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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 Jonathan Goldstein

Randall’s mind went completely blank when he heard Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, I’m not sure if I’m
supposed to share this with you…”

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At the end of the day, the Blackwood family was the most prominent in Jadeborough. Even though he
was the mayor, it would take more than ten minutes for him to wipe them out of existence.

“You have nine minutes remaining to get the job done!”

Randall gulped and whispered, “Mr. Goldstein, aren’t you aware they’re acquainted with the governor?”

“So? Is that any of my concerns? Kingstone won’t even try to poke his nose into the affair of the
Blackwood family if he’s the one standing in front of me!”

Kingstone was the highly regarded governor of Jazona, but he was just another nobody in front of
Jonathan because Jonathan was the sole reason Kingstone was appointed the governor.

Similarly, it wouldn’t take much to sack Kingstone off his current position if Jonathan were to change his

“Mr. Goldstein, you—” Initially, Randall thought he could intimidate Jonathan with the affiliation of the
Blackwood family and Kingstone.

To his surprise, that wasn’t the case. He felt his heart skip a beat as he continued speculating the
identity of the mysterious figure in front of him.

Jonathan had no intention to waste his own time. He stated in a callous tone, “You’re also running out
of time as we speak! If you can’t get rid of them in ten minutes, it’s time for you to leave with them!”

“Has he lost his mind? Who’s this ignorant brat trying to order the mayor to do his biddings?”

“Duh? Have you not heard him? He said not even the governor could stop him!”

“Ha! He’s just trying to get on everyone’s nerves! I’m going to bet that he’s going to die in a short while!”

“Count me in! I’m sure he won’t even get to step out of the residency!”

“Shh! Stop stirring things up! Are you guys trying to get on the mayor’s nerves as well when he’s
already infuriated?”

They thought it was over for Jonathan when they recalled Randall was capable of anything and
everything as the mayor of the city.

They were certain it was only a matter of time until Randall made up his mind to kill Jonathan after
being offended more than once.

Randall couldn’t take it anymore. He asked in a solemn tone, “Mr. Goldstein, are you aware of the
consequences of your actions? Are you sure you’re not going to regret your decisions?”

Maybe this young man is just a nobody! I’ve never heard of such a fearsome figure! I’m sure he’s
merely trying to leverage his acquaintance with Zachary to order me around!

Jonathan thought it was a hassle to explain himself. He glanced at his watch and urged, “You have five
minutes left!”


The enraged Randall turned around and warned Anderson, “You have five minutes to reach the
governor! Otherwise, it’s time for you to get lost with the rest of your family!”

“Mr. Swindell, who’s this young man over here?” Anderson was certain Jonathan wasn’t just the Smith
family’s live-in son-in-law because of the duo’s interaction over the past few minutes. No ordinary wimp
could push the mayor to his limit.

“It’s none of your business! All you need to do is to get in touch with the governor because he’s the only
one who can save you!”

No one has ever pushed me to my limit ever since I was appointed the mayor!

“Get me my phone! Quick!”

Anderson was afraid things would spiral out of control if he couldn’t do something about it. It was then
he knew he had messed with the wrong person.

With that being said, he had no intention to give in just yet. He thought Jonathan’s backing wouldn’t be
a match for Kingstone in terms of accomplishment.

The man on the other end asked in a hoarse voice once he picked up the call, “Hello?”

“Mr. Warhol? It’s me!” It was merely a call, but Anderson carried himself humbly throughout the
conversation. He made it sound as if he was nothing more than the man’s lackey.

“What brings you to me today?”

“Mr. Warhol, I need you to do my family a favor! Mr. Swindell has received an instruction from someone
to wipe the family out of existence in ten minutes!” Anderson looked at Randall with his teeth gritting;
he couldn’t think of anything else apart from holding Randall accountable.

Randall was irked by the things Anderson brought up when he heard the man on the other end yelling,
“What? Who’s this fearless man we’re talking about? I want you to put Randall on the phone!”

“Yes!” Without a second thought, Anderson handed Randall his phone as Kingstone had instructed.

“Hello, Mr. Warhol!” Randall carried on with the conversation in a courteous manner instead of raising
his volume.

“Why don’t you tell me who’s the fearless man trying to get rid of the Blackwood family? How dare you
pick on the members of the Blackwood family? Aren’t you aware of their affiliation with me? Do you
think I’m some kind of easy target?”

“Mr. Warhol, it’s the King of War’s instructions!” Randall gasped out his reply when he heard
Kingstone’s rhetorical questions.

Confused by what was going on, Kingstone queried in return, “Zachary? Why has he delivered such an
odd instruction out of the blue?”

“I-I’m not sure of the things going on, but I was instructed to carry out the instruction of the man with a
surname of Goldstein once I’m here. He told me to do the bidding of the man as ridiculous as it might
be. Once I made it there, the young man asked me to get rid of the Blackwood family in ten minutes.”

A few minutes into the conversation, Randall held Zachary and Jonathan accountable for the series of
incidents he had to go through.

Kingstone raised his volume and asked, “Come again? A man with the surname of Goldstein? What’s
his name?”

“Mr. Warhol, what’s—” The confused Randall had a hard time comprehending the sudden change of
attitude of the man on the other end.

“Answer me and tell me his name!” Kingstone stopped Randall from finishing his question and urged.

“Jonathan Goldstein!” Randall looked at Jonathan in the eyes with a contemptuous look as if he was
certain Jonathan would be doomed.

He couldn’t wait to take out the young man whenever he recalled the sort of humiliations he had gone

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