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Chapter 107 A Warning

If he hasn’t any value to be utilized, would the Smith family tolerate a deadbeat like him? Anyhow, he’s
still a worthless piece of trash in my eyes, even if he now has connections to the King of War! When
I’ve used him to build a relationship with the King of War, I’ll immediately give him the boot!

“What are you saying, Mom!” Josephine frowned deeply, finding her words all too reprehensible.

“I’m just speaking the truth!” Snorting, Margaret urged, “Think about it this way, Josephine. Even if the
Smith family doesn’t use him, others will still utilize him, no? Don’t forget that he now has the King of
War backing him up! Aren’t the four prominent families and Harrison using him as well? Don’t forget
that nobody stepped forward to help him when he was at the end of his rope three years ago, not
Harrison nor the four prominent families!”

Undeniably, she had an exceedingly glib tongue that could twist the truth around to justify her actions.

Before I accidentally barged into the military camp and became the almighty Asura three years ago,
how was Harrison going to make my acquaintance even if he wanted to do so?

Nevertheless, Jonathan didn’t want to waste his breath with her since it would make no difference
however much he explained things to someone like her. Instead, he turned to Josephine and inquired,
“Do you want to be the general manager, Josephine?”

Do I? Or do I not?

Josephine wavered in her determination.

I would be lying if I said no. I’ve been working at Smith Group for nearly five years, yet I’m still an
ordinary employee. And that was if it were nicely put. Bluntly speaking, I’m merely a glorified gofer. All
the dirty and thankless tasks fall on me, but none of the merits belong to me! However, I majored in

finance and economics! The other members of the Smith family who joined the company with me—
Uncle Miguel and Uncle Ezra’s children—are either chief financial officers or department managers. I’m
the only one who’s ostracized in the company. I perform the best, but I never get promoted or enjoy any
pay raise!

But what can I do about that? Grandpa doesn’t favor Dad, so he also disdains me. If I were given a
chance, I’d definitely let the facts prove that I’m on par with them all! However, if I can only obtain that
opportunity by using Jonathan, then I’d rather not have it!

“No,” Josephine finally answered after a long hesitation.

I’m not going to stoop so low as to become the general manager of Smith Group with such a method!

“All right, don’t lie to me.” Jonathan got the picture the moment he saw her hesitating.

Ever since I married into the Smith family, I could tell that Connor isn’t regarded highly in the Smith
family, not to mention Josephine. Otherwise, why would she still be riding a shabby electric scooter to
work after three years have passed? The young people of her generation in the Smith family are all
driving BMW 3 Series and BMW 5 Series at the very least. Meanwhile, Miguel and Ezra’s sons have
long since been driving a Porsche and Ferrari!

“I’ll give Harrison a call later. The ecological park project will be handled by the Smith family
henceforth.” To Jonathan, there was no difference whether he gave the ecological park project to
Harrison or the Smith family.

Anyway, I’ve handed the Blackwood family’s business to Harrison to handle on my behalf, and it’ll be
transferred over to Josephine sooner or later. Since the Smith family is giving her an opportunity to
showcase her capability, why shouldn’t I give it a little push?

“Listen to me, Jonathan—” Upon seeing that he actually wanted to hand the ecological park project to
the Smith family, Josephine instantly panicked and wanted to dissuade him.

At the sight of her frantic expression, Jonathan chuckled and tapped the tip of her nose lightly with a
finger. “All right, you don’t need to explain anything. I know you don’t want to use me, but even if you
do, I’m willing to be utilized by you, Darling!”

“Jonathan Goldstein!”

Josephine was so infuriated by him that she stomped her feet.

Argh! He’s still in the mood to crack jokes at such a time?

“Go back and tell Hugo that the ecological park project will be handled by the Smith family henceforth.
However, remember this—it can only be Josephine handling the project. If the person in charge is
changed midway, I can’t guarantee that the project will still belong to the Smith family.” Glancing airily
at Miguel, who was still standing at the door, Jonathan added, “Of course, I also won’t be able to
guarantee that the Smith family will still exist in Jadeborough if that happens!”

That was his warning to the Smith family.

If the Smith family stays on the straight and narrow without playing any tricks, I might not mind turning a
blind eye to them and giving them a part of the pie. But if they want to play tricks with me, then there’s
no need for the Smith family to exist anymore!

“Understood, Mr. Goldstein!”

At that mere glance from him, such stark fear struck Miguel that he broke out in a cold sweat.

In that instant, he felt as though a venomous snake had him in its sights.

If he dared to play any tricks, he would lose his life in the next second.

“Jonathan, you didn’t even ask me whether I agreed. Why are you making the decision for me?”
Josephine glowered at Jonathan with a dark expression on her face.

I know he’s only doing this for my own good, but I still abhor this feeling of taking advantage of
someone else! What’s more, he’s the person in question!

“Then is it too late for me to ask now?” Smirking, Jonathan drawled, “Darling, how about… sleeping in
the same bed with me tonight?”

“No, no way!”

Fury blazed so hotly within Josephine that steam was coming out of her ears.

Alas, she couldn’t do anything about it.

“Okay, don’t be angry anymore, Darling!” When Jonathan glimpsed her furious expression, he smilingly
wrapped an arm around her waist. “This is also an opportunity for you, a chance for you to showcase
your capability! Don’t tell me you’re willing to see that bunch of useless creatures taking all the merit
when they do nothing all day long yet still criticize you?”

“What nonsense are you spouting? They’re not a bunch of useless creatures!” Josephine couldn’t help
shooting daggers at him. While that’s true, isn’t that simply too blunt?

“They’re no different from a bunch of useless creatures!”

Seeing that her anger had subsided significantly, Jonathan hugged her around the waist, grinning from
ear to ear. Then, he whispered, “Darling, it’s late, so why don’t we go back earlier to sleep?”

“Who wants to sleep with you?”

Glaring at him, Josephine tried to break free from his grip.

He’s now increasingly bold compared to three years ago. Back then, he didn’t even dare joke with me.
But now? Not only does he dare do so, but he even dares to get handsy with me. Most surprisingly, I
don’t mind it the least bit! Why is that so?

All of a sudden, she felt her face flaming.

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