstein,” Duncan answered. His eyes reddened.
As the captain of the Special Forces Team One, he had never been yelled at harshly.

Alas, he dared not talk back to Thierry.

“I’ll teach you a lesson when we get back!” Thierry declared, pinning him with a withering look. He then
turned to Jonathan and asked carefully, “M-Mr. Goldstein, may I know what happened here?”

“What do you think?” Jonathan gave him a chilly look. “Why are you asking me the reason the Divine
Dragon Guards are pointing their guns in my direction? Thierry, if I’m not satisfied with the way you
deal with this situation, you’ll lose your position as the commander of the Divine Dragon Guards! Pack
your stuff and scram.”

Thierry apologized without missing a beat. “I’m really sorry, Mr. Goldstein. It was my fault for not
keeping an eye on them. I’m willing to accept any kind of punishment!” He dared not defend himself, for
it was indeed his negligence.

There was no need to explain any further.

He was ready to be punished.

“Cut the crap. I’ll give you ten minutes to deal with this. I don’t have time to waste!” Jonathan threw him
a frosty glare. Without further delay, Thierry rose to his feet and strode over to Rhett. “Chief Barnstone,
I deserve to know the truth.”

“Commander Cloutier, could we take this to the police station?” came Rhett’s reply. His expression had
turned dark, for it felt humiliating to be questioned by Thierry in public.

“No!” Thierry rejected him at once. “Didn’t you hear Mr. Goldstein? I only have ten minutes. Just tell me
what happened!”

“I…” Rhett trailed off, his cheeks burning with embarrassment. “Commander Cloutier, even if you’re the
person-in-charge of the Divine Dragon Guards, you have no right to question me. The police and
Divine Dragon Guards are under different jurisdiction systems!”

“Oh? I have no right to question you?” Thierry’s lips were set in a hard line as his expression contorted
into one of anger. “I shall show you who’s the boss here!”

Having said that, he gave a terse order. “Men, bring them back to our base!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The soldiers charged forward to capture them as told.

They paid no heed to Rhett’s and Jack’s position—the police chief and deputy police chief—as they
were bound by duty to obey all commands.

“Commander Cloutier, what is this?” Rhett’s expression clouded over at Thierry’s command. “What
right do the Divine Dragon Guards have to arrest me?”

“Don’t give me that crap! I will give you one last chance. Will you, or will you not spill the truth?” Thierry
warned in a menacing tone.

Even if Kingstone Warhol is here, I’ll arrest him for offending Mr. Goldstein, let alone Rhett Barnstone,
who’s just the police chief.

“I’ll reveal everything!” Gnashing his teeth, Rhett forced himself to swallow the humiliation.
“Commander Cloutier, I will report this to the governor, Kingstone Warhol!”

“Whatever,” came Thierry’s nonchalant answer. “You have one minute left!”

“Jack, you tell him what happened,” Rhett said, turning at his shoulder. Glaring at Jack, he couldn’t help
but curse the former inwardly for causing all the trouble.

It was all Jack’s fault that I’ve been humiliated in front of a crowd.

“I received a call that some people were engaged in a fight here. The person who made the call even
got his hand broken by the culprit. That was why I brought the Police Tactical Unit here to arrest the
culprit,” Jack answered as a muscle in his jaw twitched. Until now, he insisted on putting the blame on
Jonathan. “After I arrived, instead of cooperating, the culprit resisted arrest and assaulted us. He even
took the gun from one Police Tactical Unit officer and fired shots in my direction as a form of warning!”

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