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Chapter 113 Lady Of The Family

“To me, it makes no difference whether we’re in Jadeborough or Jazona,” Jonathan replied calmly.

The Ximenez family is nothing but an insignificant family. If I wanted it, they would disappear from the
face of Jazona the very next morning.

“Jonathan, enough with that attitude!” Josephine could no longer hold her anger back when she heard
Jonathan’s response. Just when she was about to say something, the door to their private room was
kicked open.

The next moment, a bald man in a black short-sleeved shirt with dragon tattoos on his arms barged in.

Behind him were tens of lackeys standing ready.

All of them had their hair dyed in a colorful manner, and it was obvious to everyone that they were
street hoodlums.


The moment Kyson saw the bald man, his face lit up as if he had seen his savior. He was so relieved
that he didn’t even bother to wipe off the blood in his mouth. “Hendrick, save me!”

“Who did this to you?” Hendrick was incensed when he saw the terrible condition Kyson was in.

“Hendrick, it was him!”

Kyson raised his hand and pointed at Jonathan. “Kill him!”

Trailing his gaze to where Kyson was pointing, Hendrick asked, “Are you the one who beat up my

“So what if I am?”

Jonathan glanced at him indifferently. “Why have you brought so little men?”

“They are more than enough to take care of the likes of you!” After glaring coldly at Jonathan, Hendrick
waved his hand at him. “The few of you, break his legs!”

“Yes, Boss!”

Upon Hendrick’s orders, the few hooligans chuckled insidiously. Grabbing a couple of beer bottles, they
walked in Jonathan’s direction.

“Kid, I’ll give you one last chance. If you want to keep your legs, kneel and bow to me for forgiveness. If
you do that, I’ll let what happened today slide. Or else, you can kiss both of your legs goodbye!”
Hendrick threatened with a smirk just when his lackeys were about to strike Jonathan.

The most thrilling part about beating someone up isn’t in how badly they are beaten, but watching them
grovel at my feet begging for mercy. That is certainly more entertaining to watch than seeing both his
legs broken.

“I, too, can give you a chance.” Jonathan’s gaze turned frosty suddenly. “Before I get angry, you had
better kneel on the ground and beg me for forgiveness. After that, you will break your brother’s leg, and
I will pretend none of this ever happened.”

“It seems you have no interest in saving your skin!” Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, Hendrick’s
expression drastically changed. “In that case, don’t regret the choice you made!”

“Attack and break his legs!”

On his cue, the hooligans grabbed the beer bottles and smashed them toward Jonathan’s head. When
she saw what happened, Josephine couldn’t help but scream, “Jonathan, be careful!”

Even though she was furious at Jonathan, she still didn’t want to see him beaten up by a group of men.

“Don’t worry, this group of thugs won’t be able to lay a finger on me.” Jonathan was a sea of calm. The
moment the hoodlums struck, he dashed forward and slammed his fist onto the nose bridge of the
front-most gangster.

His nose was broken with a loud crack that rang out through the room.

The next moment, Jonathan’s victim crashed onto the ground after being struck.

Before the rest of the hoodlums realized what was going on, Jonathan had launched a kick into their


Instantaneously, the thugs dropped to their knees with a thud. Just like a dead animal, they were
unable to get up anymore.

“What’s going on?” Hendrick was given a shock when he saw his lackeys being taken down by
Jonathan in less than a minute. Without a second’s delay, he pointed at the rest of his followers and
yelled, “What are you spacing out for? Attack him right now!”

“Yes, yes!”

Regaining their senses, the hoodlums grabbed some beer bottles and charged at Jonathan.

Smash! Crash! The sound of breaking beer bottles caused the girls inside to scream in fear.

Their screams consequently caught the attention of those outside the private room.

Suddenly, the doors to the private room were pushed open. It was followed by the entrance of a man in
a black suit. With his gold-rimmed glasses, the middle-aged man dashed in frantically.

When he saw the hoodlums with colorful hair holding beer bottles in their hands and ready to strike, the
middle-aged man couldn’t help but yell, “What are you doing?! The lot of you, who let you in here? Get
out at once!”

As the manager of Empyrean Palace, he wasn’t afraid of a bunch of small-time gangsters.

When Hendrick saw the manager criticizing his men, he berated him in return, “You have no place
here. Get lost!”

“Are you their boss?”

When he saw Hendrick, the manager quickly understood that the bald man had to be the hoodlums’
leader. “Do you know whose turf the Empyrean Palace is on? How dare you cause trouble here? Do
you have a death wish?”

“In that case, do you know who I am? How dare you stick your finger into my business?” Hendrick was
already enraged by the fact his lackeys had been beaten up by Jonathan.

And now, the manager fanned the flames of Hendrick’s fury by sticking his nose into Hendrick’s

Consequently, Jonathan was utterly incensed.

“I don’t care who you are. Why didn’t you think about whose turf Empyrean Palace is on before causing
trouble here?” The manager pointed his finger angrily at Hendrick. He obviously didn’t see him as a
threat at all.

Are you guys kidding me? How dare a group of street hoodlums like you disrupt the peace at
Empyrean Palace? Do you think the boss of Empyrean Palace is someone to be trifled with?

“You b*stard, get out of my sight!” Infuriated by the manager’s attitude toward him, Hendrick gestured
with his hand and ordered his men to throw the manager out.

“How dare you lay a finger on me? Just you wait!”

The manager of Empyrean Palace was furious that he was being kicked out of his own place by a
couple of hooligans.

Without another word, he turned his head and left.

After he was gone, one of Hendrick’s lackeys murmured, “Boss, I heard the Empyrean Palace belongs
to the Hansley family. Will something happen to us for causing trouble here?”

“Nothing is going to happen.”

Hendrick squirmed his lips and replied, “The Hansley family wouldn’t dare hit me just for beating
someone up here.”

“But Boss—”

Before the lackey could continue, Hendrick cut him off. “Enough, stop this f*cking nonsense! If you say
another word, I will beat you up myself!”

The lackey was terrified into silence. Just as Hendrick had spoken, the doors of the private room were
pushed wide open.

Next, tens of burly men in black suits swarmed into the room holding security batons.

Behind them was the manager who had just been thrown out. Lowering himself in a servile manner
toward a young lady, he spoke, “Ms. Hansley, this is the brat that is causing trouble in our

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