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Chapter 102 The True Revered Figure

Graham Cabot? The chairman of Graham Group?

The moment the crowd heard those words, they were instantly stunned.

Even Hugo himself doubted whether he had misheard.

As the top real estate firm in Jadeborough, Graham Group’s market value had long since exceeded
several billion. Besides, Graham himself invested a lot in other industries.

After totaling everything, his net worth went beyond a whopping ten billion.

Of course, the Smith family wanted to have an acquaintance with a billionaire like him, but they were
not in the same league.

Don’t tell me he’s also here because of Jonathan?

At that thought, Hugo instinctively shot his gaze at Jonathan, who was sitting in the obscure corner.
Alas, the man was talking with Josephine in hushed voices and did not even lift his head to spare
others a single glance.

Indeed, that was the unvarnished truth—both Graham and the three prominent families of Jadeborough
were nothing in Jonathan’s eyes compared to Josephine.

“Why are you here, Mr. Cabot?” Hugo hastily went out to greet Graham. Ever since Randall’s arrival, he
had been busy greeting all the big shots, hardly having a chance to take a seat.

Unbelievably, the least of them all were the three prominent families of Jadeborough.

Thus, he had to welcome and greet every single one of them himself.

“I heard that it’s the Smith family’s annual party today, so I came specially to offer my felicitations. Old
Mr. Smith, surely you wouldn’t mind inviting me in, yes?” Smiling, Graham waved a hand, and his
subordinate immediately stepped forward with a gift.

“Of course not! It’s my honor to have you here today!” Hugo promptly led him to the table where
Randall and the others were seated.

At the sight of Randall, Graham greeted him with a grin, “Mr. Swindell!”

“Mr. Cabot!”

In response, Randall nodded his head.

Someone like Graham, who had a net worth of over ten billion, was actually no longer under the
purview of Jadeborough. Nonetheless, his industries were still in the city, so courtesy dictated that he
greeted the mayor upon meeting.

Since Graham was here, another person naturally had to give up his seat.

By then, almost all the guests who were initially seated at the main table had been reseated by Hugo.

“Are you also here today because of Jonathan, Mr. Cabot?” Hugo could not resist asking.

It was no wonder he had such a query since all the bigwigs of that day came because of Jonathan. The
Smith family itself did not hold that much sway.

“Of course, it’s because of Mr. Goldstein!” Chuckling, Graham remarked, “Although he didn’t invite me,
how could I not come when he’s going to be here?”

Even Graham was addressing Jonathan respectfully as Mr. Goldstein.

In fact, none among them seated at that table dared to address him by his name.

“W-What exactly is Mr. Goldstein’s identity that all you revered figures personally came to see him?”
After a long hesitation, Hugo gave voice to the question that had been bugging him endlessly.

Upon hearing that, the initially boisterous crowd quietened considerably.

Hugo was not the only person who wanted to know the answer to that question. Every single person
there harbored a similar interest.

Three years ago, he was still a worthless live-in son-in-law. How did he become someone so venerated
after three years, a mere blink of an eye, that tons of prominent figures seek him out?

When Graham heard that, he answered with a smile, “Compared to Mr. Goldstein, we’re not even
worthy of note. Mr. Goldstein is the true revered figure! As for his identity… We naturally don’t dare
speak of it if he didn’t say anything about it.”

He divulged nothing in his reply.

Among everyone here, I’m the only person who’s aware of his true identity besides Harrison. But since
he didn’t reveal it, how could I dare let the cat out of the bag?

At his reply, utter disappointment deluged everyone there.

Realizing that he did not want to answer his question, Hugo dared not pursue it further. Just when he
was about to pick up a glass of wine and toast the notable figures seated at the table, the servant
outside the door rushed in again and exclaimed, “Old Mr. Smith, the Hansley family from Jazona is

Hugo wondered to himself, The Hansley family from Jazona, one of the four prominent families in
Jazona? Why are they here?

Compared to the big shots seated at that table, the Hansley family was the true affluent family. Though
Harrison and the rest possessed significant influence and power, it was only limited to Jadeborough.

However, things were different for the Hansley family. After all, they were one of the four prominent
families in Jazona.

The Hansleys had taken root in Jazona for decades, so their power and connections had long since
grown to terrifying proportions.

Notably, the Smith family had never crossed paths with the Hansley family.

Compared to them, the Smiths were no more than an ant whereby they would cease to exist with a flick
of the Hansleys’ finger.

As a result, Hugo simply could not fathom the Hansley family’s attendance at his family’s annual party.

“Quick, let’s go and greet them!”

That time around, it was not just him, but everyone from the Smith family followed along and headed to
the door to welcome the Hansley family.

While they were on their way there, Luna sauntered in, dressed in a long, black dress.

“Ms. Hansley!” When Hugo caught sight of her, he immediately radiated servility. “May I know why
you’ve come over here, Ms. Hansley?”

“I heard that it’s the Smith family’s annual party today, so I purposely came to join in the fun. You don’t
mind, do you, Old Mr. Smith?” Luna flashed him a smile. With a wave of her hand, someone instantly
stepped forward with a gift.

“Of course not! This way, please, Ms. Hansley!” Hugo swiftly gushed.

While speaking, he led her to the table where Randall and the others were seated.

“Mr. Swindell, Mr. Cabot, Mr. Seymour!”

As soon as Luna arrived, she recognized the people sitting at the table right away. Jadeborough was
just a city, so it would be strange indeed if she did not know them, considering the Hansley family’s

“Ms. Hansley!” they all greeted in return, inclining their heads.

“It seems that I’m late. You all didn’t notify me when you came, or else we could’ve come together.”
Luna was not that much of a stranger with them, but an imperceptible glimmer of surprise flashed
across her eyes when she spotted them.

It looks like I didn’t make this trip in vain! Other than Jonathan, no one else in Jadeborough has that
much influence to make Randall and Graham personally attend an event!

“We, too, only bumped into each other when we arrived.” Chortling, Graham queried, “Are you also
here to meet Mr. Goldstein, Ms. Hansley?”

“Isn’t it the same with you all?” Luna smiled and explained, “I met him at the auction last night, and we
hit it off right away. I heard that it’s the Smith family’s annual party today, so I came to join in the fun. I
just don’t know whether he’ll mind me coming…”

As she spoke, she made it sound as though her relationship with Jonathan was exceedingly close.
Harrison, however, reflexively curled his lips when he heard that.

“Hit it off right away”? What a lie! Mr. Goldstein ignored you entirely last night, okay?

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