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Chapter 106 Turned Him Down

Josephine is the general manager of Smith Group?

The moment those words rang out, not only was Jonathan surprised, but even Miguel and Ezra wore
looks of stupefaction on their faces.

They couldn’t quite believe their ears.

Miguel, in particular, gaped at Hugo incredulously. “Dad, when did Josephine become the general
manager of Smith Group?”

“Just a moment ago,” Hugo replied coldly.

“Why?” Miguel demanded through gritted teeth.

I’m the general manager of Smith Group! Why has it become Josephine instead?

“Do I need your permission before I make a decision?” Hugo’s voice turned even frostier.


Miguel grew so incandescent that his eyes blazed scarlet.

If Josephine becomes the general manager of Smith Group, what position will I occupy?

“All right, that’s enough!” Hugo cut him off. Turning to Jonathan, he remarked, “Mr. Goldstein, don’t tell
me you don’t even trust Josephine?”

“Does she know about this?” Jonathan glanced at him placidly.

I’ve got to admit that this cunning old fox is indeed very crafty! At a single glance, he discerned
Josephine’s importance to me.

Shaking his head, Hugo answered, “No, she doesn’t know about this yet. But if you’re willing to agree
to my request, I’ll immediately notify everyone in Smith Group that Josephine is the general manager
starting tomorrow. Ah no, from tonight onward!”

“You should discuss this matter with her in person,” Jonathan replied mildly.

I handed the Blackwood family’s business to Harrison to manage on my behalf, so I don’t mind giving
this project to the Smith family if Josephine were to take over. All these years, she’s been treated as
though she’s thin air by the Smith family. Even in the company, she’s only a glorified gofer after having
been there for three to five years. In other words, they have always looked down upon her!

“Go and invite Josephine in!” Without further ado, Hugo had Miguel summon Josephine with a wave of
his hand.

Despite the sheer reluctance within him, Miguel still went out with a frightfully grim expression and
called Josephine in.

“You asked for me, Grandpa?”

Confusion was written all over Josephine’s face.

He usually doesn’t even bother to speak to me, much less ask to see me.

“Josephine, there’s something I’d like to discuss with you.” In a courteous tone he had never used with
her, Hugo continued, “After careful consideration, I’ve decided to appoint you as the general manager
of Smith Group. What do you think about that?”

“Me?” Josephine was startled upon hearing that, and she couldn’t quite wrap her head around it. “Isn’t
Uncle Miguel the general manager of Smith Group?”

“He’s getting on in years, so he can no longer shoulder such a heavy responsibility.” Regarding her
meaningfully, Hugo declared, “If you have no objections, you’ll be the general manager of Smith Group
starting tonight!”

“What’s happening here?” Josephine reflexively looked at Jonathan, her instincts screaming that this
matter definitely had something to do with him.

“Can’t you tell? They’ve finally realized your worth!” Jonathan replied with a smile.

“Cut it out!”

Josephine shot him a glare.

Thus, Jonathan candidly admitted, “They want to swipe the ecological park project from Harrison. I said
no, so they’re using you to have me agree.”

Verily, he had never liked beating around the bush when he spoke to her.

Although it was rather blunt, it was the unvarnished truth.

If it weren’t for everything that happened today, would Hugo appoint her as the general manager of
Smith Group? That’s impossible! After all, just a few hours ago, he threw the gift from her onto the
ground with his own hands!

“I get it now.” Inhaling deeply, Josephine turned to Hugo and asserted, “Grandpa, I don’t think I’m
suited to the position. You should just have Uncle Miguel continue being the general manager.”

“What did you just say?”

Upon hearing that she actually turned Hugo down, everyone—other than Jonathan—promptly stared at
her as though she was an idiot.

That’s the position of the general manager of Smith Group! Yet, this foolish girl actually gave it a pass?
Has she lost her mind?

Without an ounce of hesitation, Josephine repeated, “I said I’m not suited to the position. Besides, I
don’t like to use Jonathan either.”

Many in the Smith family wants to use him, but not me, at least!

“Josephine, don’t be so hasty in declining.” While Hugo was pretty surprised that she said no to him, he
feigned calmness and persuaded, “Go home and consider it carefully before giving me your answer
tomorrow. Even if you’re not thinking about yourself, you should consider your parents, no?”

Seeing her unyielding demeanor, he had no choice but to drag Connor and Margaret into the matter.

I know better than anyone the character of my son and daughter-in-law! She may have turned me
down, but Margaret can never resist such temptation!

“There’s no need for further consideration!” Josephine rebuffed him once more. But no sooner had she
spoken than Jonathan, who had been keeping mum, suddenly chimed in, “Josephine, I think he’s right.
You should think it over first.”

“Yes, you should listen to Jonathan!”

When Hugo heard the man urging Josephine to consider the matter, he instantly realized that there
was still a ray of hope.


Josephine wanted to argue further, but Hugo interrupted her. “It’s late, so the two of you should be
going home, shouldn’t you? Drive them home, Miguel!”

“Got it.”

With a dark expression on his face, Miguel went out with them.

As soon as they exited, they were greeted by the sight of Margaret peering at them eagerly by the door.
The instant she spotted Josephine, she rushed up to her and asked, “Why did your grandfather want to
see you, Josephine?”

“He said he wanted to appoint me as the general manager of Smith Group.” There wasn’t a trace of joy
to be found on Josephine’s face.

“What?” When Margaret heard that, her eyes went wide in a flash. Gaping at Josephine in disbelief,
she exclaimed, “I didn’t mishear you, did I? You said Dad wanted you to be the general manager of
Smith Group?”

“I’ve already declined,” Josephine stated expressionlessly.

“You declined?” Margaret’s face flushed bright red when she heard that Josephine had turned Hugo
down. “Are you mad? Why did you do that, you damn girl? Have you gone out of your mind?”

“I’m of perfectly sound mind!” Biting her lip, Josephine spat, “They merely want to use Jonathan to nab
the Blackwood family’s ecological park project from Harrison!”

Use Jonathan?

The second Margaret heard that, she instinctively curled her lips.

What’s there to use about that worthless piece of trash? That was seemingly her subconscious

But in the next moment, she recalled the fact that the four prominent families, the Chairman of Graham
Group, and even military personnel from the King of War Division personally came to the annual party
because of him. Only then did realization abruptly dawn upon her.

Oh, that’s right! He’s no longer the useless bum he was back then! He has value to be utilized now!

Nonetheless, she still curled her lips and retorted, “So what if they’re using him? That only proves that
he still has such value!”

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