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Chapter 119 Bring Them Back


Before Tanya could say another word, Jonathan interrupted her. “Don’t worry about it. I guarantee that
after today, he will avoid you the next time he sees you.”

“Josephine, please talk him out of it.” Tanya felt so distressed that she was about to cry.

Nick isn’t like Kyson, who is nothing more than a hooligan. His dad is the deputy police chief, for
goodness sake. Given how badly beaten up Nick is, his dad is definitely not going to forgive Jonathan.

“Jonathan, when will you ever be more mature and less impulsive?” In response to Tanya’s words,
Josephine couldn’t help but furrow her eyebrows.

Even though I, too, feel the urge to slap Nick, what comes after that? Did Jonathan ever consider the
consequences of his actions?

“Do you think you can exact revenge on Tanya’s behalf that way? Do you always believe that violence
is the solution to every problem?” When she saw the nonchalant look on Jonathan’s face, Josephine
was further infuriated. “Yes, you might feel a sense of satisfaction after hitting him. But what happens
after the dust has settled? You will be detained at the police station. Have you ever thought about how
they are going to teach you a lesson in there?”

“Don’t worry. No one can force me to go to the police station against my will.” Jonathan’s expression
was a sea of calm as if he wasn’t bothered at all.

Even the police chief wouldn’t dare arrest me, let alone his deputy. To do so would be to seal their own

“Jonathan, I really don’t understand where you get your courage from.” Josephine was outraged by
Jonathan’s words. “Do you think you own the police station? Where you can come and go at your own

“You can put it that way,” Jonathan replied with a slight smile.

If he hadn’t led the Four Asura Guards to bring peace to the nation, Chanaea would still be mired in
war, and there would be no police station to speak of.

“What? Who do you think you are?” Josephine was further incensed by Jonathan’s answer. “Asura?”

After all, the only person qualified to talk that way was Asura.

Even the most powerful man in Jazona, Zachary, isn’t qualified to say such things. What makes
Jonathan think that he is worthy?

“Josephine, stop quarreling.” When she saw Josephine and Jonathan beginning to argue, Tanya
quickly tugged at Josephine’s sleeve. “It’s all my fault. I am the one who brought this upon you.”

“Tanya, I’m not blaming you.”

Josephine couldn’t help but sigh when she saw the guilt on Tanya’s face. “I just don’t like it when he
tries to solve everything with his fists.”

After all, she hated those that always saw violence as the solution.

“Josephine, I’m sorry. Jonathan raised his hand because of me. So please, don’t blame him,” Tanya
pleaded softly. When Josephine saw the tears in her eyes, she frowned. “Forget it. He has already
been beaten. Hence, there’s no point crying over spilled milk. Instead, we should discuss what we
should be doing next.”

With that thought in mind, Josephine was in a fix.

How are we going to solve this? Jonathan has beaten up the deputy police chief’s son! If it was just
some street thug, we could have easily compensated them. But now, the deputy police chief isn’t going
to let this matter slide easily.

“Josephine, both of you should leave quickly. Or else, it’s going to be too late!” When she saw that time
was running out, Tanya urged them to escape.

“It is already too late!”

Jonathan saw the whirling red lights from afar. The next moment, a couple of police cars with wailing
sirens screeched to a halt in front of them.

The next moment, more than ten members of the Police Tactical Unit surrounded the restaurant with
their dogs.

Among them was a middle-aged man dressed in civilian clothing. The moment Nick saw the man, he
sprang to his feet and ran over. “Dad, save me!”

“Who did this to you?”

The middle-aged man’s expression drastically darkened at the sight of Nick.

How can my son be beaten so badly? If this gets out, how am I going to face the world?

“It was them!”

Nick pointed at Jonathan from afar, causing both Josephine and Tanya’s hearts to sink.

It’s over! There’s no escape now.

“Hmph, you useless piece of trash!” When he saw the two ladies and man Nick was pointing at, the
middle-aged man shot Nick a glare.

As the son of the deputy police chief, how can you be beaten up by a single man?

“Were you the one who hit my son?” The middle-aged man looked in Jonathan’s direction.

“Yes, it was me.”

Jonathan nodded with no intention of denying it.

“It’s good that you admit it.” The middle-aged man was in no mood for idle chatter. With a wave of his
hand, he ordered, “Men, take the three of them back with us!”


Upon his order, his men attempted to arrest them all.


When he saw the police approach, Jonathan furrowed his eyebrows slightly. “How can you order us to
be arrested without finding out what happened?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” the middle-aged man scoffed as he gave Jonathan a cold stare. “Let me ask you
again, did you beat him up?”

“Yes, I did.” Jonathan plainly replied.

“If you did, then there’s no mistake.” Knitting his eyebrows slightly, he waved his hand. “Arrest them!”


The members of the Police Tactical Unit approached without hesitation.

Realizing that the police were about to make their move, Jonathan narrowed his eyes. “Why didn’t you
ask me why I hit your son? As the son of the deputy police chief, he has harassed an innocent girl on
the street. Don’t you think he deserves a beating?”

“Nonsense! Since when did I harass anyone?” Nick frantically denied Jonathan’s accusation.

If his father found out that he had been harassing girls by throwing the name of the deputy police chief
around, he would probably be beaten to death at home.

“I am telling the truth. You are not the judge of this.” Glancing indifferently at Nick, Jonathan explained,
“This restaurant has surveillance cameras. Why don’t we check them to verify the truth?”

“No, there aren’t,” Nick denied immediately. However, when he saw the surveillance cameras by the
restaurant entrance, he began to panic.

“Enough, stop arguing. Round them all up and take them back. Whatever it is, we will discuss it at the
station.” With a wave of his hand, the middle-aged man didn’t give Jonathan a chance to explain.

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