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Chapter 111 The Ximenez Family Of Jazona

A food deliveryman?

Upon hearing Kyson’s words, the crowd burst into peals of laughter.

It was abundantly evident that he was deliberately insulting Jonathan.

“Why are the lot of you laughing?” At their hysterics, Kyson snorted before retorting, “Tell you what,
don’t look down on the food deliverymen in my production team. I pay them over seven thousand a
month! If it weren’t for Josephine’s sake, I wouldn’t have offered him such a cushy job.”

As his words rang out, the crowd’s laughter grew in volume.

Over seven thousand! It might be an astronomical sum to others, but it’s nothing to us! We effortlessly
get paid over ten thousand a month without having to stand in the sun or rain. All we’ve got to do is to
tap away on the keyboard. Unlike us, he’s only getting five or six thousand a month when he’s running
errands for someone else!

In a thrice, contempt brimmed in their eyes.

“You think it’s a cushy job?” Jonathan threw Kyson a chilly look.

“Of course! It’s far better than you having to stand in the scorching sun at the construction site yet
making less than seven thousand a month, no?” Kyson sneered.

“Since you think that is a cushy job, I’ll pay you ten grand to deliver food to my house every day!”
Jonathan eyed him coldly, drawling, “What do you think about that?”

“What are you implying?” Kyson’s expression instantly darkened when he saw that the man actually
dared talk back to him. “Do you think I look as though I’m short of ten thousand?”

“Then, do you think I look as though I’m short of seven thousand?” Jonathan riposted in a glacial voice.

“That’s the truth, isn’t it?” Kyson couldn’t help guffawing after hearing that. “I really don’t know where
you got the courage to act all high and mighty before me when you’ve only got a monthly salary of five
or six thousand. If it weren’t for Josephine, do you think you’ve got the right to sit here with us? Every
one of us sitting at this table has a net worth of a couple hundred thousand except you. Even the worst
of us here makes more than ten thousand a month! You’ve probably never even been here in
Empyrean Palace, have you? Actually, have you ever been to such a high-end restaurant or had such
an expensive meal?”

“What an idiot!” Jonathan scoffed at the man’s pompous attitude, not in the mood to bicker with him.

He’s no different from an idiot! He thinks Empyrean Palace is considered a high-end restaurant? Then,
he must not have seen any high-end restaurants in his life before. Back when I was in Yaleview, a
dozen state banquets chefs cooked for me, but I didn’t find anything special about the food either.
What’s a mere Empyrean Palace in comparison?

“Who are you calling an idiot?” Seeing that he actually dared to call him names, Kyson slammed his
hand on the table, seemingly on the verge of flipping his lid. Judging from his posture, he was going to
get physical right away if Jonathan were to say a single word that displeased him.

“I said you’re an idiot!” Jonathan enunciated coldly.

“How dare you?” In a flash, Kyson grabbed a beer bottle and swung it at Jonathan’s head. If the bottle
were to find its mark, the man would certainly end up with his head bashed in.

By then, the timider women had already screwed their eyes shut in fright.

Conversely, many of the men had their gazes fixated on Jonathan with anticipation shining brightly in
their eyes, fervently hoping that he would be beaten up badly.

He’s just a gofer at a construction site, yet he dares to act brazenly at such a place? Does he have a
death wish?

“You asked for it!”

Harrumphing, Jonathan lifted his right hand slightly. A mere second before the beer bottle in Kyson’s
hand hit his head, he grabbed the man’s wrist.

As he applied a smidge of force, the snapping sound of bones breaking split the air.

“Ahh! My hand!

In an instant, Kyson’s agonized wail echoed in the private room. While he was howling in pain,
Jonathan lifted his hand and struck him across the face.

The slap was so forceful that one of Kyson’s teeth was almost knocked out.

“You’re too noisy. Keep it down!”

Then, Jonathan kicked him in the stomach, bringing him to the ground on his knees with a thud.

“How dare you get physical with him? Do you know who he is?” Right that moment, Clay shot to his
feet and pointed an accusing finger at Jonathan.

“Does it matter?” Casting him an indifferent glance, Jonathan murmured, “I only know that he disrupted
my peace.”

“How dare you!”

Clay pointed at Jonathan, yet he didn’t dare do anything.

At the end of the day, they were mere students who had only graduated a few years ago. They had no
qualms picking on ordinary people with no power or influence, but in the face of a ruthless man like him
who almost killed someone, they were so frightened that they hardly dared to breathe.

“Just you wait! How dare you hit me? You’re done for!”

Kyson, who was lying on the ground, had struggled up at some point in time. Blood trickled out the
corner of his mouth, and he couldn’t even remain steady on his feet, yet he didn’t forget to threaten

“Are you going to make a call and have someone come to back you up?” Eyeing him apathetically,
Jonathan ordered, “In that case, make it quick. My patience is limited, and I don’t have that much time
to waste with you!”

“Just you wait!” Kyson shot him a furious glare before he tremblingly picked up his phone and made a
call. “Hendrick, someone beat me up at Empyrean Palace! Come and save me!”

“What? Someone beat you up?” A man’s harsh voice drifted out of the other end of the phone. “Hang in
there! I’ll come over with some men right away!”

Subsequently, a beep sounded as the man hung up the phone.

Gritting his teeth, Kyson pointed at Jonathan. “You’re dead! Just stay if you’ve got the guts and see
whether I’ll send you to meet your maker later!”

“I won’t be leaving. I’ll just stay and wait right here.” To Kyson’s surprise, Jonathan didn’t flee. Instead,
the man snagged a chair and sat down, even pouring himself a cup of tea.

Meanwhile, Kyson was so livid to see the scene unfolding before his eyes that he almost burst a blood

Hmph, go ahead and continue acting all high and mighty! You’ll be getting it later, you punk!

“Josephine, is Jonathan usually t-that v-violent?” Tanya stammered softly, tugging at Josephine’s

Oh God, he almost gave me a heart attack!

“He doesn’t usually act in such a manner.” Josephine felt a headache coming on.

I only wanted to bring him to a class reunion with me. I never thought that he would end up brawling in
mere minutes! While Kyson’s words were rather nasty, he was still too impulsive!

“Josephine, you should really advise Jonathan to make a run for it quickly. I heard that Kyson’s brother
is a notorious ruffian in Jazona and has dozens to a hundred lackeys! If he continues to tarry, it’ll be too
late!” Tanya urged, whispering into Josephine’s ear.

“Make a run for it? Is that even possible?” Although Tanya’s voice was barely audible, the conversation
was still overheard by a woman with heavy makeup beside her. The woman curled her lips and
drawled, “How could anyone take off after beating Kyson up? The Ximenez family is not to be trifled
with, you know? Do you know how powerful they are in Jazona?”

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