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Chapter 109 A Class Reunion

“Tanya, I…”

Conflict was written all over Josephine’s face.

She indeed detested such chaotic events, but she was no match for Tanya’s wheedling and cajoling. In
the end, she could only relent and agree. “Okay, fine. Send me the location. I’ll be there shortly.”

“It’s a yes, then?” Tanya’s delighted shriek could be heard loud and clear through the phone. “I just
knew that you’re not a heartless person, Josephine! I’ll send you the location right away!”

After saying that, she hung up in a thrice.

In no time, a ding sounded from Josephine’s phone, signaling the arrival of a message.

The content was very brief: Supreme VIP Room, Empyrean Palace.

Empyrean Palace? Shock inundated Josephine the moment she saw those two words. Despite being
in Jadeborough, she had heard of Empyrean Palace.

That’s the most expensive restaurant in Jazona! Rumor has it that many wealthy people and celebrities
living thousands of miles away take a flight over just to have a meal at Empyrean Palace! And it’s also
said that a single dish costs a few hundred! Who made the reservation at such a costly place?

“What’s wrong?” Jonathan couldn’t resist asking upon noticing the furrow of her brows.

“Nothing.” Josephine shook her head. Subsequently, she turned to him and inquired, “Can you
accompany me on a trip to Jazona tonight?”

While we’ve never consummated our marriage, I’m still a married woman, so there’ll inevitably be
rumors if I were to attend some class reunion late at night with all sorts of people alone!


Surprise flooded Jonathan since she had never invited him to join her in the past no matter the
occasion, let alone asking him to accompany her to Jazona late at night.

In that past, that would have been a pipe dream.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what we’ll be doing there?” Josephine couldn’t help sweeping a glance
over him when he agreed right away without asking any questions.

“What’s the point of doing so?” Grinning, Jonathan declared, “I’m willing to go to hell and back with

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Josephine shot daggers at him when she saw that he was getting
cheeky again. “Tanya invited me to a class reunion. I couldn’t turn her down, so I’ve got no choice but
to ask you to accompany me. But if you’ve got something else to do, I have no problem going alone.”

Despite my words, I might be slightly disappointed if he were to say no to me. But of course, I would
never show it blatantly!

“Isn’t the most important thing I’ve got to do is to accompany you to Jazona?” Jonathan replied with a

“What a sweet-talker!”

Josephine rolled her eyes, but she wasn’t as ill-disposed toward him as before.

Half an hour later, the car came to a stop in front of No. 1 Villa.

When Miguel saw Connor and Margaret pushing open the door of No. 1 Villa for real, he could no
longer conceal the astonishment in his eyes.

No. 1 Villa! This is the most expensive mansion in the whole of Jadeborough! I heard that the
construction alone costs several hundred million! Yet, this useless brother of mine is actually living in
No. 1 Villa?

“M-Mr. Goldstein, w-were you the one who bought No. 1 Villa?” He unwittingly swallowed.

“Yeah, I bought it. Is there a problem?” Jonathan asked coldly.

After all, he had never harbored much goodwill toward those from the Smith family.

“O-Of course not!” Miguel hastily shook his head, not daring to have an opinion about it.

But then, I simply don’t understand how the worthless live-in son-in-law who married into the Smith
family back then suddenly turned into a legendary big shot after three years!

“Mr. Goldstein, I heard that you’re going to Jazona? Why don’t I drive you there?” By then, the initially
bitter man no longer dared to have the slightest hint of resentment toward Hugo.

I can’t afford to offend someone who can live in No. 1 Villa and have both Randall and the King of War
Division personally come to support him!

“No, it’s okay. I’ve got a car of my own,” Jonathan declined with a shake of his head.

Then, he walked toward a fiery red Lamborghini parked nearby.

With a light press of the car key, dazzling light instantly illuminated the whole space in front of No. 1

“Get in, Darling!” As Jonathan stepped on the gas pedal lightly, the roar of an engine unique to a
Lamborghini instantly reverberated around the entire villa.


Nodding, Josephine slipped into the passenger seat.

Following the roar of an engine, the fiery red Lamborghini sped off, leaving a cloud of dust behind.

It promptly disappeared from Miguel’s line of sight.

As the car sped along the road, it arrived at Jazona a little over an hour later.

Compared to Jadeborough, Jazona was much more prosperous and lively. As soon as they got off the
highway, neon lights flashed everywhere, and there was an endless flow of traffic.

After all, Jadeborough was merely an insignificant third-tier city while Jazona was a second-tier capital

“We’ve arrived in Jazona?” Josephine, who had fallen asleep, opened her eyes at the loud honks
around her.


Jonathan couldn’t resist stealing a glance at her. When she’s sleeping, there’s a sense of languidness
to her, and her usual coldness fades away.

It might be rather unbelievable, but it was the first time he had ever seen her in slumber in the four
years they had been married!

“Why don’t you sleep for a while longer?” Jonathan suggested gently.

“No, it’s okay.”

Josephine shook her head and cast her gaze out the window.

Ever since I graduated several years ago, I haven’t been back here. Soon after my graduation, I joined
Smith Group. And on the heels of that, I married Jonathan. I didn’t have an opportunity for a vacation at

“Jonathan, were you in Jazona throughout the three years you were gone?” She couldn’t stop herself
from asking that question as she gazed at the familiar city. In her mind, he was naturally in Jazona
since he had been with the King of War for the past three years.

“Nope.” Shaking his head, Jonathan admitted, “I went to a lot of places in the past three years, battling
it out everywhere.”

“Then, you must have suffered a lot, didn’t you?” Josephine couldn’t help looking at him.

In comparison to three years ago, there’s a distinct hint of jadedness in his eyes now. He must have
had a hard life in the past years.

Chuckling, Jonathan fibbed, “Nah, it was okay. I didn’t suffer much. You forgot that I merely advised the
King of War without going to the frontlines myself!”

Indeed, I didn’t suffer much. I just almost died a few times! In the past few years, when have I ever not
been in the thick of battle with heavy gunfire around me? In just two years, I defeated all enemies and
subjugated all regions. If Lady Luck hadn’t been smiling on me, I would’ve died time and again! But of
course, I’ll never tell her all this. And even if I do, she won’t believe me.

“That’s true. I almost forgot about that.”

Josephine was a tad dazed.

For some inexplicable reason, when I look at Jonathan’s side profile, I’m always reminded of Asura, the
legend who’s never lost a single battle. But how is that possible? How could he possibly be Asura?

She did her utmost best to banish that thought. The instant she lifted her head, she was greeted by the
sight of the brightly-lit Empyrean Palace.

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