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Chapter 118 Still Deserves A Beating

“Tanya, why are you so afraid of me?” With a mischievous expression, Nick glanced at Tanya and
remarked, “It’s not like I’m going to eat you or something. Besides, aren’t we supposed to be a couple?
Having slept together more than once, we are tied together for eternity.”

“I beg of you. Stop talking about it!”

With her reddened eyes, Tanya covered her ears while looking distressed.

“Nick, what do you want?” When Josephine saw how terrified Tanya was, she quickly gave her a hug
and patted her on the back. Looking at Nick, she warned, “If you don’t leave, I will call the police!”

“The police?”

Nick sounded as if he had heard the funniest joke ever. “Josephine, didn’t Tanya tell you before that my
dad works at the police station? Furthermore, he is the deputy police chief. Hence, do you think calling
the police on me will work at all?” Nick answered with a smug expression.

As for Tanya, she curled up in Josephine’s arms while her entire body was trembling in fear.


Pointing her finger angrily at Nick, Josephine was powerless to do a thing. “Nick, what in the world in
do you want? Considering it has been so many years now, why can’t you leave Tanya alone?”

“What do you mean by that?” Nick scoffed at Josephine’s words. “No matter what, we used to be a
couple. Even though we have broken up, there’s no need to treat each other as enemies, is there? I
just wanted to chat with her after having not seen each other for so long. Therefore, why do you have
to treat me with such animosity?”

“She has nothing to say to you. Just leave!” As if she was chasing a pest away, Josephine’s eyes were
filled with scorn.

“How can there not be anything for us to talk about?” Refusing to leave, Nick stared at Tanya intently.
“Tanya, after so many years, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

“No!” Without waiting for Tanya to answer, Josephine stared coldly at him. “Nick, have you forgotten
about all the unspeakable things you did to Josephine back then? How dare you continue to cling onto

When Tanya heard Josephine mention the past, her mind was suddenly flooded with traumatic
memories, causing her face to turn pale as a sheet while her eyes were filled with despair.

With a listless gaze, she looked as if she was about to pass out.

“Back then, I was young and naive. Moreover, didn’t I apologize to her already?” Nick casually glanced
at Josephine before returning his attention to Tanya. “Tanya, it has already been so long. Haven’t you
forgiven me?”

Just as he spoke, Nick reached out to pull Tanya over. At the sight of his approaching hand, Tanya
avoided it by reflex. The next moment, Nick’s hand attempted to grab at Josephine instead.

However, before he could touch Josephine, he suddenly felt a massive force clamping on his arm.

All of a sudden, he felt as if his arm was about to be crushed.

It hurt so badly that he almost cried out in pain.

“When you were in school, didn’t your teacher teach you how to behave?” Jonathan gave Nick a frosty
stare. Initially, he had wanted to stay out of Tanya and her ex-boyfriend’s affairs.

However, when Nick’s filthy hands were about to touch Josephine, he couldn’t remain on the sidelines
any longer.

Nevertheless, he still showed Nick some mercy. Or else, Nick’s arm would already have been crushed.

“Who the f*ck are you? Why are you poking your nose into my business?” Nick was already fuming
when his arm was grabbed. However, after hearing Jonathan’s words, he was utterly incensed. “Get
your filthy hands off me. Can you afford to f*cking compensate me for dirtying my clothes?”

“Before I get angry, you had better disappear from my sight. Or else, you will no longer be able to use
this hand of yours!” Not in the mood for words, Jonathan made a forceful twist with his hands, sending
Nick crashing onto the ground.

Upon impact, Nick toppled a bunch of beer bottles on the floor.

“You brat, how dare you f*cking touch me?” Considering that he was the deputy police chief’s son, Nick
had always been the aggressor. Never in his life had he been struck before.

“Since your parents have never taught you any manners, let me do so on their behalf!”

Just as he spoke, Jonathan walked up to Nick. Before Nick could get to his feet, Jonathan slammed a
kick into his stomach, causing him to sprawl back onto the ground.

Then, Jonathan raised his foot and stomped it on the arm Nick reached out with earlier.

With a loud crack of fracturing bones, Nick’s arm was broken by Jonathan’s strike.

“Do you know how to mind your manners now?” Jonathan gave Nick, who was desperately holding
onto his broken arm, an indifferent glance and warned, “I’ll give you one minute to get out of my sight. If
I still see you after this, I will make sure both your legs are crippled.”

That was how Jonathan dealt with problems.

As long as he could resolve them directly, he wouldn’t waste any time on words.

“What is happening?” When he heard the commotion at the entrance, the restaurant owner rushed out
to see what was going on. The moment he arrived, he saw Nick crawling on the ground while crying out
in agony.

“Nothing much. We just ran into a street thug trying to cause trouble.” Jonathan gave the owner a look
and declared, “Ignore him.”

Just as he spoke, Jonathan sat back down beside Josephine without taking another look at Nick. “Let’s

“Jonathan, w-why did you hit him?” When she saw Nick sprawled on the ground like a dead animal,
Tanya didn’t derive any satisfaction from the vengeance. Instead, she looked extremely worried.

“What’s wrong with hitting him?” Jonathan replied blithely.

“His dad is the deputy police chief.” When she saw the nonchalant look on Jonathan’s face, Tanya
almost burst into tears of anxiety. “His dad isn’t going to forgive you for hitting him. What are we going
to do?”

Feeling distraught, Tanya suggested, “Jonathan, you had better leave with Josephine at once. Or else,
it will be too late.”

“What will happen to you if we leave?” Jonathan asked.

“Don’t worry about me.” Tanya explained frantically, “I was the one who caused this. Hence, it is my
responsibility to resolve it.”

The moment she finished, Tanya began nudging Jonathan and Josephine to leave.

“How are you going to resolve it? Apologize to them? Or continue allowing him to cling onto you?”
When he saw that Tanya was on the brink of tears, Jonathan relented and offered, “That’s enough. Let
me take care of it for you.”

So what if he’s the son of the deputy police chief? Even if Zachary’s son was here, I would still have
given him a beating.

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