Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 122

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Resisting Arrest

Five police cars were clearing the path for a military truck behind them.

Armed soldiers appeared in sight, their expressions grim and terrifying.

The Special Forces are here!

The alarming sight caused the guests to gasp in shock.

“Oh, they are here!” the middle-aged man exclaimed excitedly when he saw the police cars and military
truck. His legs were no longer wobbly as he climbed to his feet and dashed for the police cars.


As the middle-aged man blocked the path of the police car, an elderly man clad in the police uniform
alighted from the car. “What is going on, Jack?”

He was unclear about the situation, as the deputy police chief, Jack Tucker, seemed urgent on the

“Chief Barnstone, there is a terrorist here. Please shoot him right now!” Jack pleaded. Upon hearing his
request, his superior, Rhett Barnstone, furrowed his brows. “A dangerous man? Where is he?”

“It’s him!” Jack pointed at Jonathan without hesitation as a faint gleam of malice shone in his eyes.

At once, Rhett’s expression darkened as an ominous black thundercloud of temper settled over him.
“Jack, is this the dangerous man you’ve been talking about?”

“Yes, that’s right!”

Seeing that Rhett was scowling, Jack promptly explained, “Chief Barnstone, he may be alone, but he’s
really lethal. The Police Tactical Unit is no match for him. He’s also a great marksman! Earlier, he fired
shots at me. If I hadn’t reacted swiftly, he would’ve killed me!”

What a shameless man! That was the crowd’s first reaction. How dare you claim to have reacted
swiftly? It was Jonathan who spared your life. Otherwise, no matter how swift you are, you won’t be
alive now.

“He’s armed?” Rhett’s already dark expression somehow turned even darker at Jack’s words.

“Yes,” Jack reported respectfully with his head bowed. “He took it from a Police Tactical Unit officer!”

“You’re useless!” Rhett glared at Jack, covering the latter in his frosty judgment.

He then turned to a man clad in military uniform behind him and said, “Captain Sharpe, this man is
armed and deadly. Please inform your team members to be careful!”

“Got it!” Duncan Sharpe gave a curt nod. He waved and ordered authoritatively, “Everyone, ready your

“Yes, Sir!” his men answered in unison.

Following his order, the members of the Special Forces loaded their rifles in a swift manner.

Shortly after, Jonathan became the target of countless rifles.

“J-Jonathan, what should we do?” Tanya’s voice was quavering at the horrifying sight of countless rifles
aimed at them. Even her hands were shivering. Uneasiness clouded her mind at the thought of their
impending doom.

“Don’t be scared. They won’t dare to shoot us!” Jonathan assured her, his tone gentle.

He got to his feet and strode over to Rhett and the soldiers. After seeing his action, the Special Forces
members promptly put their fingers on the trigger, ready to pull it at any moment.

If the situation wasn’t in their favor, they’d definitely start firing shots at Jonathan.

“You’re Chief Barnstone?” Jonathan queried as he glanced at Rhett.

“Yes, I am!” Rhett acknowledged with a frown. “You wanted to meet me, right? I’m here. If you have
something to say, say it now!”

“Tell them to stop pointing their rifles at me. I hate it when others aim their weapons at me,” Jonathan
replied, his brows knitting together in displeasure.

The thing I hate most in my entire life is having someone else points a gun at me!

“No! Don’t do that!” Before Rhett could say anything, Jack cut in hastily, “Chief Barnstone, don’t forget
he’s armed! He even beat the Police Tactical Unit officers to a pulp earlier!”

“Are you the chief? Or am I the chief? Don’t forget that I’m your superior!” Rhett gave him a fierce stare.
He then waved and issued an order. “Put down your guns. Let’s see what he has to say!”

Jack countered weakly, “But he’s extremely dangerous, Chief Barnstone…” His words were cut short
by Rhett who exclaimed, “Shut up!” His voice betrayed his annoyance.

“I…” Jack trailed off at the sight of Rhett’s impending wrath.

“An extremely dangerous terrorist? Says who? You?” Jonathan scoffed upon hearing Jack’s comment.
“Just because I beat your son up for making a pass at an innocent lady in public, now I’m an extremely
dangerous terrorist?”

“What happened?” Rhett demanded as a vortex of anger swirled inside him.

His expression turned as dark as thunder after hearing Jonathan’s account.

“Chief Barnstone, listen to me. He’s nothing but a liar. That didn’t happen!” Jack denied vehemently.
“He was the one who worked with the two ladies to seduce Nick to extort money from him! Nick refused
to give in, so they beat him up!”

“Wow, I’m amazed by how quick you came up with a lie!” Jonathan sneered.

“Enough, stop with the argument. We can talk at the police station!” Realizing this would not end
anytime soon, Rhett interjected and ordered, “Bring them all back to the police station!”

He looked at Jack and added in a stern manner, “You and your son are coming along, too!”

“Chief Barnstone, I…” Jack’s voice fade away when he sensed Rhett giving him a frosty glare.

He clamped his lips together.

“Since you deny being a terrorist, come back to the police station with me. We shall find out whether
you are lying back there!” Rhett told Jonathan.

“What if I refuse to go back with you?” Jonathan enunciated in a cold voice.

“You don’t have a choice!” Rhett snorted. “You’re guilty of assaulting police officers and resisting arrest,
among others. You do realize I can shoot you right here, right?”

“No, I don’t!” came Jonathan’s icy reply.

“Men, arrest them now. If any of them resist arrest, shoot them dead!” Ignoring Jonathan’s reply, Rhett
announced an order for his subordinates to arrest the ones involved.

“Yes, Sir!”

The police officers stepped forward to carry out his order. Meanwhile, the Special Forces members
raised their rifles and aimed at Jonathan.

“Shoot me dead? Let’s see who has the audacity to do so!” Jonathan’s gaze turned glacial at the sight
of the soldiers pointing their rifles at him. “Are you from the Special Forces? Which division are you
from? Who gave you the order to abuse your positions together with the police? Zachary Lint? Or
Thierry Cloutier?”

“You know our commanders?” His words caused Duncan to knit his brows in confusion.

After all, both Zachary and Thierry were the commanders of the Special Forces.

Zachary was the supreme commander of the Jazona Military District while Thierry was the top dog of
the Divine Dragon Guards, and his power was only second to that of Zachary in the Jazona Military

Why does it sound like Jonathan knows the both of them?

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