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Chapter 100 Harrison Seymour Is Here

In that instant, the entire room became as silent as the grave, not a peep to be heard.

No one dared to question Randall’s statement.

After all, Randall was the mayor of Jadeborough.

There was no need for him to lie just to defend a live-in son-in-law.

“Mr. Field, were you lying to me earlier?” Miguel asked, glancing at Sammy doubtfully.

Even if he did not believe Jonathan, Randall was a trustable person.

“O-Of course not! Why would I lie to you?” Sammy answered in a stuttering voice.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect Randall to appear out of nowhere!

“Enough, stop wasting time. Where did you find this imposter? Kick him out now!” Randall gave a
dismissive wave, for he could not be bothered to waste time with the con artist.

How dare he pretend to be Jonathan? Didn’t he look at himself in the mirror? What made him think he’s
capable of doing so?

“Sammy Field, are you going to leave yourself, or do you want me to ask someone to drag you out?”
Miguel demanded, shooting Sammy a disgusted look. “Also, remember to refund me the one million I
gave you by tonight, not a penny less. Otherwise, I’ll make sure you won’t live to see the sunrise
tomorrow. Try me!” he warned.

“Just you wait, Miguel!” Sammy retorted, revealing his true colors. There was no need to continue his

After giving Miguel one last glare, he quickly slunk out of the Smith mansion.

Once he had left, Miguel hurriedly went to Randall. “Mr. Swindell, luckily you’re around, or else that con
artist would’ve tricked me!”

“That’s because you’re a fool!” Randall answered with a snort. He did not bother mincing his words.

I can’t believe he got conned right before Jonathan. He’s obviously a fool! Tch, I have no other
comments for him.

“Yes, you’re right, Mr. Swindell. I am a fool!” Miguel lowered his head humbly.

Randall ignored him and got to his feet. “Mr. Goldstein, please take a seat,” he offered while looking at

“Forget it!” Jonathan waved his hand. “That’s the Smith family’s VIP table. I don’t have the right to sit

Having said that, he strode away. Instead of going back to his seat, Randall ran after him. “Mr.
Goldstein, if you don’t have the right to take a seat here, who else does?”

Seeing this, Miguel blurted out, “Mr. Swindell, what is going on?”

Isn’t Jonathan a useless live-in son-in-law? What is his real identity? Why does the mayor of
Jadeborough fear him this much?

“The real VIP is right before your eyes. How dare you look down on him? No wonder the Smith family is
still a third-rate family in Jadeborough after years!” Randall retorted. It was pretty obvious to him that
the Smith family and Jonathan’s relationship were not that harmonious.

He initially attended the Smith family’s annual party because of Jonathan.

However, he no longer needed to show them any courtesy when they had the guts to treat Jonathan

If it weren’t for Jonathan, I wouldn’t have given them the honor of showing up!

“Mr. Swindell, I…” Though Miguel wanted to explain, he found no words.

After all, before Randall showed up, they nearly kicked Jonathan out of the mansion.

“Enough. Save your explanation!” Randall cut him off with a wave.

As his initial politeness had morphed into irritation, Hugo and Miguel shared a look. Immediately, they
realized what had gone wrong.

At once, Miguel changed his attitude toward Jonathan. “M-Mr. Goldstein, I’m really sorry for looking
down on you. That was because I didn’t know your real identity! Let me offer you an apology on behalf
of the Smith family.”

Undeniably, he was a flexible person, for he promptly discarded his pride to apologize to Jonathan as
soon as he caught on to the situation.

“You’re apologizing now?” Jonathan replied with a scoff. “What have you been doing earlier?”

As soon as those words left his lips, he picked up the sandalwood box. “Since you refuse to accept this
lavender jade figurine, I’ll take it with me!”

“Lavender jade figurine?” Randall froze temporarily at his words before bursting out excitedly, “Mr.
Goldstein, do you mean the lavender jade figurine that was sold for three hundred million at the auction
organized by the Hansley family yesterday?”

“Oh? You know of it?” Surprise colored Jonathan’s features.

“Yes, of course.” Randall bobbed his head eagerly. “I heard a mysterious buyer bought the lavender
jade figurine carved by Roscoe Channer himself. So it turns out you’re the mysterious buyer!”

What? He really bought it for three hundred million?

In a flash, the crowd was astounded.

Earlier, when Jonathan said he bought it for three hundred million, everyone else hurled insults at him.
No one believed that a live-in son-in-law could afford to pay three hundred million for a mere jade

Since Randall had said it himself, it meant that he was not lying.

“Who said I won’t accept it?” Hugo’s expression changed abruptly. “I was just testing to see if the
lavender jade figurine was genuine!”

There was no way he would refuse a three-hundred-million lavender jade figurine. In fact, it was his first
time seeing such an expensive ornament in his life.

“What a shameless old man,” Jonathan remarked disdainfully. “It’s too late for you to change your mind

“Listen to me, Jonathan. It was a misunderstanding.” Hugo hastened to offer an explanation. It was
clear to someone as sly as him that Jonathan was the true big shot.

He’s a big shot that even Randall has to show respect for!

“No way it’s a misunderstanding,” Jonathan replied curtly. “When I offered you the gift, you should’ve
accepted it. Now, I’m not going to give it to you. No one can force me to give it up!”

With that, he handed the lavender jade figurine to Josephine. “This lavender jade figurine is now yours,
Josephine. Let’s put it in our home as an ornament!”

What? He’s making the three-hundred-million lavender jade figurine an ornament in his house?

Once again, the guests were stupefied.

Alas, no one dared to utter a word.

The color drained from Hugo’s face as he fought back the urge to give himself a slap.

Oh God, why on earth did I run my mouth and act recklessly earlier? The three-hundred-million
lavender jade figurine slipped out of my grasp just like that!

“Mr. Goldstein, I assure you that it was all a misunderstanding!” Seeing that the situation was veering
out of control, Miguel promptly stepped out to relay an order. “Arrange a new seat for Mr. Goldstein! He
shall sit beside Mr. Swindell!”

“No need. I’m fine with the seat by the door,” came Jonathan’s calm reply. He took Josephine’s hand
and stalked to the door. At the sight of him returning to his initial seat, Miguel panicked instantly.
However, before he could do anything, someone outside the door announced in a solemn voice,
“Harrison Seymour is here!”

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