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Chapter 104 Who Is Kissing You

“Sure, sure!”

Shuddering in fear, Hugo hastily took the gift with both hands.

He acted so reverently that it was as though he was meeting the king himself. In reality, Zachary was
indeed the supreme ruler in Jazona.

Even the governor of Jazona, Kingstone, had to show him respect upon meeting him.

“Why don’t you all sit down and have some refreshments after such a long journey, officers?” Hugo
took the initiative to invite Andrew and the others to dine with them after taking the gift.

After all, they were acting on orders from the King of War.

In other words, they represented Zachary himself.

Thus, he dared not slight them.

Shaking his head, Andrew replied, “No, thanks. We’ve still got some work to be done when we get

He then thundered, “Everyone, return to the base!”


Following his order, the military officers started moving out in uniform steps. While they were on their
way out, Andrew inadvertently caught sight of Jonathan sitting in the obscure corner near the door.

The moment he spotted the man, he abruptly halted in his tracks.


As his order rang out, the uniform steps stopped at once.

Under the gazes of everyone present, he strode over to Jonathan. Straightening his back, he saluted
the man in the perfect military posture. “Commander!”


When the crowd heard that form of address, they were all instantly floored.

What’s happening here? Why would someone from the King of War Division address him as

In a flash, everyone gaped at Jonathan, their eyes filled with incredulity.

Just as they all thought Jonathan would salute Andrew in the same manner in return, he merely
glanced at the latter nonchalantly and remarked, “Zachary told you to come?”

“Yes, Commander!” Nodding, Andrew added in slight embarrassment, “He actually wanted to come in

But he didn’t dare do so! He was afraid that you’d toss him into Northern Crimson Prison and confine
him there for a few months!

While he did not dare utter the rest of it, Jonathan naturally understood Zachary’s thoughts after
hearing that short sentence. “Well, at least he’s tactful! All right, you may all go back.”

He waved a dismissive hand.

“Yes, Commander!”

Without further ado, Andrew spun on his heels and left.

That was how things worked in the military—an order was to be obeyed to the letter as compliance
superseded all else.

Everyone present remained deeply entrenched in shock, still gawking at the scene unfolding before
them. Meanwhile, Luna could not help biting hard on her rosy lip.

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never believe that the King of War, Zachary, actually sent
his men over to offer his felicitations to Jonathan! That aside, he even planned to come in person!

“M-Mr. Goldstein, were those few officers just now really from the King of War Division?” Hugo still
could not quite believe everything that had transpired right before his eyes earlier.

It all felt like a dream to him.

“Do you think there’s anyone who dares impersonate a member of the King of War Division?” Jonathan
swept a placid gaze over him, but that mere look put Hugo on pins and needles.

If the young man had dared speak to him in such a manner in the past, he would have long since given
the order to have him thrown out.

At present, however, he dared not utter a single retort.

“Of course not!” He quickly shook his head.

Before they knew it, the annual party was drawing to an end.

That day, Hugo imbibed the most in his sixty-plus years of life.

He had no choice since the crowd dared not toast Jonathan after those people from the King of War
Division left, thus setting their sights on him.

That being said, he undoubtedly relished such a feeling as well.

After all, he had never experienced the feeling of being fawned all over in his entire life.

“Let me tell you something… Back then, Jonathan was merely a live-in son-in-law. If it weren’t for us
taking him in… he would’ve long since starved to death on the streets!” Hiccupping, Hugo rambled
about Jonathan’s past.

Miguel, who stood beside him, was struck by stark fear when he heard the man’s words. He hastily
stopped him, urging, “Dad, stop talking!”

“’Why can’t I talk?” With glassy eyes, Hugo countered, “I haven’t finished talking. Back then—”

“Quick, help Dad back to his room!” Miguel turned to Lula beside him and threw her a look. Immediately
understanding his meaning, she pulled Hugo up and started walking further into the house.

“My father is inebriated, so please don’t take his words seriously!” Miguel explained anxiously.

If Jonathan were to hear those words, our family might not be able to survive in Jadeborough anymore!
After all, he’s no longer the worthless live-in son-in-law he once was in the past.

He cautiously stole a peek at Jonathan, only to find that the man was not even looking at them.

“Darling, it’s about time. Shall we go home?” Dipping his head, Jonathan glanced at his watch.

By then, it was almost eight o’clock, and the sky was getting dark.

Yet, Randall and the others dared not leave since he was still present.


Josephine nodded before she walked out of the Smith mansion with Jonathan.

Having drunk some red wine, she was a tad tipsy. Her alluring face was slightly flushed, sparking off
one’s desire to be intimate with her.

Right then, her slightly messy hair was draped casually over her shoulders. When the wind blew past, it
made her hair appear all more unruly.

She gently brushed her long hair away from her forehead and hooked it behind her ear. Even at the
mere sight of that seemingly inadvertent move, Jonathan’s heart inexorably raced.

“Be careful, or you might trip!” Jonathan casually wrapped an arm around Josephine’s slender waist
upon noticing that she was staggering slightly.

“I just drank a wee bit, so I’m perfectly fine!”

Stiffening, Josephine instinctively wanted to break free from his hold. Alas, his grip remained firm on
her no matter how much she struggled.

“Nope. What if you trip?” Hugging her around the waist, Jonathan pulled her into his embrace.

At the sudden proximity, Josephine’s heartbeat unwittingly sped up.

The blush on her face spread to the tips of her ears.

“L-Let go of me, Jonathan!” She tried her utmost best to break free from him. Despite having been
married to him for four years, she had never had such intimate contact with her husband.

“P-People are watching us!”

Josephine was so nervous that her voice was quivering.

“Just let them watch!” With insouciance written all over his face, Jonathan drawled, “Have they never
seen someone hugging and kissing his own wife?”

“Bah! Who’s kissing you?” Josephine muttered, turning her head to the side.

Although she was spurning him verbally, her body was no longer as averse to him as before.

“You, of course!”

Pulling her close by the waist, Jonathan lowered his head and was just about to kiss her when the
clearing of a throat suddenly sounded from behind them at that precise moment.

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