Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 121

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A Beast The Special Forces?

Everyone blanched in horror at the mention of the Special Forces.

The Special Forces were under the jurisdiction of the Jazona Military District.

The aim of the Special Forces was not to arrest but to kill the criminal.

Oh, no! We’re screwed!

That was Josephine’s first thought.

I’m so doomed! I can’t believe Jonathan dared to resist arrest and shoot the deputy police chief! Does
he have a death wish?

“Have you gone mad, Jonathan? Do you know what you’re doing? After assaulting a police officer, are
you resisting arrest? You’re not a cat with nine lives!” Josephine snapped as anger stirred within her.

She didn’t bother hiding the disappointment she had for Jonathan.

He’s really a disappointment! I thought he would at least change a bit after three years, but he’s still the
same. Evidently, old habits die hard. He never thinks twice and acts recklessly! This time, even my
family has been dragged into his mess.

He was utterly confident of himself, for the Four Asura Guards were established by him. Even the
Special Forces were under the jurisdiction of the Four Asura Guards.

If they dare to take action against me, they are doomed!

“You are mad beyond saving!” Josephine’s face turned pale as she quivered with anger. It had never
crossed her mind that Jonathan would kick up such a huge fuss at the class reunion.

Not only did he beat up the deputy police chief’s son, he even assaulted the police officers and resisted

He also fired a shot in the deputy police chief’s direction without any fear for his own life.

“Jonathan, I’m really sorry. It was all my fault. I’m sorry for causing trouble!” Even a fool would realize
the severity of the problem, let alone Tanya.

After all, the Special Forces were deployed, sealing Jonathan’s fate.

“This has nothing to do with you. I just didn’t like that he was bullying you!” Jonathan replied, casting an
indifferent look at Nick, who was hiding behind his father.

Does he think he can do anything he wants just because his father is the deputy police chief?

“You brat! Don’t get ahead of yourself. Doomsday is coming for you!” Nick declared, clenching his jaw
in anger.

Ha! The Special Forces have been summoned. Jonathan is going to die soon! So what if he’s good at
fighting? He’s no match for a dozen rifles!

“Oh? I think doomsday is coming for you, though,” Jonathan retorted. He then ignored him and turned
to Tanya. “Is he your ex-boyfriend?” he asked gently.

Tanya responded with a nod. She dared not glance in Nick’s direction.

Clearly, Nick had traumatized her so much that she didn’t even dare to look at him.

“Why are you so afraid of him?” Jonathan asked.

Instead of leaving, he struck up a casual conversation with Tanya.


A flash of anguish appeared on Tanya’s face. Her entire being started trembling as though she was
recalling a painful memory from the past.

“If you don’t feel like sharing, never mind!” Jonathan could tell what she was thinking. Perhaps it’s a
painful past that she couldn’t bring herself to reveal to everyone.

“It’s not a secret,” replied Tanya. She bit her lip and exhaled heavily. “He’s a beast who doesn’t deserve
to be called a man. Back when we were dating, I discovered him cheating on me. Instead of repenting,
he beat me up harshly, breaking three of my ribs. I even suffered from a serious concussion! After that,
he didn’t allow me to leave him. I had to report to him my whereabouts in detail every day. He also
installed a surveillance camera in my house to monitor my every move. Even if I wanted to buy a drink
outside, I’d have to report it to him. If any of my actions made him upset, he’d go crazy and beat me up!
Once, he tied me up and tortured me for three days straight!”

Tanya grew extremely emotional as tears streamed down her cheeks. “I’m still suffering from chronic
insomnia. Every time I fall asleep, I’ll be haunted by the past. I couldn’t even take an afternoon nap for
fear of him plaguing my dreams. I don’t want to recall how he tortured me back then!”

Domestic violence!

Jonathan finally put two and two together after hearing Tanya’s explanation.

No wonder Tanya was traumatized by the sight of Nick! Anyone would react the same if they were in
her shoes.

“Why didn’t you call the police?” someone yelled in the crowd.

“Call the police? Will the police help me?” Tanya broke down in tears. “His father is the deputy police
chief. After I made a police report, I was detained for a week, but nothing happened to him. I was
tortured and assaulted for the entire week. There’s no way I’ll ask for the police’s help again! All I
wanted was to stay away from him for the rest of my life. If I hadn’t escaped from Jazona when he was
away, he would have still tortured me until today!”

Suddenly, her legs went limp as though she had exhausted her energy from crying. In a small voice,
she muttered, “After staying away from Jazona for a few years, I thought I wouldn’t run into him that
easily, but the fiendish beast appeared before me days after my return!”

“Nonsense! She’s spouting rubbish! That isn’t true!” Nick promptly defended himself. “Don’t listen to
her. I’ve never done that. She’s crazy! A madwoman! If you continue spouting nonsense and accusing
me, I’ll tear your mouth apart!”

“Stay away from her!” Jonathan uttered, casting Nick a warning glance. The latter instantly took a few
steps back and hid behind his father like the coward he was.

He didn’t even dare to point a finger in Jonathan’s direction!

“Enough, Tanya. Stop talking,” Josephine pulled the emotional Tanya into her arms to give her a
comforting hug. “He’s a b*stard who deserves to die!”

“Josephine…” Tanya burst into tears in her arms.

At that sight, the crowd surrounding them couldn’t help but shoot daggers at Nick.

Nick was quick to deny Tanya’s accusations. “Don’t listen to her! She must’ve gone mad to make
everything up! None of her words are true!”

Nevertheless, no one believed him, for Tanya was sobbing her heart out in public.

Before he could say anything else, a loud rumble sounded from afar.

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