Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 123

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What Is His Name

“Cut the crap and tell me who issued the order!” Jonathan gave him an impatient look. “I want to know
who made the Special Forces listen to the police’s order!”

The Special Forces were under the jurisdiction of the Jazona Military District, with the Divine Dragon
Guards as their superior.

The Special Forces weren’t under the administration of the police, as both of them were under different

“No one gave us the order,” Duncan answered. “We came here at Chief Barnstone’s request.” He
couldn’t help but wonder who Jonathan was, for no one in the state of Jazona had the guts to speak to
the Special Forces in such a commanding tone, let alone call Zachary and Thierry by their names.

“So you acted on your own, huh?” Jonathan said, his expression frigid. “Call the person-in-charge of
the Special Forces. I would like to ask him how he usually manages your team! His subordinates have
conducted an operation behind his back. He deserves to be punished. If he can’t provide a satisfactory
explanation today, he’ll lose his position as the person-in-charge of your team!”

I established the Four Asura Guards single-handedly, and the Special Forces fall under the Four Asura
Guards’ jurisdiction. How dare the Special Forces point their rifles at me?

“Nonsense!” Duncan hissed angrily. “What right do you have to order us and our head around? Who do
you think you are?”

“You’ll find out whether I have the right to order you around when you call your head!” Jonathan didn’t
want to waste any more time trying to convince him.

“All right. You are that eager to meet your doom, huh? Let me fulfill your wish!” Duncan then whipped
out his phone to make a call.

How dare he interfere in the Special Forces’ business? He must have a death wish!

Duncan reported, “Commander Cloutier, I am Captain Duncan Sharpe of the Special Forces Team One
—” Before he could finish his sentence, Thierry cut in impatiently, “What is this about?”

“I ran into a terrorist in a restaurant in Jazona, but he seems to know you and insisted for me to call
you,” Duncan revealed, flashing a sinister grin in Jonathan’s direction.

He knew that Thierry was the grumpiest person in all of Divine Dragon Guards.

As Jonathan dared to order them around, he assumed Thierry would explode in rage.

“Why did you do as told? Are you the captain of Special Forces Team One, or the hostage of that
person? I don’t see you being this obedient during training.” As expected, Thierry flew into a fit of rage
and declared furiously, “Why would you think I’d know a terrorist? If you call me in the middle of the
night next time over such a trivial matter, you’ll have to reflect on your mistake for a month in a dark

“Yes, Commander Cloutier!” Duncan answered, his hands shaking from being yelled at.

When he was about to hang up, Thierry suddenly asked, “By the way, what is that person’s name?”

“What is your name?” Duncan repeated his question as he glowered at Jonathan.

“Jonathan Goldstein,” came Jonathan’s calm and collected answer.

“His name is Jonathan Goldstein, Commander Cloutier,” reported Duncan dutifully. Hearing that,
Thierry asked, “What? Come again. What is his name?” His breathing became rapid.

“Jonathan Goldstein,” Duncan answered obediently though he had no idea why Thierry’s tone had
changed all of a sudden.

“Where are you? I’ll be there as soon as possible!” Thierry yelled from the other end of the line. Without
giving a chance for Duncan to speak, he babbled on, “Tell him I’ll be there in twenty minutes. No, scrap
that. Make that ten minutes! I’ll be there in ten minutes!”

“Commander Cloutier—”

“Shut the f*ck up.” Duncan was cut off once again by a surly Thierry. “Before I arrive, don’t lay a hand
on him. Otherwise, you shall pay the price!”

Having said that, he hung up on Duncan.

Duncan couldn’t help but gulp at how abruptly the line was disconnected. He forced himself to calm
down as his instincts told him he was in trouble!

“Commander Cloutier said he’ll be here in ten minutes,” Duncan announced.

After pocketing his phone, Duncan scrutinized Jonathan, hoping to find a clue from his expression.
However, to his disappointment, Jonathan’s face was devoid of expression.

He couldn’t figure out anything.

“Then let’s wait for his arrival,” Jonathan answered readily.

Ten minutes later, not a minute more, and not a minute less, a loud rumble was heard in the far

An olive-green military truck zoomed toward them, weaving through the crowd and ramming into the
restaurant surrounded by plenty of police cars.

A resounding click rang out when the door was opened.

Then, a middle-aged man clad in military uniform jumped down from the vehicle.

With his suntanned skin, short hair, and ripped muscles, he looked extremely masculine and powerful,
like the military commander he was.

It would only take one glance from him to force one to come to a halt, gripped with the feeling that Grim
Reaper was waiting to take one’s life. It was clear that this man had been through many battles since
his aura reeked of death and menace.

The murderous aura he exuded was suffocating the surrounding crowd.

“Commander Cloutier!”

As soon as he stepped down from his vehicle, the soldiers saluted him in a respectful manner.

“Commander Cloutier!” Duncan rushed forward to greet him, but the man merely gave him a rude

“Get out of my way! Where is Mr. Goldstein? Where is he?” Thierry demanded in a loud voice.

“Mr. Goldstein?” Duncan looked genuinely baffled. He parted his lips, about to ask who that was, when
his superior’s gaze landed on Jonathan. “Is it really you, Mr. Goldstein? I’m not seeing things, am I?”
Thierry asked. He could barely believe that Jonathan was standing before him.

Am I dreaming? It has been a year since I last met him!

Yes, Thierry had not met Jonathan for a whole year. After defeating the enemies and restoring peace to
the world, he had disappeared from sight. No one had seen him ever since.

The undefeatable Asura, who had led the Four Asura Guards to crush all their enemies, was no longer
seen in public.

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