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Chapter 115 The Rules

What’s going on? Why is Ms. Hansley, the powerful scion of the Hansley family, behaving obsequiously
in front of the gofer? How is this possible?

Stunned by what they saw, no one could believe their eyes.

“There’s no need.”

Jonathan gave Luna a frosty glance before returning his gaze toward Hendrick and Kyson, who were
already at the door. “I want both of them to stay. Do you have any problems with that?”

“No, not at all.”

Luna shook her head quickly. There was no way she even dared to protest.

Even Andrew, who was Asura’s guard, greeted him as commander. Compared to him, she was a

Hence, she naturally didn’t have the courage to go against Jonathan.

“The both of you, come over here!” Turning around, Luna stared at Kyson and Hendrick. With a cold
glint in her eye, she turned into someone else all of a sudden.

She was no longer as amiable as when she was facing Jonathan.

“Ms. Luna…”

When he saw how Luna treated Jonathan with deference, Hendrick began to panic. There was no way
he could have imagined that poor-looking Jonathan was somehow involved with Luna.

Furthermore, given Luna’s attitude toward him, it felt as if Jonathan was someone more influential than
she was.

“Come over here!”

When Luna narrowed her eyes, it sent a chill down Hendrick’s spine.

He had no choice but to obey and walk back.

After all, the burly men that Luna brought were standing guard by the door.

“Ms. Luna, didn’t you let us go just now?” Hendrick looked at Luna fearfully. The servile manner he was
behaving was just like a cowardly dog.

“That was in the past, and it has nothing to do with the present,” Luna remarked with an icy glare. “Just
now, I didn’t realize that you had offended Mr. Goldstein. If I did, do you think you can even walk out of

“In that case, Ms. Luna, what do you want from us?” Cognizant that he was unable to leave, Hendrick’s
expression turned grim.

“Now, it’s not a matter of what I want. It depends on what Mr. Goldstein wants!” Luna wasn’t even
bothered to look at Hendrick. Instead, she turned her attention toward Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, how
would you like to punish them?”

“Have them bow on their knees ten times to me and break one of their legs each!” Jonathan plainly

That was what Hendrick had threatened him with earlier. And now, Jonathan was simply returning the


The moment he heard Jonathan’s words, Hendrick rejected his demands outright.

What sort of joke is this? Kneel and have my legs broken?

“Impossible, is it?” Jonathan’s gaze turned icy cold in response to Hendrick’s words. In a blink of an
eye, his right leg stomped on Hendrick’s kneecap.

Upon impact, the loud crack of fracturing bones was heard.

The next moment, Hendrick collapsed onto his knees in front of Jonathan with a thud.

“Now, does this make it possible?” Jonathan stared coldly at Hendrick before turning to look at Kyson.
“It’s your turn now. Do you want to kneel by yourself, or do you want me to help you?”


After glancing at Hendrick, who was on the ground, Kyson shifted his gaze toward Luna’s gloomy
expression. Gritting his teeth, he dropped to his knees with a thud in front of Jonathan.

“I’ll kneel by myself!”

Meanwhile, the crowd gasped in shock the moment Kyson fell on his knees.

No one had expected that Hendrick and Kyson would have to grovel at Jonathan’s feet in the end.

“Goldstein, don’t you dare assume that I’m afraid of you just because Luna has your back.” Hendrick
glared intently at Jonathan with his bloodshot eyes. Gritting his teeth, he threatened, “Don’t you f*cking
know who I work for? If you dare touch a hair on my head, don’t you expect to leave Jazona alive!”

Given how matters had escalated, there was no need for him to show Luna any respect anymore.

“I don’t know who you work for, and neither am I interested to know.” In the face of Hendrick’s threat,
Jonathan gave him an indifferent look. “The only thing I’m sure of is that even if Zachary was here, he
wouldn’t be able to save your legs.”

Just as he spoke, Jonathan raised his leg and stomped it down.

As another crack rang out, Hendrick’s other leg was now broken.

The next moment, an agonizing cry reverberated through the private room.

However, no one present dared to interfere at all.

Even Hendrick’s lackeys averted their gaze as if they were oblivious to what was going on.

After watching Hendrick have both of his legs broken, no one in their right mind would dare stick their
nose into Jonathan’s business.

“Your turn!” Amidst Hendrick’s deafening cries, Jonathan turned to look at Kyson. The moment his gaze
met with Jonathan’s, Kyson felt a chill down his spine. Dropping to his knees, he prostrated in front of
Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, I-I’m sorry. It’s my mistake to not have recognized your stature and for
looking down on you. I shouldn’t have offended you, and I realize my mistake now. Please, show some
mercy and let me go, alright?”

Compared to Hendrick, Kyson obviously had no backbone at all.

At that moment, he had lost all the bravado he had earlier when he threatened Jonathan while pointing
his finger at him.

“You truly have no guts at all!” Watching Kyson prostrate himself on the ground, Jonathan didn’t feel
any pity for him.

Some people just need to pay the price of their mistakes before the lessons they learned are seared
into their minds.

“Unfortunately, being a coward isn’t going to help you in any way.” Not wanting to waste any time,
Jonathan stepped forward and slammed a kick in Kyson’s stomach.

The moment the kick landed, Kyson grimaced on the ground in pain.

“Whenever you make a mistake, you have to pay the price. That’s just how things work.”

Just as he spoke, Jonathan stomped his foot on Kyson’s right leg.

With a loud crack of fracturing bones, Jonathan had broken Kyson’s right leg.

“Argh! It hurts!”

Another horrifying scream echoed through the room.

The shriek was so sharp that it almost pierced everyone’s eardrums in the private room.

“Men, throw both of them out!” With a slight frown, Luna waved her hand. The next moment, a bunch of
brawny men in black grabbed the two of them and dragged them to the door.

Along the way, the blood from their broken legs stained the entire floor.

“Goldstein, just you wait. Mr. Gary will never let you off!” Hendrick threatened with gritted teeth as he
was dragged toward the door.

The moment he finished, Luna looked at him with disdain and scoffed, “Compared to Mr. Goldstein, Mr.
Gary is just an insignificant insect. Go back and tell him that if he dares to butt in, it will be his funeral. If
he has a death wish, there’s no need for Mr. Goldstein to be involved, as I will personally fulfill it for

Mr. Gary my foot! He is nothing but a street hoodlum that doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the
same breath as Jonathan.

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