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Chapter 97 What A Joke

Following Connor’s murmur of Jonathan’s name, everyone’s gazes were instantly riveted on the latter.

Glimpsing Connor’s face that was flaming bright red, Jonathan shook his head and drawled placidly,
“Who said that the lavender jade figurine is a counterfeit?”

“Me!” Ezra stepped forward with a snort. “Don’t tell me you could really buy a genuine lavender jade
figurine with a hundred grand?”

“Of course not.” Glancing at him blithely, Jonathan amended, “I bought it at three hundred million.”

Three hundred million?

When the crowd heard that figure, chaos again broke out among them.

Three hundred million is precisely the price from the auction by the Hansley family last night! Could it
be that he was the mysterious guest at the auction last night?

Ezra burst into laughter upon hearing that Jonathan bought it at three hundred million. “You must have
lost your mind, huh, Jonathan? Three hundred million? Would you be able to fork out such an
astronomical sum even if you were to sell yourself? That aside, could you even come up with three

Perhaps others will be taken in by him, but he can’t possibly fool me. I know better than anyone the
kind of person he is! He’s just a worthless deadbeat! If it weren’t for the Smith family supporting him
back then, he would’ve been killed ages ago! Yet, he’s speaking of three hundred million? I’m afraid
that he won’t even be able to come up with three hundred grand!

Eyeing him nonchalantly, Jonathan declared, “Is three hundred million an astronomical sum? That
might be the case for you, but a mere three hundred million to me is nothing in exchange for a smile
from Josephine.”

Hearing that, Ezra couldn’t help sneering, “In exchange for a smile? Who do you think you are? An
eloquent poet with a glib tongue? Apart from your bragging skills that have skyrocketed, you haven’t
improved much in the few years since I last saw you, Jonathan! A mere three hundred million, you
said? I’m afraid that you’ll never have the opportunity to see that much money in your lifetime!”

It wasn’t just him, for almost every member of the Smith family regarded Jonathan with the exact same
look in their eyes.

It was as though they were looking at a nutcase.

“You’ll know whether I’m bragging after finding a jade valuation expert to appraise it.” Throwing him a
cold glance, Jonathan added, “Furthermore, Roscoe Channer’s name should be carved at the bottom
of the lavender jade figurine. You’ll know with a single glance whether it’s genuine or counterfeit.”

“Let me check!” When Connor heard that, he hurriedly picked the sandalwood box up from the ground.
Then, he took out the lavender jade figurine from within and studied it carefully.

Sure enough, he found the name “Roscoe Channer” carved into the bottom of the lavender jade

“It’s here! Roscoe Channer’s name is really here!” Connor exclaimed.

Alas, no one paid him any mind.

Hugo didn’t even bother sparing him a single glance. Ugh! Having such a son is truly a shame to the
Smith family!

“Hmph! So what if Roscoe Channer’s name is there? Since it’s a knock-off, it’s only natural to make it
more realistic. Why won’t they dare imitate his name when they even dare to imitate the lavender jade
figurine?” Ezra harrumphed with disdain etched on his face.

His sentiments gained the consensus of the majority of the people there.

A paltry name naturally can’t prove that this lavender jade figurine is genuine!

“As I’ve said, you’ll know whether it’s counterfeit or genuine after having a jade valuation expert
appraise it.” Jonathan wasn’t in the mood to bandy words with him.

I don’t believe that the Hansley family dare sell a knock-off at an auction for a whopping three hundred

“Where am I going to find a jade valuation expert at this time?” Ezra curled his lips. He thought it was
Jonathan’s tactic to delay time.

Just then, the grim-faced Hugo finally roared, “Okay, that’s enough! Stop arguing! Does the lot of you
think that this isn’t mortifying enough? Get back to your seats! And you’re not allowed to mention this
matter anymore!”

Do they not find it embarrassing to have a row in front of so many people here when it’s the Smith
family’s annual party today?

“Hmph! I’ll let you off the hook this time! If you still dare use such a counterfeit to pose as a genuine
item next time, I’ll boot you out right then and there!” Ezra warned Jonathan with a snort before leaving.

“If there’s a problem with your eyes, go and have them checked at the hospital when you’ve got the
time! Don’t act like a rabid dog and go around biting people here!” Jonathan wasn’t the least bit
intimidated by his threat.

The Smith family’s annual party, a purportedly exclusive event? If it weren’t because of Josephine, I
might not even be willing to come, even if the Smith family were to beg me on their knees!

“What did you just say?” Ezra flipped his lid when he heard Jonathan calling him a rabid dog.

“I said you’re a rabid dog!” Jonathan enunciated coldly.

“How dare you?” Ezra seemed moments away from getting physical with him. But at that precise
moment, Hugo bellowed, “That’s enough! Shut up, the lot of you!”


Ezra wanted to speak further, but Hugo cut him off. “Zip it!”

Turning to the others, he waved a hand. “Return to your seats!”

With resentment written clear on his face, Ezra stared daggers at Jonathan. He flicked his sleeve
before stomping off. But before he left, Josephine, who had been keeping mum, suddenly asked
Jonathan, “Jonathan, did you really spend three hundred million on this lavender jade figurine?”

“Yup. When have I ever lied to you?” Jonathan replied evenly.

Hearing that, Josephine instantly lost her cool. “Why didn’t you tell me that earlier? Are you mad to
spend three hundred million on a piece of stone?”

“Okay, drop the act! What’s the point of maintaining the show when things have come to this?” Lula
couldn’t resist scoffing when she heard their exchange.

Unexpectedly, Josephine’s expression went chilly, and she retorted, “What do you mean by that?”

“Do you really think that this deadbeat truly spent three hundred million to buy a piece of stone?” Ezra

With a layer of frost blanketing her face, Josephine asserted, “If he says it’s true, then it’s true! Also,
he’s not a deadbeat! If he hadn’t forced the patriarch of the Blackwood family to get on his knees and
make an apology, would the lot of you be able to stand here and have the Smith family’s annual party?”

Upon hearing that, Ezra acted as though he had heard the world’s biggest joke. “What? He forced the
patriarch of the Blackwood family to kneel and apologize? Did I mishear you? Josephine, you said that
this worthless piece of trash forced the patriarch of the Blackwood family to kneel and apologize? Him?
I think it was the other way round, huh?”

The moment his words rang out, the crowd burst into raucous laughter.

It was evident that none of them believed Josephine.

Who is the patriarch of the Blackwood family? That’s the head of the most prominent family in
Jadeborough! With a single flick of his finger, the entire city shakes violently! Yet Jonathan, a mere live-
in son-in-law, could compel him to apologize on his knees? What a joke!

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