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Chapter 117 Living Separately

Back when Josephine had just gotten married, Tanya remembered Josephine mentioning that
Jonathan was not only useless but was also steep deep in debt.

Just like a coward, he would hide at home every day doing household chores, very much unlike what a
real man should be doing.

In fact, she remembered pitying Josephine for marrying Jonathan.

But now, why is everything so different? Jonathan doesn’t look like a cowardly piece of trash at all. In
fact, he even beat up the Ximenez brothers and broke their legs on a whim. This was despite the
Ximenez family’s vast influence in Jazona. Anyone rich who offended the Ximenez brothers would
suffer the consequences, let alone someone like Jonathan. Not only did Jonathan break their legs, but
Ms. Hansley of the prominent Hansley family also had to ingratiate herself with him. What’s really going
on here?

“I don’t know either!” Josephine shook her head with her eyebrows knitted.

Compared to three years ago, Jonathan’s changes were simply drastic.

In fact, she couldn’t even tell when Jonathan was telling her the truth or lying to her.

However, one thing was certain. Within that three years, Jonathan experienced something big, causing
his personality to change drastically. However, he refused to talk about it while Josephine never asked.

“Huh? You don’t know?” Tanya’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Aren’t you a married couple who share a
bed every day? How can you not know what changed him?”

“Who told you that we share a bed?” Josephine shot a glare at Tanya. “We sleep separately!”

“Sleep separately? Are you separated now?” Tanya was even more surprised. “You have just been
married for four years, and now, you’re separated?”

Tanya had heard of many incidents where married couples were separated. However, this was the first
time she heard of one that happened just after a few years of marriage.

“We’re not living separately.”

Josephine explained with a frown, “Ever since we were married, we have been sleeping separately. I’m
sure you’re aware that our marriage was a sham back then. If it weren’t for my parents forcing me into
marrying someone I didn’t love, I wouldn’t have resorted to such tactics.”

“Huh? Have you been sleeping separately all these years?” Tanya widened her eyes in disbelief.
“Josephine, don’t tell me that after being married for so many years, you haven’t done it yet?”

“Done it?” Josephine blushed at once.

“Yes! That’s precisely what I meant!” Tanya let out a mischievous smile.

“You naughty gal!” Josephine gave her the side-eye. With a reddened face, Josephine looked a little
tipsy yet mesmerizing at the same time. “Didn’t I tell you that our marriage was a sham? Why would I
do it with him?”

Even though Tanya was her best friend, Josephine still felt embarrassed discussing the topic.

“Have both of you really not consummated the marriage?” Tanya was filled with disbelief. “How did you
get by the past four years?”

“I didn’t really feel any desire,” Josephine replied with her face all red.

“But he does!” Tanya shifted her gaze toward Jonathan, who was standing far from them. “I heard that
men his age are at the peak of their lust. How did he manage to keep it bottled up over the years?”

“How would I know?” Josephine shot Tanya a glance. At the same time, her mind couldn’t help but
picture Jonathan engaging prostitutes on the street, just as Ysobel had told her.

Could he have found someone to satisfy his lust?

“Josephine, to be honest, Jonathan doesn’t seem so bad after all.” When she saw that Josephine was
lost in her thoughts, Tanya grabbed her hand and suggested, “Why don’t you just accept him? After all,
there’s no way you can continue being a fake couple for life, right?”

“We’ll see.” Josephine changed the topic at once. In truth, she had noticed that ever since Jonathan
returned, he had been constantly breaking all the misconceptions she had about him.

Nevertheless, it still took time for her to change her bias against him.

At least for the time being, she was still unable to accept the idea of sharing a bed with him.

“What are you gals talking about?” Just when Josephine was silent in thought, Jonathan returned after

“Nothing much,” Josephine plainly replied.

As for Tanya, the tension she previously felt had eased with time. Hence, she wasn’t as nervous as
before. “We were talking about when you and Josephine are going to have a baby. Will you let me be
the baby’s godmother then?”

“Stupid gal, stop spewing nonsense!” When she heard Tanya teasing her, Josephine glared at her by

“I have no problems with you being the godmother. But, I alone can’t decide on matters related to the
baby.” Jonathan looked at Josephine with a mischievous smile, “Darling, when do you think is a good
time for us to have a baby?”

“Did I say that I want to have your baby?”

Josephine gave Jonathan the side-eye as she ignored his question.

Soon, the events at Empyrean Palace were quickly forgotten.

Tanya, in particular, was already wolfing down the food despite claiming not to be hungry earlier. Just
when she was enjoying herself, a male voice suddenly called out to her, “Tanya?”

The moment she heard the voice, her actions froze abruptly.

Her hand, which was holding a fork, began to tremble violently.

“Tanya, is that really you?”

A young man in a black jacket stood in front of them. However, the moment Tanya saw him, she was
seized by fear.

It was as if she had seen something exceptionally terrifying, to the extent that she was quaking in her

“Josephine, it’s a surprise to see you here too.” At that moment, the young man noticed Josephine’s
presence. However, Josephine wasn’t afraid of him at all. Instead, she replied in a scornful tone, “Nick,
what are you trying to do?”

“What can I do?” Nick chuckled to himself as he casually took a seat opposite them. “Isn’t it obvious
that I ran into you by coincidence?”

“You’re not welcomed here. Leave at once!” Josephine demanded menacingly.

“Josephine, how can you chase me away after having not seen each other for so many years?” In spite
of Josephine’s attempt at asking him to leave, Nick looked at Tanya with a cheeky smile. “Tanya, after
so many years of not seeing each other, do you miss me?”

“Y-You, just leave! G-Get out of my sight!” Tanya was so stricken by fear that she was stuttering.

“What’s wrong with you, Tanya?” When he saw how terrified Tanya looked, Nick stood up and reached
out to touch her forehead. “You don’t look too good. Do you have a fever?”

“D-Don’t touch me!”

When Nick extended his hand, Tanya recoiled in fear and almost fell off her chair.

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