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Chapter 120 A Terrorist

In fact, he wasn’t even planning to give Jonathan a chance to explain himself.

After all, he knew what his son was like.

The surveillance cameras don’t count. Jonathan will definitely have to give in at the police station!

“What if I refuse to follow you back?” Jonathan cast the middle-aged man a calm look. He knew what
the latter had in mind.

They’ll do whatever they want at the police station!

“You’re resisting arrest?” The man laughed out loud at Jonathan’s answer. “Let me warn you. If this was
just a normal fight, you would be locked up for a few days and get fined. But if you resist arrest, that’s a
different crime altogether. We can shoot you to death if you do not comply!”

It was clear that he didn’t take Jonathan seriously.

As the deputy police chief, he assumed he could teach Jonathan a lesson easily.

“Are you threatening me?” Jonathan asked. His gaze abruptly went cold.

“You can try if you dare!” the man sneered. “I’ll give you one minute to think it through. You can either
leave with us or resist arrest. Make your own decision! If things go out of control, you may get hurt.”

Having said that, he waved and turned to the Police Tactical Unit. “One minute later, if he resists arrest,
arrest him on the spot. If he fights back, shoot him in the head!”

“Yes, Sir!” the Police Tactical Unit officers responded loud and clear.

It was a serious matter, for an order to kill Jonathan was issued.

Everyone started trembling in fear.

“Looks like you’ve chosen to be unreasonable.” Jonathan looked at him coolly. “That’s fine. I’m not a
reasonable man, anyway. I don’t need one minute to think it through. I’ve already made up my mind… I
won’t return to the police station with you! However, I hate it when people point guns at me. The last
man who aimed his weapon at me got both his arms broken. Try me if you don’t believe me!”

“Oh? I’ll do just that!” the middle-aged man replied with a mocking laugh. Jonathan’s warning did not
alarm him at all. “Arrest him now! If he resists arrest, shoot and kill him!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Following his order, the Police Tactical Unit rushed forward to take Jonathan down.

Alas, they were no match for Jonathan.

Before they could lay a hand on him, Jonathan had struck first, punching the nearest Police Tactical
Unit officer in his nose forcefully. The sound of the officer’s nasal bone breaking reverberated in the air.
Before the officer could react, Jonathan gave him another punch. His vision went black, and he lost
consciousness right away.

Jonathan was swift and deft, giving his enemies no time to retaliate.

In less than two minutes, half of the Police Tactical Unit officers had collapsed on the ground. They
couldn’t even climb to their feet as though their bones had been crushed.

The remaining Police Tactical Unit officers promptly whipped out their guns and aimed at Jonathan,
fear evident in their eyes.

As they had received training at the police academy before graduating with flying colors, this was the
first time someone had caused so much damage to their unit.

“Stop! Make another move and I’ll open fire!” one Police Tactical Unit officer warned, placing his finger
on the trigger.

He was going to fire if Jonathan dared to take one step further.

“I’ve told you that I abhor others pointing guns at me!” Jonathan’s face was blanketed with a layer of
frost. The next second, his figure appeared before the Police Tactical Unit officer in a flash as his fist
swung out.

Crack! The punch landed on the officer’s nose.

Before he could pull the trigger, his figure had already fallen to the ground with a thud.

The impact caused him to black out on the spot.

“How dare you point a gun at me? Looks like you are ready to buy a one-way ticket to the afterlife,”
said Jonathan coolly as he grabbed the gun from the officer, firing two gunshots without further delay.

Every bullet he fired hit the guns held by the Police Tactical Unit officers.

No matter how they tried to pull the trigger, nothing worked.

“How is this possible?”

The officers shared a look, shock visible in their gazes.

This can’t be possible! How can someone use a gun with such ease and precision? Even the drug
dealers who are familiar with guns can’t do that!

“Everything is possible when it concerns me!” Jonathan’s gaze turned icy. He aimed the gun in his
hand at the middle-aged man and uttered, “I told you I hate it when people point their guns at me.”

“W-What are you doing?” the man stuttered in fear as his expression changed drastically.

“What do you think?” Jonathan’s voice was cold. “Didn’t you say you want to shoot me to death?”

“I-I am a police officer. If you shoot me, your life will be over. Not only you, but your family, wife, and
children will have to pay the price of your action!” the middle-aged man warned in a trembling voice.
Sweat beaded on his forehead at the sight of the gun aimed at him.

Though he was used to guns, this was the first time someone had ever aimed a gun at him!

“Are you threatening me again?” Jonathan threw him a chilly look. “Do you think I won’t dare to shoot

Having said that, he pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Bang! The bullet whizzed past the middle-aged man’s head noisily.

His legs instantly gave way as he collapsed to the ground.

“Don’t worry, I won’t take your life!” Seeing how the man went limp with fear, Jonathan shot him a frosty
glare. “I just want to let you know that I can be more unreasonable than you!”

After a pause to let that sink in, he barked, “Get the police chief here! I want to meet him.”

“You want to meet our chief?” the man repeated dumbly. His eyes lit up as he pulled out his phone to
make a call.

“Chief Barnstone! I ran into a terrorist on Sunshine Street. I need backup!” the middle-aged man
reported when the call was connected. He didn’t hesitate in labeling Jonathan as a terrorist!

“He also requested to meet you in person.

“Yes, he’s extremely dangerous. Remember to bring the Special Forces along when you come!”

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