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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 Mayor Of Jadeborough

Isn’t that Randall?

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It wasn’t even necessary for the man to introduce himself since the guests were familiar with the most
powerful figure reigning over Jadeborough.

Usually, they wouldn’t even think of approaching him due to his influences. It was rare for them to run
into him in person as well.

Thus, they fell silent as they couldn’t figure out the reason such a powerful figure had made it to the

They held their breaths as the middle-aged man continued marching in the direction of the hall. The
guests were in a state of bewilderment when they thought the man had made his way there because of
the live-in son-in-law.

Due to the absurdity of the linkage, the guests thought that wasn’t the case. To be precise, they hoped
it wasn’t the case.

As surprised as Anderson was, his heart skipped a beat at the presence of Randall. “Mr. Swindell, w-
what brings you here today?”

“Out of my way!” Randall pushed the man aside and glanced at his watch while muttering to himself,
“Holy moly! It’s over for me!”

“What do you mean it’s over for you?”

Anderson had a bad feeling about it after seeing Randall act like a cat on hot bricks.

“I’m a few seconds late when I’m supposed to reach here within ten minutes!” Randall gasped out his

What? Please tell me it’s just another coincidence!

The guests turned around and looked at Jonathan with a look of disbelief. They couldn’t bring
themselves to believe that the mayor of Jadeborough was in a hurry because of a live-in son-in-law’s

How is that possible? I must be seeing and hearing things!

“W-Who’s Mr. Goldstein?” Randall continued searching high and low for the man with the name of

Jonathan glanced at the mayor and introduced himself, “It’s me.”

“You?” Randall was equally astonished by the presence of the man in front of him. He couldn’t believe
the legendary figure was such a young man as he thought the mysterious figure was at least half a
century old.

He wiped his sweat off his forehead and approached Jonathan with an apologetic look. “I’m so sorry for
being late, Mr. Goldstein!”

Glaring at the middle-aged man in the eyes, Jonathan stated icily, “Have I not made myself clear not to
be late? Not even a second!”


As Randall was at a loss for words to defend himself, the guests continued looking at the duo with a
look of disbelief. No one had ever raised their volume against the mayor.

Isn’t he aware he’s currently talking to the freaking mayor of Jadeborough? An instruction from him is
all it’s going to take to turn someone’s life for better or for worse!

Not even Anderson, the one leading the most prominent family of the city, has the guts to raise his
volume against Randall!

“Allow me to express my utmost apologies, Mr. Goldstein! I had been rushing over ever since I received
your call, but I was caught in a traffic jam!”

When everyone thought Jonathan would make a fool out of himself, Randall bowed and expressed his

Seriously? What’s wrong with the mayor? Is he asking the young man to be merciful? Am I

“Is that any of my concern? I want you to get the hell out of my sight at once!” Jonathan was against
the idea of wasting his time with Randall.

Startled by Jonathan’s instructions, Randall stuttered, “W-What?”

“I want you to get out and return in a minute! If you’re late again, then get the hell out of my sight
forever! Who needs a mayor who can’t even be on time!”

Randall’s expression darkened because it had been years ever since someone raised their volume
against him after he was appointed the mayor of Jadeborough.

Not even Kingstone, the governor of Jazona, would yell at him in the face. Thus, Randall couldn’t help
but wonder if the young man was truly some sort of bigshot he couldn’t afford to offend.

After all, Kingstone wasn’t the one who instructed him to make it to the scene to wipe the Blackwood
family out of existence—Zachary, the King of War, was the one!

To be precise, he was instructed to reach the scene in ten minutes to carry out the instructions of
someone with the name of Jonathan, as absurd as the man’s instructions might sound.

Zachary warned Randall to be mindful of his attitude since his career might be at stake depending on
his performance.

Zachary, the King of War, was one of Asura’s most trusted aides. They killed more than a few thousand
people back in the days.

In other words, Randall knew he couldn’t afford to offend Zachary when he was merely a mayor of

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

As infuriated as he might be, he marched in the direction of the entrance with his fists clenched instead
of making a fuss.

His anger was written all over his face the moment he turned around and had his back facing Jonathan.
Zachary was the only reason he had been suppressing the urge to take things out on Jonathan.

The guests’ hearts sank to the bottom of their stomachs upon seeing what was going on. They couldn’t
fathom why the mayor had to do the bidding of a mere live-in son-in-law. On top of that, Randall didn’t
even bother to defend himself when Jonathan wouldn’t stop pushing his luck and brought up all sorts of
absurd requests.

They started perspiring in fear when they recalled the time they made fun of the man they deemed just
a wimp.

It was the same for Anderson because he couldn’t believe the man he thought a wimp was capable of
instructing the mayor to do his biddings.

To make things worse, Randall was afraid of defying Jonathan as if the latter was affiliated with some
sort of bigshot he couldn’t afford to offend.

He couldn’t help but wonder if Jonathan was acquainted with Kingstone or Zachary.

When everyone lost themselves in a train of thoughts, Randall returned and greeted Jonathan, “Mr.

He remained standing in front of Jonathan instead of going berserk.

Jonathan took a peek at Randall and questioned, “Consider this a warning! Now, are you aware of the
reason you’re here today?”

“I’m not sure, Mr. Goldstein.”

Unaware of the things going on, Randall shook his head. He was merely informed to carry out
Jonathan’s instruction as ridiculous as it might sound.

Jonathan announced, “You have but only one task—to wipe the Blackwood family out of existence in
ten minutes.”

“What?” After Randall snapped out of bewilderment, he asked to make sure he heard the instructions
correctly, “Mr. Goldstein, are you sure you’re not trying to pull my leg?”

“What do you think? Does it look like I’m trying to pull your leg when you’ve wasted my time?” Jonathan
glared at the middle-aged man in the eyes and warned, “I’ll give you another chance to prove yourself
worthy! I don’t want to see a member of the Blackwood family in Jadeborough in ten minutes!”

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