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Chapter 110 I Am Her Husband

“We’re here!”

Bringing the car to a stop, Jonathan turned to Josephine.


After alighting from the car, Josephine headed toward Empyrean Palace with him.

“This way, please!”

A tinkling voice drifted into their ears the moment they stepped into the restaurant.

Two rows of young girls of about seventeen or eighteen years old stood on either side of the entrance
of Empyrean Palace. They were all dressed in traditional attire and dolled up alluringly.

“Do you have a reservation?” A fair and tall girl stepped forward to greet them.

Nodding, Josephine replied, “Yes, the Supreme VIP Room.”

“Please come with me this way.”

Smiling sweetly, the girl led them through a corridor before stopping in front of the Supreme VIP Room.

On the antique-looking sliding door was a painting of emerald green bamboo, while the sandalwood
signage carried the word “Supreme.”

“We’re here at the Supreme VIP Room.” The girl stepped forward and slid open the door of the
Supreme VIP Room for them. But the second they stepped in, Jonathan instinctively frowned.

The entire room reeked of alcohol and cigarette smoke.

Occasionally, even a trace of cheap perfume permeated the air.

On the whole, the malodor hanging in the air was exceedingly nauseating.

Alas, the people in the private room were entirely ignorant, still absorbed in making merry. When
Josephine stepped in, a young woman in a ponytail instantly sprang to her feet from her seat in the
corner and sprinted toward the door.

“You’re finally here, Josephine!”

The young woman was none other than Josephine’s best friend during university, Tanya Hazard.

However, she appeared relatively young, seemingly in her early twenties though she was already
around twenty-four or twenty-five years old in reality. In fact, she was even a year older than Josephine.

“Give me a hug!”

Tanya stepped forward and hugged Josephine.

While they were hugging, the people in the private room had stopped drinking and turned their gazes to
the door. At that very moment, a young man in a black jacket—Kyson Ximenez—stood up and
exclaimed, “Josephine is finally here! You’ve all never seen her ever since we graduated, huh?”


The rest of the people shook their heads in response. Of everyone there, Tanya was probably the only
person who had seen Josephine after they graduated.

“Josephine, we haven’t seen each other for more than a year either, right?” Taking Josephine’s hand,
Tanya pulled her over to sit down beside her. Jonathan, on the other hand, took his seat next to

But no sooner had he done so than Kyson frowned and demanded with his eyes boring into Jonathan,
“And you are…?”

“I’m Josephine’s husband, Jonathan Goldstein,” Jonathan answered evenly.

Unexpectedly, his reply had the crowd going into an uproar.

Husband? Josephine is married?

Everyone there gaped at Josephine with incredulity written all over their faces, as though they couldn’t
quite believe it.

Kyson’s expression, especially, darkened and turned frightfully grim.

“Is that true, Josephine?” he questioned with a steely look on his face.

“Yup!” Josephine nodded in affirmation. “I’m married.”

It’s true?

Her confirmation had shock washing over everyone there.

No one ever expected Josephine, who never once showed the slightest bit of interest toward anyone of
the opposite sex at university, to have actually gotten married.

That aside, she even married a seemingly ordinary man like Jonathan.

Judging from the way he dressed alone, one could tell that he was by no means rolling in money. After
all, no rich man would wear something not branded.

Instead, it was clear as day that his outfit came from some stall by the side of the road.

“Are you kidding me, Josephine?” Still, Kyson refused to believe that it was true.

Unfortunately, Josephine doused his hope and asserted solemnly, “I’m not joking with you. He’s indeed
my husband!”

“You’re truly married? When did that happen?” Kyson’s face darkened further at the sight of her serious

Everyone there was well aware that he had harbored a crush on Josephine for many years.

He initially wanted to seize the opportunity during the class reunion to flaunt his family background, and
in turn, his status and capability so that he could easily capture Josephine’s heart.

I never expected her to be married, and to such a man at that!

“Four years ago,” Josephine answered mildly.

“Four years ago?” The instant her words fell, everyone there looked at each other.

We just graduated four years ago! In other words, she got married right after she graduated?

“All right, don’t have any more illusions about Josephine, Kyson. She’s already married!” quipped
another young man in a denim jacket, Clay Loder, next to Kyson.

They all knew that Kyson had feelings for Josephine.

Besides, they even promised to help him win her over that very day.

Yet, it turned out that she was already married before they had even done anything.

“Shut the hell up, Clay!” When Kyson heard that, his expression became as dark as thunder, and he
slammed his hand against the table.

At that, Clay was immediately so stricken that he didn’t dare utter another word.

In fact, he hardly even dared breathe.

“Mr. Goldstein, yes?” Kyson stared at Jonathan balefully and asked with a flinty expression, “May I
know where you’re currently employed?”

“I’m running errands at Graham Group,” Jonathan replied casually.

Hah! I know what he’s trying to do. He wants to humiliate me!

“Ah, Graham Group!” Upon hearing the name of the company, Kyson remarked with a snicker, “It so
happens that I’ve got a friend working as the manager of the HR department in Graham Group. I heard
that the pay is very high?”

“I suppose,” Jonathan responded blithely.

How would I know how much Graham Group pays? I signed an acquisition contract, not an
employment contract. As such, there’s no mention of the pay anywhere!

“It’s at least five or six thousand, yes?” Kyson continued, a smirk playing on his lips.

“More or less,” Jonathan again answered nonchalantly.

“Perhaps five or six thousand is a fortune to you, but such meager pay isn’t enough for Josephine.”
Flashing Josephine a smile, Kyson continued, “Back when we were still studying, many wealthy heirs
pursued her. Those with a net worth of several million weren’t even worthy of wooing her. After all, it’s
only fitting that she gets together with someone with a net worth of a few million or billion, right?”

“You don’t have to worry about that, for I’m more than capable of taking care of Josephine.” Jonathan
had no trouble discerning the man’s motive.

He merely wants to use me to flaunt his wealth. In my eyes, such a petty trick is no more than a
childish act!

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. We were classmates once, so I can’t just look on as she languishes, can I?”
Waving a hand in a pretentious manner, Kyson regarded him condescendingly and suggested, “How
about this? My production team happens to be short of a food deliveryman. Why don’t you come and
work with us?”

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