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Chapter 116 Jealousy

After Kyson and Hendrick were dragged out the door by Luna’s men, the controversy finally ended.

After that, the private room fell silent.

Those who had sided with Kyson and ridiculed Jonathan earlier were now pale in fright.

They were worried that Jonathan would hold them accountable for their actions.

However, Jonathan didn’t look at them at all. Instead, he turned his attention toward Josephine.
“Darling, did I frighten you?”

The entire private room was filled with a bloody stench. The floor and steps, in particular, were all
stained with Kyson and Hendrick’s blood.

“No.” Josephine shook her head. “Jonathan, let’s go home.”

Looking at the blood on the floor made Josephine’s stomach churn.

Not only did she lose her appetite, she even felt like puking.


When he was speaking to Josephine, the ruthlessness he demonstrated when dealing with Hendrick
and Kyson was no longer there.

Looking at the gentle expression he currently had, one would not believe that he had just decisively
broken the Ximenez brothers’ legs a moment ago.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’ll walk you out.”

Luna personally escorted Jonathan and Josephine out of Empyrean Palace. When they reached the
door, Luna apologized again. “Mr. Goldstein, I’m sorry that your mood today has suffered because of
the two pests. Please accept my humble apologies. The next time you come to Empyrean Palace,
please let me know in advance so that I can personally welcome you.”

Even though Luna still didn’t know Jonathan’s true identity, it didn’t affect how she treated him at all.

Given that the mayor of Jadeborough and Andrew treated him with respect, Luna realized that she had
to do the same given her inferior status.


Jonathan nodded before walking toward the red Lamborghini with Josephine.

The moment its headlamps lit up, it attracted the attention of the crowd who were still trying to get a

“Lamborghini? Am I imagining things? Is Jonathan actually driving a Lamborghini? Furthermore, it’s a
limited edition Lamborghini!”

At that moment, everyone turned their attention toward Jonathan and Josephine, who were walking
toward their car.

None of them could believe their eyes.

How can a construction site gofer drive a Lamborghini?

“Josephine is a really lucky gal. During our school days, she had many rich guys pursuing her. Now
that she has graduated, she even managed to marry someone ultra-wealthy,” Lily remarked with a salty
tone after watching Josephine enter the Lamborghini.

In exchange for the role in Kyson’s movie, I had to sacrifice my body. As for Josephine, she didn’t need
to do anything, and yet, many rich guys pursued her. Even the guy she is married to is ultra-wealthy.
What gives her the right? Why does she have all the luck?

“It’s all because she is born pretty,” another girl sneered.

“B*llshit, am I not prettier or hotter than her? Regardless of looks or skill in bed, I am still ten times
better than her!”

Lily gritted her teeth in frustration as she watch the red Lamborghini disappear from her sight.

As for Josephine, who was sitting inside the car, she wasn’t bothered by the comments of others at all.

“Tanya, where do you stay? I’ll get Jonathan to send you home.” Tanya had gotten into the car with

Initially, she refused to do so, but Josephine insisted.

“There’s no need to. You’re going back to Jadeborough. Hence, it is out of the way.” Tanya snuck a
fearful glance at Jonathan. Until then, she was still terrified of him.

After all, watching Jonathan break the legs of the Ximenez brothers was a traumatic experience for her.

“Didn’t both of you not manage to eat anything just now? Why don’t I take you guys somewhere to grab
a bite first?” Jonathan casually turned the steering wheel and didn’t drive in Jadeborough’s direction.

Just as expected, the school reunion did indeed affect his mood.

Also, he could sense that Josephine didn’t want to continue staying there. Hence, he decided to take
her someplace else to have some food.

“Oh, there’s no need to.” Tanya waved her hands frantically. “You can drop me at any of the junctions in
front. I’ll just take a taxi home myself.”

“But it’s getting late. Hence, it isn’t safe for you to take a taxi home by yourself. Moreover, you haven’t
had anything to eat.” When she saw how anxious Tanya was, Josephine patted her on the shoulder.
“Listen to Jonathan. Why don’t we grab something before you head home?”

“Josephine, I—”

Before Tanya could say anything, Jonathan interrupted her, “This restaurant looks popular. Why don’t
we just get a quick bite here? “

“Yeah!” Josephine nodded.

Dragging Tanya along, she and Jonathan headed for the barbeque restaurant.

Business at the restaurant was indeed brisk.

Although it was only eight in the evening, the restaurant was so full that there were no available seats.

Squeezing through a gap in the crowd, Jonathan walked up to the counter. “Boss, is there a private
room available?”


The owner shook his head. “We don’t have any private rooms as we are just a small establishment.
Why don’t you order first, and I’ll get someone to set up a table for you?”

“That works too.”

Nodding his head, Jonathan looked at Josephine and remarked, “Why don’t you have a seat outside
while I order?”

“Yeah, okay!”

With that, Josephine headed out with Tanya in tow.

Just when Jonathan was in the midst of ordering, the staff outside had set up a table.

By the time both of them sat down, Tanya had managed to regain her composure. She was visibly
distraught whenever Jonathan was around.

“Tanya, why do I get the feeling that you are scared of Jonathan?” Josephine couldn’t help but ask
when she saw how anxious Tanya looked.

“Well, h-he is just too violent!” Tanya cringed when she recalled the gruesome scene just now.
“Josephine, did he ever raise his hand at you at home?”

“Never!” Josephine gently tapped Tanya on her head. “Jonathan doesn’t hit a woman.”

“That’s good.”

Tanya heaved a sigh of relief. “I’m sure you know how traumatized I was by what happened back then.
The thing that I’m most terrified about in my life is a man who hits a woman.”

Josephine sighed. “Let’s not talk about that anymore. Let the past stay in the past.” Evidently,
Josephine was aware of how the past incident had left an emotional scar on Tanya’s mind.


Nodding her head, Tanya changed the topic, “By the way, Josephine, didn’t you tell me that Jonathan
was poor back then? He was bankrupted by his failed business and had to become a live-in son-in-law

due to that. Also, didn’t you say that he was never serious in his work and would only stay at home and
do chores all day? In that case, how did he become so rich and violent all of a sudden?”

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