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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 Kneel And Apologize

After all, Harrison was the most ruthless man in Jadeborough.

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Although he wasn’t as powerful as the four prominent families, he was still someone who commanded
respect within the legal and underground circles.

Why is he treating the young man with such deference?

It might not be obvious to ordinary folks, but Anderson was a cunning old fox who sensed something
about their relationship.

Just a while ago, he had assumed Jonathan was the brazen man’s subordinate. But from the way
events unfolded, it seemed to him that it was the other way around.

Can the young man be from one of the prominent families of the state? Or perhaps, he is from
Yaleview? Since there are no prominent families with the surname Goldstein in the state, could he be
one of the prominent families in Yaleview?

Just when Anderson was still making wild guesses, Jonathan looked toward him all of a sudden. “My
advice to you is to order your men to back off before I’m pissed. Or else, the Blackwood family will be
wiped out!”

All Jonathan wanted to do that day was to resolve the enmity between the Blackwoods and the Smiths.
Other than that, he had no interest in the Blackwood family at all.

However, if the Blackwoods didn’t know better and insisted on provoking him, he would not mind
destroying them along the way.

To him, annihilating the Blackwood family was as easy as squashing an insect.

And that would be the end of the Blackwoods.

Before Anderson could respond, everyone else was already in stitches. The more they looked at
Jonathan, the more they thought of him as a fool!

Does he know who the Blackwood family is in Jadeborough? Even the mayor of Jadeborough wouldn’t
dare say something like that, let alone someone lesser like Harrison.

“Hmph, even if you are from the Goldstein family of Yaleview, I’m afraid it’s not going to be easy for you
to destroy the Blackwood family,” Anderson scoffed with a grim expression. Even though he was
concerned about Jonathan’s identity, he wasn’t afraid of him. “Don’t forget that this is Jadeborough and
not Yaleview. Your family might be powerful there, but you have no influence here.”

The Goldsteins of Yaleview?

Jonathan smirked to himself. Evidently, Anderson had assumed he was part of them. Not bothering to
explain, he simply replied, “To me, the Goldsteins of Yaleview are nothing but insects too.”

What? The Goldsteins of Yaleview are nothing to him too?

With his eyelids twitching, Anderson couldn’t help but wonder if this was just a charade put on by
Jonathan and Harrison.

The Goldsteins are one of the four prominent families of Yaleview and were infinitely more powerful
than the Blackwoods. And yet, Jonathan simply sees them as insects?

“I am here today on account of the Smith family!” Jonathan declared the purpose of his visit. Anderson
furrowed his eyebrows in response. “Do you mean the Smiths of Jadeborough?”

“Yes!” Jonathan casually nodded.

The Smiths of Jadeborough? How is he related to them? Anderson knitted his brows in thought.
Knowing the Smith family very well, he was aware that they were a lesser-known family. If it weren’t for
the ecological park project, he would never have anything to do with them at all.

So, how is the insignificant Smith family related to the Goldstein family of Yaleview?

“What’s your relationship with the Smiths?” Anderson couldn’t resist asking.

“I am their son-in-law!”

The Smith family’s son-in-law?

Sensing that he had been fooled, Anderson’s expression darkened instantly. Before he set the Smith
family up, he had investigated their background and found that Jonathan was not only a live-in son-in-
law but also a good-for-nothing who disappeared for three years.

There’s no way a scum like that is related to the Goldstein family of Yaleview.

The next moment, Anderson thundered furiously, “Oh? In that case, are you here to stand up for the
Smith family?”

“That’s right!”

Jonathan nodded.

“How are you going to do that?” Anderson’s expression was extremely grave. If not for the fact that
there were many guests around, he would’ve had Jonathan dragged out, beaten up, and fed to the
fishes in Goda River.


Anderson couldn’t resist giving Harrison the side-eye. This piece of shit must have somehow tricked
Harrison into believing that he is a member of the Goldsteins of Yaleview. And that must be the reason
why Harrison dared to challenge the Blackwoods!

“It’s simple. Compensate the Smiths one billion and apologize on your knees to my wife, Josephine. I
will then consider the matter resolved!” Jonathan declared.

Instantaneously, his words riled the crowd up.


Pay the Smiths one billion and apologize on his knees to Josephine?

Is he mad?

Where did this idiot come from?

Does he think nothing of the Blackwood family’s reputation as the most powerful family in
Jadeborough? All of them could imagine how furious Anderson was when he heard those words. They
expected him to order Jonathan to be torn apart limb by limb and fed to the fishes in Goda River.

Just as expected, Anderson’s expression drastically changed as he could no longer hide the rage in his

“Where are the Smiths? Come out here right this instant!”

The moment he bellowed, everyone turned to look at Connor, Margaret, and Josephine, who were
sitting in a corner beside the toilet.

When Margaret noticed that everyone’s attention had fallen upon them, she began to panic.

Springing up to her feet in desperation, she pointed at Jonathan. “Mr. Blackwood, listen to me. I don’t
know who that guy is. He has nothing to do with our family. In fact, I don’t even know which hole that
idiot crawled out from!”

“You don’t know him? Then why did he claim that he is your son-in-law and demands that I apologize
on my knees to you?” Anderson’s eyes were already spitting fire.

Throughout his entire life, no one had dared humiliate him that way before.

“He… He is spouting nonsense! I really don’t know who he is!” When she saw how outraged Anderson
was, Margaret quickly tugged at Connor’s arm and pleaded, “Connor, quick, do you know who that
cowardly piece of trash is?”

“No! I don’t!” Connor shook his head vehemently as he severed all ties with Jonathan.

“Did you hear that? They said they don’t know you!” Anderson smirked at Jonathan as if he was waiting
for Jonathan to be embarrassed.

Ignoring the look Anderson was giving him, Jonathan answered calmly, “It doesn’t matter if they know
me or not. What matters is that I promised my wife that I would have you apologize to her on your
knees today! Therefore, I would have broken my promise if I didn’t make you admit your mistake in
front of her. Consequently, I have no choice but to keep my word today!”

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