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Chapter 114 Ingratiation

Ms. Hansley?

The moment Hendrick heard the words, he looked to the door subconsciously. However, the sight that
greeted him caused his knees to buckle in fear.

Luna Hansley? Why did it turn out to be her?

It had never crossed his mind that the boss of Empyrean Palace was Luna.

Luna Hansley!

Also known as Dark Widow, she dominated both the legal and underground worlds of Jazona. Despite
both circles having their own unspoken rules, Luna danced around them with ease. Even Hendrick’s
boss had to show her respect, let alone Hendrick.

“M-Ms. Luna, why are you here?” The moment he saw Luna, Hendrick lowered himself.

The air of arrogance he had earlier was now gone.

“Do you know me?” Luna looked at him indifferently, as she had no idea who he was.

After all, she only socialized with important figures such as Randall, who was a mayor, and Harrison,
the most ruthless man in Jadeborough.

Hence, there was no way she would know Hendrick, who was nothing but a street hoodlum.

“I do!” Hendrick nodded. “Ms. Luna, I work for Mr. Gary.”

“Little Gary?”

Luna knitted her eyebrows as if she could vaguely remember.

“That’s right.”

Hendrick nodded awkwardly. If it were anyone else who referred to Gary in such a disrespectful
manner, he would have slapped the person without hesitation.

However, in front of Luna, he didn’t even dare utter a single word of protest.

“Ms. Luna, I wasn’t aware Empyrean Palace belongs to you. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have the
guts to cause any trouble at all.”

Hendrick realized it was not the time to behave arrogantly. Insisting on maintaining his pride would only
get him killed.

After all, everyone in Jazona knew how ruthless Luna’s methods were.

Whoever dared to cause trouble on her turf would be fed to the fishes in the Goda River. Even that was
considered getting off lightly.

“Tell me, why are you causing a ruckus at my place?” When Luna took out a cigarette, the manager
who was standing behind her lit it subserviently.

After she took a puff, Hendrick explained, “Ms. Luna, I am not actually trying to cause any trouble on
purpose. It’s just that my brother was beaten up.”

Just as he spoke, Hendrick pulled Kyson over. “Ms. Luna, look at how badly injured he is.”

Luna shot Kyson an indifferent glance.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t deny that he had been horribly beaten, to the extent his mouth was filled
with blood.

In fact, he had even lost a couple of teeth.

“Today, I’ll let the matter slide on Little Gary’s account if all of you slap yourselves ten times.” The way
Luna talked about it sounded as if she was doing Gary a big favor.

Even then, Hendrick didn’t dare murmur a single retort.

Without any hesitation, he began to slap himself forcefully.

After multiple slaps, blood was oozing out the corners of his mouth.

“Ms. Luna, we have finished slapping ourselves.” When he was done, Hendrick forced an awkward
smile at Luna.

“What about him?”

Luna shifted her gaze to Kyson, which infuriated him.

Why do I need to slap myself when I am the one who has been beaten badly? What rights does she
have to demand such a thing?

“I’m not going to slap myself!” Kyson rebuffed with gritted teeth.


When Luna’s gaze suddenly turned frosty, it sent a chill down Hendrick’s spine. Raising his hand, he
gave Kyson a forceful slap. “How dare you speak to Ms. Luna that way? Apologize at once!”

“Hendrick, why did you hit me?” The sudden slap had stunned Kyson.

“So what if I did? Admit your mistake now!”

“Why? Why should I apologize to her?” Kyson retorted defiantly. “Isn’t it obvious that I’m the one who
was beaten up? What gives her the right to insist that I slap myself? And that I should apologize? I
didn’t do anything f*cking wrong!”

Gritting his teeth, Kyson refused to relent.

“Do you f*cking want to die?” Stunned by Kyson’s words, Hendrick stepped forward and grabbed his
hair. After that, he slapped Kyson ten times consecutively.

Consequently, Kyson’s face was swollen all over, making him look just like a pig.

“Ms. Luna, my brother is still young and doesn’t know any better. I hope that you will not hold it against
him.” Once he was done slapping Kyson, Hendrick still had to apologize to Luna.

“Since he isn’t sensible enough, you should drill it into his head till he is. Or else, it won’t just be ten
slaps the next time we meet.” Luna shot Hendrick a fearsome glare. “Get lost!”

“Yes, Ms. Luna!”

The moment he heard Luna’s words, Hendrick felt as if he had managed to escape the jaws of death
by a hair’s breadth. Stricken by fear, he dragged Kyson and fled at once, not daring to linger a second

In fact, he had even forgotten about his lackeys.

Meanwhile, everyone couldn’t help but catch their breath in fear after watching what had unfolded.

No one had expected the fearsome Ximenez brothers to flee like cowards in the face of Luna.

In fact, they were utterly terrified of her.

Just when everyone was letting Luna’s terrifying aura sink in, a voice suddenly rang out from the
crowd. “Stop! Did I say that both of them could leave?”


At that exact moment, Luna felt a chill down her spine.

As for the crowd, they quickly turned to where the voice came from.

Jonathan! That idiot again!

The instant the crowd saw that it was Jonathan who had spoken, everyone looked at him with disdain.

Idiot! An absolute idiot! Can’t you see how powerful Ms. Hansley is? Even the Ximenez brothers were
forced to slap themselves ten times and run like dogs. And yet, how dare you offend Ms. Hansley when
you’re nothing but a gofer at a construction site? Do you have a death wish?

“Didn’t I warn that they had better kneel before me and bow for forgiveness ten times before I get
angry? Only then will I look past what happened today. Therefore, how dare they leave without doing

Amidst everyone’s condescending stares, Jonathan walked out from the crowd. The moment Luna saw
him, her haughty expression instantaneously turned into one of panic. “M-Mr. Goldstein?”

Jonathan? Isn’t he in Jadeborough? Why is he here in Jazona?

“Mr. Goldstein, when did you arrive in Jazona? Why didn’t you let me know?” Luna regained her
composure the very next instant.

“I decided on a whim to come during the afternoon,” Jonathan replied.

“I wasn’t aware that you were coming. If I had known, I would have personally welcomed you.” In front
of Jonathan, Luna’s aura on subconsciously suppressed.

In fact, she even sounded as if she was ingratiating herself toward him.

From everyone’s perspective, the scene that had just unfolded in front of them felt like a bomb that
blew their mind.

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