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Chapter 108 Tanya Hazard

Shortly after, when they left the Smith mansion, the Chevrolet that was there to pick them up had been
replaced by a Bentley.

And their driver was none other than Hugo’s eldest son, the former general manager of Smith Group.

While sitting in the car, Margaret wore a smug expression on her face.

So what if you’re Miguel Smith, the eldest son of the Smith family and the general manager of Smith
Group? You’ve still got to be my driver, don’t you?

Meanwhile, Jonathan took out his phone and made a call as he sat beside Josephine.

“Hello, Mr. Goldstein.”

As soon as the call connected, Harrison’s voice drifted out. Despite it being a phone call, his tone still
carried a trace of wariness.

“Let the Smith family handle the Blackwood family’s ecological park project,” Jonathan ordered, his
voice mild.

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!”

Harrison didn’t dare have any objections.

“Have the person in charge of the ecological park project discuss the details with the Smith family
tomorrow. Also, find a well-funded real estate firm and have them take charge of the construction of the
ecological park,” Jonathan continued blithely.

While the Smith family is ambitious, they definitely can’t eat the whole pie of the ecological park project.
An ecological park project costs several billion at the very least, and a third-rate family like them
probably can’t even handle a project worth a few hundred million, let alone a few billion. What’s more,
the Smith family hasn’t any experience in anything related to the real estate industry! They have always
been in the F&B and fashion industries!

“Why do you still want to find a real estate firm, Mr. Goldstein?” Hearing that, Harrison couldn’t help
reminding, “Isn’t there a well-funded real estate firm right before your eyes?”

“Are you referring to Graham Group?”

Jonathan’s brows furrowed slightly.

At first, I indeed contemplated having Graham Group take over this project. But considering their
capability, what else would the Smith family have to do then? Simply take the money without doing
anything? I don’t mind, but Josephine will likely have something to say about that.

“I’ll go and talk to Graham tomorrow.” After that, Jonathan hung up the phone.

But no sooner had he done so than Josephine turned to him and urged, “Why don’t we just forget about
it? The scale of a project such as the ecological park is probably far too ambitious for the Smith family.”
Frowning, she continued, “Furthermore, the Smith family has never been involved in the real estate
industry. We might find ourselves in hot water if we were to act recklessly.”

After all, the difference between industries is vast. Although the Smith family is doing pretty well in the
F&B and fashion industries, we know nothing about the real estate industry. If Graham Group were to
take over the ecological park project, what has that got to do with the Smith family anymore? We’ll
become mere profiteers, no? Then, what’s my function as the general manager?

“Are you that unconfident in yourself?” Jonathan couldn’t resist chuckling when he saw her frowning,
teasing, “This isn’t the Josephine I know!”

As far as I remember, she’s exceedingly proud, so much so that she’d rather ride a shabby electric
scooter to work than give those men with ulterior motives the slightest opportunity!

“It’s not that I’m unconfident. I’m just worried that I can’t do it well.” The ecological park is a multibillion
project. It’s no joke if anything goes wrong!

“There’s nothing to worry about.” Smiling, Jonathan caressed her long hair and murmured, “I’ll talk to
Graham tomorrow and see whether the Smith family can collaborate with Graham Group on this
project. If everything goes well, they’ll be responsible for advancing the funds and providing the
construction team. You only need to be responsible for the design of the ecological park! I remember
you said that you learned design back at school?”

“That’s fashion design!” Josephine couldn’t help shooting him a glare. “Is fashion design and ecological
park design the same? Besides, my major was finance and economics. Fashion design was just my

“There’s not much difference anyway.” Jonathan wasn’t at all concerned about the distinction between
fashion design and ecological park design.

Since this is a multibillion project, there’ll naturally be a specialized team of designers. She only needs
to choose the design she loves most from the design team!

“Hold up! I haven’t said yes.” Josephine shook her head, turning him down once again. “That aside, it’s
a different story whether Graham Group agrees to that. If they’re advancing the funds and providing the
construction team, why should they collaborate with the Smith family?”

Why, you ask? Because you’re the wife of the newly-appointed Chairman of Graham Group!

That was what Jonathan thought, but he didn’t give voice to it.

Once she knows that I acquired Graham Group, she’ll probably ask about it incessantly, determined to
get to the bottom of things!

At that line of thought, his head started throbbing.

“What if he agrees after I speak to him tomorrow?” He then proceeded to make up a reasonable
excuse, explaining, “If he agrees to the collaboration, Graham Group will get a share of the pie from
this ecological park project. Conversely, he won’t be getting a single cent if he declines. Is there any
businessman who doesn’t want money?”

“’But—” Josephine wanted to argue further, but the second she was about to speak, her phone abruptly
rang. On the heels of that, she answered the call with a greeting of “Tanya!”

Tanya? That name seems rather familiar… I vaguely remember that she had a classmate named Tanya
Hazard during her university days. When we got married, that classmate of hers was even in
attendance! Jonathan mused.

“What are you doing, Josephine?”

A delicate voice drifted out from the other end of the phone, soft and sweet. Just the mere sound of her
voice would make some men melt into puddles.

“I’m in Jadeborough. Why are you calling out of the blue?” When Josephine heard Tanya’s voice, her
initially deeply-creased brows eased considerably.

“Of course it’s because I miss you!” Giggling, Tanya announced, “Josephine, we’re having a class
reunion in Jazona at eight o’clock tonight. Many of our former classmates are going, so do come if
you’re free!”

“Eight o’clock?”

When Josephine heard the time, she reflexively dipped her head and glanced at her watch.

It’s already past six, and it’s getting dark.

“I don’t think I can make it.” Josephine preferred tranquility and didn’t quite like such boisterous events.

Ever since she graduated, she had never attended any class reunions.

Even when she got married to Jonathan back then, Tanya was the only person she invited.

“Ah, come on! Pretty please? If you don’t come, I’ll be sitting in the corner all alone during the class
reunion tonight. Will you really do that to me?” Tanya immediately unleashed her ultimate skill upon
hearing Josephine’s demurral—acting coquettishly.

Then, she continued, “Besides, we haven’t seen each other in years ever since you got married. Don’t
you miss me at all? Hmph! To think that I’ve been missing you so much! You’re simply heartless!”

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