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Chapter 112 Showing Off

“Oh? How big is it?” Jonathan asked plainly when he heard the remarks made by the lady in heavy

“Hmph, how big? You might pee your pants if I tell you,” the lady sneered. “The Ximenez family owns
businesses in every corner of Jazona with assets worth billions. Even the governor of Jazona,
Kingstone, has to personally receive Kyson and his father. Furthermore, his brother, Hendrick Ximenez,
dominates both legal and underground circles. Have you heard of Hendrick the Terrible?”

Hendrick the Terrible is Kyson’s elder brother?

The moment they heard the name, the students’ expressions drastically changed.

I heard Hendrick the Terrible is a famous gangster in Jazona. He is someone ruthless and has taken
many lives throughout the years.

All this while, they were aware of the moniker Hendrick the Terrible. It was just that they didn’t know he
was Kyson’s brother.

“I have not heard of him before.” Jonathan took a sip of his coffee. “Are you done? Is that all there is to
the Ximenez family? What’s the big deal?”

What’s the big deal?

In response, the lady looked at Jonathan as if he was an idiot.

How can the Ximenez family, who owns billions of assets and is extremely well-connected in Jazona,
not mean anything to Jonathan?

She wasn’t alone in her sentiments.

Everyone else looked at Jonathan as if he was a fool.

In fact, some of them even thought that he was crazy.

How dare a gofer at a construction site trivialize the Ximenez family? Does he have a death wish?
Does he know that they can squash him like an insect anytime they want?

“Hah, I hope you can still maintain the arrogance you have right now for later,” the lady sneered at
Jonathan’s words. “Please make sure you don’t end up begging on your knees later. Or else, I will look
down on you!”

“Stop it!” When Josephine heard the lady’s sarcastic comments, she couldn’t help but snap, “Are you
done yet?”

“What’s wrong? First, your husband beats up someone, and now, you refuse to let us criticize him?” the
lady retorted with a sarcastic tone. “Look at how badly your husband has beaten up Mr. Ximenez. How
is he going to join the film crew for work tomorrow?”

At that moment, someone from the crowd questioned the lady, “What has that got anything to do with

“I’m sure none of you are aware that Lily is the female lead in Kyson’s new movie,” another lady
remarked with a smirk. “If Kyson can’t continue filming, her role would naturally be jeopardized.”

“Oh? Lily is the female lead? Does she and Kyson have some sort of clandestine arrangement?”

The crowd gazed suspiciously at both Lily and Kyson, causing Kyson to blush in response.

Obviously, someone had struck her nerve. “Shut up and stop making wild speculations. Mr. Ximenez
has a girlfriend, for goodness sake.”

“So what if he has one? That’s doesn’t stop both of you from cheating together.”

“Exactly, but don’t worry, we will not tell Kyson’s girlfriend about it.”

The crowd began cracking jokes at Lily and Kyson’s expense. Of course, if they could ridicule
Jonathan, they naturally wouldn’t hold back against Lily.

Given what a slut she was, there were plenty of narcissistic women who were ready to humiliate her.

“All of you, shut your trap!” Lily was infuriated by the snide comments made by the other ladies.

Amidst their quarrel, Josephine furrowed her eyebrows. She was in no mood to care about whether Lily
was in a relationship with Kyson.

Instead, she was more concerned about what was going to happen when Hendrick arrived.

After all, they were in Jazona and not Jadeborough.

In Jadeborough, Jonathan had a wide network to rely upon. Either Randall, Harrison, or Andrew was
capable of resolving any problems Jonathan had.

But we’re in Jazona right now, where his contacts in Jadeborough are of no use here. What are we
going to do?

Josephine was consumed by anxiety. Although she went to university in Jazona, she didn’t have any
friends there.

Within the entire Jazona, Tanya was her only close friend.

“Josephine, calm down. Perhaps, Jonathan has a way to solve this problem?” Tanya couldn’t resist
comforting her when she saw how distraught Josephine was.

“How can I not be worried?” Josephine retorted with a frown.

After all, Hendrick was about to arrive with his men, and yet, she was still at a loss.

“What should we do? Why don’t I give my dad a call?” Tanya, too, was stressed out by Josephine’s
nervousness. “But, but my dad is powerless against the Ximenez family.”

Her family’s background wasn’t a particularly influential one. In fact, they were even less illustrious than

Her parents were just employees in an ordinary company. Hence, there was no way they could stand
up to the Ximenez family.

“Josephine, why don’t you get Jonathan to apologize to Kyson?” Left without a choice, that was the
only thing Tanya could come up with.

After all, admitting one’s fault was certainly better than being beaten up.

“Apologize? Does Jonathan look like someone who is willing to submit?” Josephine’s frown intensified

Ever since he disappeared three years ago, Jonathan seems to have changed into a different person.
Apologize? Back at Phoenix International Hotel, he refused to submit even at gunpoint. Hence, there’s
no way he is going to apologize now.

“In that case, what should we do?” Tanya gave Josephine a frantic look.

“Forget it. I’ll give Grandpa a call.” Having no other choice, Josephine decided to give Hugo a call even
though she had never been fond of him since she was young.

After all, Jonathan did help the Smith family once. Therefore, she felt that it wasn’t too much to ask for
Hugo’s help in return.

However, she wasn’t sure if Hugo, who was based in Jadeborough, had the capacity to resolve a
problem in Jazona.

With that thought in mind, Josephine picked up her phone and prepared to dial Hugo’s number.
Unexpectedly, the moment she took it out, Jonathan stopped her. “There’s no need to give anyone a
call. I can solve a trivial problem like this myself.”

“Solve? How are you going to do that?” When she heard Jonathan’s response, Josephine suppressed
the raging anger in her and replied, “Jonathan, when will you ever grow up? Can you stop being so
impulsive all the time? This is Jazona, not Jadeborough. Your network there can’t save you here!”

Josephine was someone who never liked to beg for help ever since she was young. However, she was
so infuriated by Jonathan that she didn’t even know what else to do. Given how things stood, she was
even willing to do so for his sake.

Why doesn’t Jonathan know better? Why must he insist on showing off still?

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