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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 Shameless

It was the head of the Blackwood family, Anderson Blackwood.

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The moment he appeared, the guests in the hall gasped.

No one expected the argument between James and Harrison to have attracted Anderson’s attention.

Anderson’s exceptional status in both the Blackwood residence and Jadeborough was undeniable. In
other words, other than the mayor of Jadeborough, no one was more powerful than he was.

The instant he appeared, the entire hall fell silent.

Even James, who was behaving haughtily a moment ago, lowered his head in acquiescence and
greeted, “Mr. Blackwood!”


With a wave of his hand, Anderson gestured for everyone to sit.

“Are you the head of the Blackwood family?” Jonathan could recognize the elderly man in a grey robe
as the host of the birthday banquet.

“That’s right!”

After glancing at Jonathan, Anderson remarked, “I would be surprised if you didn’t know me,
considering you’re at my birthday dinner.”

Sensing the mockery insinuated by Anderson, the crowd burst into hearty laughter as they looked at
Jonathan with even greater contempt.

Weren’t you boasting about being some big shot just now? And that the Holler family didn’t have the
right to throw you out? Now that Mr. Blackwood has appeared in person, let’s see how you continue
with your charade!

“I do!”

Jonathan added indifferently, “However, I just knew who you were a few minutes ago.”

If it weren’t because of the Smith family, Jonathan wouldn’t have bothered with the Blackwood family
even if they groveled in front of him.

“But, I don’t know you!” Anderson’s gaze turned cold. “Who are you? I don’t recall ever inviting you to
the banquet.”

Not invited?

Anderson’s words caused an uproar in the hall.

How can someone who Mr. Blackwood doesn’t know attend his birthday banquet and brazenly sit at the
most important table? How audacious can he be?

“It’s true that you didn’t invite me,” Jonathan admitted. After all, that was the truth, but he wasn’t there
to attend the banquet.

“Since you’re not invited, why are you even here?” Anderson scoffed. “How did you even sneak in?”

“I was the one who brought him here!” Harrison declared, unable to resist any further.

“Harrison?” Anderson looked at Harrison quizzically. “You brought him here?”


Harrison’s expression was grim.

“Since he is your guest, I will let the matter slide.” Anderson didn’t let the matter escalate further on
Harrison’s account. After all, he still respected Harrison, and ejecting Jonathan from the banquet would
be a slap in the face for the latter.

“However, given his status, I’m afraid it isn’t right for him to sit at this table.” Just as he spoke,
Anderson shot Jonathan an icy glare. “Since this is your first time attending a Blackwood family
banquet, I will forgive you once for not knowing the rules. But now, go back to where you’re supposed
to sit. Your place isn’t at this table.”

Since Harrison proclaimed that he was the one who brought Jonathan, Anderson assumed that
Jonathan was Harrison’s subordinate.

Even though Anderson showed Harrison some respect, it didn’t mean he had to do the same for

“Not my place?” Jonathan couldn’t help but smirk. “If I’m not qualified to sit here, I’m afraid no one else
in this country is.”


When the crowd heard Jonathan’s words, all of them couldn’t resist laughing.

No one else is worthy? Who the f*ck does he think he is? Asura? Or the King of War, Zachary? If not
for Mr. Seymour’s graces, you wouldn’t even get past the main door. Idiot!

“Oh? Is that so? In that case, should the Blackwood family feel honored to be graced by your
presence?” At the end of the day, Anderson was still a wily old fox. Although he was triggered by

Jonathan’s words and was tempted to throw him out, he managed to keep his temper in check.

Since it was his birthday, he didn’t want it to be marred by bloodshed. Under different circumstances,
he would have killed Jonathan many times over for what he had said.

“That goes without saying!” Jonathan replied in nonchalance.

“It’s obvious you don’t know how things work around here,” Anderson sneered as he raised his hand.
“In that case, let me educate you on what the rules are!

“Harrison, don’t blame me for not showing you any respect. It’s just that your subordinate needs to
learn to appreciate the chances given to him.

“Men, teach him a lesson!”

At Anderson’s cue, tens of his subordinates charged at Jonathan with clubs in their hands.

“Teach me a lesson? No one in this country ever dared to teach me, Jonathan Goldstein, anything!”
Jonathan scoffed as he was unfazed by his attackers.

During the war, he didn’t even bat an eyelid when faced with thousands of enemy soldiers and their
guns. Hence, tens of ordinary men were naturally nothing to him.


When he saw the attackers taking action, Harrison pulled out his gun from his waist and aimed it at
them. He bellowed, “Let’s see who dares to come any closer!”

The moment he brought out his weapon, the entire atmosphere changed.

No one had expected Harrison to confront Anderson over an insignificant clown.

Anderson was equally surprised by it. With a darkening expression, he snapped, “Harrison, are you
declaring war on the Blackwood family?”

“So what if I am?” It didn’t matter to Harrison that the Blackwood family was the most prominent family
in Jadeborough. “Whoever dares to lay a finger on Mr. Goldstein, I will take his life! If you don’t believe
me, why don’t you be the first to try?”

Just as he spoke, Harrison cocked the gun in his hand. He looked serious enough to fire at anyone
who lay a finger on Jonathan.

“Fine, Harrison, you’ve got guts.” With a grave expression, Anderson declared, “From today onward,
you are an enemy of the Blackwood family! Attack!”

Given that both of them had fallen out with each other, there was no need for Anderson to be civil with
Harrison anymore.

After all, the most prominent family in Jadeborough had nothing to fear of Harrison.

Realizing that a war was on the brink of breaking out, Jonathan suddenly waved his hand. “Put away
your gun!”

“Mr. Goldstein…”

Harrison was stunned by Jonathan’s order. Just when he was about to say something, Harrison cut him
off. “I said, put the gun away!”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

Harrison naturally dared not disobey Jonathan. However, the former’s subservience toward Jonathan
stunned Anderson and caused his expression to change drastically.

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