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Chapter 101 Not Worthy Enough

Harrison Seymour? Why would he show up here all of a sudden?

Everyone in the venue shared the same thought.

Hugo, especially, could not hide his confusion at the announcement. The Smith family had no
connections with Harrison. Besides, he did not extend an invitation to the man.

“Hurry, welcome him!” Despite being taken aback by Harrison’s sudden arrival, he quickly barked an
urgent order.

Even if Harrison had arrived without an invitation, he was not to be trifled with. After all, his reputation in
Jadeborough was on the crest of a wave.

Since taking over the Blackwood family’s business, which used to be one of the four most prominent
families, Harrison had emerged to be the most influential person in both the official and underground
circles of Jadeborough.

Even those from the other three prominent families had to back down at the sight of him.

Harrison showed up in a black outfit, striding into the venue with at least a dozen subordinates dressed
in black suits with gifts in their hands.

“Mr. Seymour!” Hugo went up to greet him humbly, addressing him by his title instead of his name
despite being his elder.

“Ah, no need for the formalities, Old Mr. Smith.” Harrison nearly jumped in fright at his greeting.

After all, Hugo was Josephine’s grandfather, and Josephine was Jonathan’s wife!

Technically, Hugo would also be considered as Jonathan’s grandfather. Therefore, there was no way
Harrison would allow Hugo to address him politely.

“Oh, it’s all right, Mr. Seymour.” Hugo was stunned for a second, taken aback by Harrison’s politeness.
“Come on in!” he quickly offered after coming back to his senses.

“I prepared some gifts after finding out it’s the Smith family’s annual party today. I hope you like them!”
Harrison said in a courteous manner. When everyone else saw how humble he was before Hugo, their
eyes widened in shock.

Is this Harrison Seymour, the most barbarous man in Jadeborough? Are our eyes tricking us?

“Oh, you shouldn’t have come bearing gifts,” said Hugo with a grin. He gestured for the help to take the
gifts before ushering Harrison to a seat right beside Randall.

Upon seeing Randall, Harrison approached him. “You’re here too, Mr. Swindell!”

“Mm!” Randall grunted and inclined his head in acknowledgment.

His attitude was impassive.

As the mayor of Jadeborough, he did not bother being amicable to Harrison, who was part of the
underground circles.

Harrison had expected his reaction. Instead of feeling indignant, he swept his gaze around the venue.
As soon as he spotted Jonathan, he strode over to give the latter a polite greeting. “Mr. Goldstein!”

“Mm,” Jonathan answered with a nod. “Go back to your seat!”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” Harrison answered obediently, as though he was a student who feared his strict
disciplinary teacher.

Everyone present gasped in disbelief at the astonishing sight.

Even Harrison is submissive before Jonathan!

At that moment, they could not help but wonder about Jonathan’s identity.

The Smiths’ faces fell at that sight.

Another person came because of Jonathan. No wonder Harrison showed up at our annual party, even
though we weren’t connected to him in any way. There was only one reason—he came here for
Jonathan’s sake!

“Jonathan, do you want to join them?” Hugo swallowed his pride and extended an invitation to

He had no choice, for even a fool would have realized by then that Jonathan was a big shot.

Just take a look at how Randall and Harrison were reduced to mere students before him!

“No need for that,” Jonathan answered with a dismissive wave.

Another voice sounded at the entrance before Hugo could say anything else to persuade him to
change his mind. “Old Mr. Smith, the Holler family, the Leeroy family, and the Wallace family are here!”

What is going on?

The guests could not believe their ears.

The Hollers, the Leeroys, and the Wallaces are here?

Besides the Blackwood family, which had been banished from Jadeborough, the head of the other
three prominent families had come to the party.

“Old Mr. Smith, we’re not late, are we?” James stepped forward to greet Hugo.

The heads of the two other families were visibly anxious, afraid their late arrival would upset Hugo.

“Of course not. Don’t worry!” Hugo went up to them hastily. Even if he wanted to meet the heads of the
three prominent families before that day, they would not have given him a chance. Yet, they had taken
the initiative to attend the Smith family’s annual party.

Undoubtedly, it was an honor for the Smiths since they were a nobody compared to the three
prominent families.

“Take a seat, please.”

Hugo brought them to the seats right next to Randall and Harrison. As there were more guests than
expected, the guests who were initially seated at that table had to be moved elsewhere.

There was no other choice since there was only one VIP table in the Smith mansion.

The initial guests who occupied the seats there had to make way for the new guests who were way
more distinguished.

“Thank you, Old Mr. Smith!” the heads of the three prominent families thanked him humbly. One could
not have imagined that the trio had monopolized the entire Jadeborough based on how amiable they

In other words, a single stomp of those at this table would send ripples through Jadeborough.

“Where is Mr. Goldstein?” After taking their seats, they started searching around for Jonathan.

“Well, Mr. Goldstein…” Hugo was stumped for words. As a bitter expression crept up his face, he
glanced at Jonathan, who was seated in the corner.

If Hugo had not seen it with his own eyes, nothing would have compelled him to believe the ongoing
situation. This deadbeat live-in son-in-law of our family had brought Randall, Harrison, and the heads of
the three prominent families together just to catch a glimpse of him!

“No worries, Old Mr. Smith. We just want to say hello to Mr. Goldstein!” Before Hugo could summon
Jonathan, they instantly stopped him. “We are not worthy enough to ask Mr. Goldstein to come to us!”

Seriously? Are my ears tricking me?

Hugo’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at their astonishing words.

Why would the heads of the three prominent families be that courteous to Jonathan? What do they
mean by not being worthy enough to summon Jonathan to come to them?

“Of course!” Harrison chimed in icily. “If it wasn’t for this annual party, you won’t even get to meet Mr.

“Yes, you’re right!”

Though Harrison’s remark was a harsh one, it was the truth.

Hence, none of them dared to argue with him.

Mere moments after the trio sat down, Josephine, who sat with Jonathan at the corner, shot the man a
curious look. She could not stop herself from asking, “Did you invite those people to the annual party?”

“Of course not,” came Jonathan’s denial. He shook his head and added, “Why would I invite them? I
didn’t even want to come here myself in the first place.”

“Then why did they—”

Before Josephine could finish her sentence, a voice boomed from the entrance again. “Old Mr. Smith,
the chairman of Graham Group, Graham Cabot, is here!”

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